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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The cross ( + ) represents the two strands of DNA left in humanity when the lizard beings scrambled the rest of their ten strands. So instead of the general 12 strands amount in humanity, the usual amount after their tinkering/operations by lizards and service-to-self oriented orions is... 2.

So the cross talked about in Christian religion is the representation of the two strands. The bloody cross. All lizard invented. The two DNA strands cross once, and that's it. They're suppose to criss cross all the way up twelve times, twelve bodies in one. But because of the evil put upon humanity by lizards and company, the holograph is the lie they sold as truth to humanity, selling it to be about the Jesus crucified on the cross.

Inside I find Christ never died on any cross. It's the human who is being talked about. And because the human has been lied to and the human is not listening to their inside, then they split themself from finding the truth, which is them on the cross...the two strand DNA cross. That's the bloody of it all. When you think about it, to split from the truth is to be split on that cross again, to only one strand. Now how's that for matter-ill-istic. Got to gather rather.

(Do you know how I know Christ didn't die on any cross? It's because I have experienced some things that tell me so. First of all, when I was in a state of high excellence, things led in a direction which were good for me. There was no falseness about anything. I was protected, safe. Nothing was destroying me, and I never had any martyristic ideas, as, those are truly useless. How are you to help others or yourself when you're not living here? Then the other side of the equation was, when I was in a rebellious, thoughtless state, fighting all the time...I had my own ideas about everything, and my own ideas always led me into some kind of chaos which was detrimental to myself as well as others around me. So that is how I know.

Christ, in how ever many forms they took, did not martyr themselves on a cross to fulfull some bloodthirsty ideas the ego may have. Not at all. You see, that was a political/religious idea, "egos" idea of ruling over people. Hence, they made up a story, or maybe perhaps there was some kind of crucifixion of some poor guy who they snatched off the street. But more so than anything, I feel the whole story was hoaxed, made-up for the manipulation of the population. A hologram.

Oh and also, the ego has ways of side-stepping what it has intentionally done as a misdeed. It will create any and all kinds of excuses, self-righteous explanations, just like a murderer in jail will never admit they were wrong, they continuously tell everyone and themselves they are innocent. The one thing keeping some people attached to that murdering on the cross is that they are told Jesus forgave everyone because 'they know not what they do.' Hence, you throw a little drama, a little truth, and a lot of lie into a story, and people are easily manipulated to integrate it into a belief system. It's like the 'Donation of Constantine,' which was substituted by 'St.' Jerome in the vatican for something more ludicrously grand in which to satisfy their greed. They spun a web to catch the unwary in it. And yet, once one is aware, it's easy to untangle themselves from that web. It basically falls off.)

The Pleiadians of Barbara Marciniak tell us about the incident of humanity's DNA being dismantled by the lizards. The Cassiopaeans tell us about the mark of Cain, the jealousy factor of the lizards which represents the destruction of humanity's DNA until only two strands are left, meaning only for the survival aspect, as low as, and even lower than animals, they dislike us so much (or fear us, more likely). Scientists tell us through their observations, studies and experiments, humans are only using generally 3% of what they are. And I'd say...that is a low level of survival when the age at which they are snuffed out is about 70 - 80, when meanwhile they are suppose to be living somewhere up to two-thousand-five-hundred years, from what the natural born reader of the Akashic Records Chris Thomas tells us. He said Atlanteans lived up to that long. But then, from what I heard, read and felt when I read it, Atlantean society was very arrogant. So perhaps without the arrogance, the life-span could be, even longer!

So yea. No Jesus Christ died on any cross. Not in my mind. That's a lie perpetrated against humanity to keep them in the dark. It's the human race who died on the cross and they need to return to awake awareness and recover their ten hidden DNA strands, which are inside themselves.

Christ is the God of All. He's our example to get up! The Cassiopaeans said we've been deceived, and I can see that! Lizards and company seem to want nothing better than to keep us in the dark for their own nefarious per-puss-ez.

You can come out of the dark now. Everyone. All together. Get Up!


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