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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Human Soul Back Into The Body - Chris Thomas Interview.

 End Game.

"It has been kept very secret but the human brain is actually seven brains."
-Fritz Springmeier

I wrote out most of the interview starting from the end part of part 2 of these videos.

Chris Thomas Interview - 1/5 The Annunaki Plan? Or The Human Plan?

We are undergoing the biggest shift in consciousness ever seen anywhere in the universe, and the Velon are preventing some people from actually completing that process, whereas what they should be doing is moving forward very rapidly.

Q: You say this soul integration is the thing all humans are working to complete by the end of 2011, is that correct?

Yes. Well to explain, I'll very briefly explain what the Akashic calls the Human Plan. Now when we were on Atlantis, we had the whole soul within the body, there was none of this higher self, physical self, division, and our capabilities are beyond anything I could ever possibly describe in words. But for example, we communicated psychically, we didn't speak, we didn't need writing or anything like that, we just psychically communicated with each other, and psychically communicated with every living thing. We had all sorts of abilities and we started to lose some of them, and we didn't know why we were losing them. And then a situation occurred where we had to effectively destroy Atlantis and get off and do all sorts of other things we needed to do. A long long story, that's why I took the ten books to write about it, that ridiculous story.

Anyway we came back to the planet about 20,000 years ago, and again we were as we were on Atlantis, in other words, the whole soul within the human body. But we started losing many of our capabilities, many of our psychic capabilities, and what we ended up with eventually is the sort of division that we have now, we have a physical self. So the physical body which contains roughly one-quarter of the total soul, and the higher self which makes up the remaining three-quarters of the total soul. Seven-thousand years ago, we put into action a plan which was to find a way of bringing the whole of the soul back into the body, which is to reunite the higher self back into the physical body so we become a full human being again.

For the last 7000 years this is what we have been doing, is learning how to be human again. Essentially the Earth as a consciousness considers us to be sub-human at the moment, because the human being is defined as a physical body containing a whole soul. So for 7000 years what we've been doing is living a series of lifetimes, this reincarnation, in order to experience everything there is possible to experience by being physical on Earth, in order that what we do is collectively build up a sufficient knowledge to find out why we had problems on Atlantis, and when we came back 20,000 years ago.

Now we found the answer, we know what the answer is, and that was put into place in the year 2000. Since then what we've been doing is gradually increasing the amount of energy patterns that are available on the Earth to allow us to gradually bring the higher self back into the body. The Earth is an energy frequency of 7.56 Hz (7.56 cycles per second). What we discovered was that 7.56 cycles is far too low to maintain the energy patterns of the whole soul within the physical body, because the root chakra, the first chakra of the body, of every living thing on the planet resonates at 7.56 cycles per second. This is why the first chakra is called the root chakra, because literally it roots the soul into the physical body and it roots the soul round the body to the Earth.
In many respects gravity doesn't exist, because gravity isn't a major force. What keeps humans and living things on the Earth is actually the Root Chakra. It literally roots everything to the Earth. But that 7.56 cycles per second was too low, and over the years what we've done is to work out what the basic frequency of the root chakra needs to be raised to in order for us to maintain the whole soul within the body. And the answer we finally arrived at was, what we need the frequency to be at is 3500 cycles per second, in other words 3.5 kila hertz. And at the end May 2000 the Earth changed her basic frequencies from the 7.56 up to the 3,500. So every living thing on Earth apart from humans changed at that time to this much higher frequency.

And what humans are doing at the moment, being humans we're very reluctant to change, we don't like change even though everything does change constantly, and so we've been a bit slow in catching up with what the Earth has been doing to help us. The energy frequencies as far as humans are concerned have
risen gradually, so by the end of November this year, ten years after the Earth has changed her frequencies, we have only risen from about 7.56 cycles per second up to about 12 or 13 cycles per second. But as of the start of November this year, the energy patterns change, accelerates, by the beginning of November 2011 human frequencies will be at the same 3,500 cycles per second. So to put this into the context of the main calendar, what is going on now is, within the calendar there are all sorts of different cycles and one of the major cycles is called an epoc. Now the last epoc of the main calendar ends on the 29th of October 2011 and this is the date where we must have reached that 3.5 kila hertz frequency level.

This next year is the major transition point for all humans. And then from November 2011 until the 21st of December 2012 when the calendar ends, it gives everybody a chance to sort themselves out and do whatever it is they need to do to either stay on the planet or leave the planet, and then on the 21st of December 2012 when the existing main calendar ends, a new cycle starts. So in other words, the world doesn't stop, the world doesn't end, humanity doesn't end, it's just one cycle of time completes and we begin again. It's like the Fool card from the Tarot pack, we've completed the whole cycle, and the Fool is then going to take the step into a new cycle of time.

So that's what all these calendars and dates and everything else is all about, it's to do with the changing frequency. Because we set ourselves a target 7000 years ago that at the latest 7000 years into the future, that is, at the end of 2011, 2012 we would regain our status as being a complete human being, in other words, a whole soul within the physical body. This process began fully in 2000 and as of the start of November this year has accelerated massively and this acceleration comes to an end in November next year. The ultimate effect of that is people are starting to feel pressure on them to resolve situations in their life. So when you've got something like a dispute with your great uncle you've never resolved, that problem is going to come very much to the surface and needs to be resolved so it allows you to evolve, because when you can't move on with it then unfortunately it means you will not be able to remain on the planet.

Now it is not a judgement, nobody is standing in judgement of us and saying you failed, or whatever it is. The only person who stands in judgement and decides whether they're going to stay and be a part of this whole new process of change that they're undergoing is the individual themselves. In other words, you make a decision. It's very much on an individual basis. There's no judgement anywhere here. It's only the individual and their higher self who can decide whether they can actually go through this process of reintegration of the soul or not. Now it would be nice to think every single person on the planet is doing that. And I would love that to happen believe me I really would love that every single person who is currently physical on the planet is to go through this change. But unfortunately and very sadly that isn't the case. A lot of people have decided they are not in the position to go through this change, and the reasons for that is as multiple as the number of people on the planet and who have made that decision. And they unfortunately will have to leave the planet. Nobody is throwing them off, again, it is just a reluctance to change that is creating the situation because unless you can fit in with the new energy patterns then it will be impossible for people to stay on Earth.

Q: When you say "leave the planet," do you mean you physically die?

Yes, to physically die. When you look at actual population figures and I don't mean this propaganda that they put out about we have a growing population, but when you really delve into what's going on in terms of population figures, the population is massivley dropping. I remember a few years ago, the German chancellor made the speech saying Germany's drop in population is catastrophic. And that's the word she used is catastrophic. Every single country in the world recorded a drop in population. The British tried to fudge it, so the British government said "no we've got a rising population" but eventually they have to admit that the only reason they have a rising population is because of immigration. Would it not be for the number of people moving into the country, Britian's population has dropped radically.

When you look at it, the same applies to the birth rate. When you look at school closures, for example over the past few years, two years ago this part of country Wales closed to twenty-six schools in one go. Which means literally there are no children to fill the schools. So every child in Britain is accomodated within the school. But the number of schools that are closed country-wide, runs into the hundreds. And this is in the last few years because population numbers of children aren't there. So the birth-rate is dropping, has dropped enormously and is continuing to drop. Believe it or not, infant mortality, that is, children who die after birth, in Britian for example in some of the inner city areas in Britain is higher than third-world countries. So it's the same throughout the whole of the Western world, is all these figures are identical, the proportions of people dying and the proportions of reduction in birth rate are the same everywhere globally, which ever country you look at. So this myth about we having a growing population is complete rubbish, and nevermind what the Akashic says about it, these are physical figures, so the Akashic obviously records it much more accurately.

But we peaked ten years ago, 14 years ago, in about 1996 I think it was with 7.2 billion people on the planet. We're now currently down to, it's about 4.5 billion I think...no we're below that, it's currently about 3.7 billion people on the planet, which is almost half the official figures. And so we have this massively dropping population, very few children are being born, and what that is, is to reflect people's choices in whether they stay on the planet or not and be a part of this change that is going on. The reason for the low birth rate is basically what's the point of being born now, you may as well wait until after all the transition has occurred and then be born then. And the reason for the death rate is because people are exercising their choices and leaving the planet because they're not going to be a part of this change.

Q: I'd like to ask you what happens after the change, is there going to be like a golden age on Earth or will all the world's problems be sorted or is it going to be more or less the same but better?

I could tell you what it's going to be like in 2050 or 2100 but just quite what it's like between 2012 and 2050 is anybody's guess. And there is no way of knowing that or predicting it because nothing like this has ever happened before anywhere within universe. But once we get past this transition phase, the same as all transitions, inevitably there are going to be problems, but essentially we will get through it, there's no doubt of that. But then we return to essentially the sort of state we were on at the time of Atlantis, which is, the whole soul within the body.

A lot of peole are concerned quite rightly about the pollution problem for example. But when you have these kind of psychic capablitities we have when we're in that complete soul state, then we will be able to remove pollution from the air, from the water, from the body, everything. So we will be able to clean up the planet and return it back to the pristine condition it was in before we started messing it up. And we would be able to what they call, translocate. So when you want to travel somewhere on the planet you project a thought, a bit like remote viewing, to the place where you want to travel to, and then you carry the body along the thought, so it's a bit like flying I suppose in some respects, but that's an ability we will regain, and again we will communicate psychically both with people and with animals. And when you communicate psychically with animals, then there is no fear between people and animals and therefore we get on as friends.

Our requirement for food will reduce considerably. Instead of the kind of food we eat at the moment, what we will revert to is, the body will be able to sustain itself on clean air, water, and fruit. When we needed protein, you know the body doesn't need protein, but basically because it's physical so it needs protein to build itself. But what we did on Atlantis was to synthesize seaweed, and we could get all the protein we required from the seaweed. So that's essentially what we're looking at, are psychic capabilities beyond anything we've even thought of. The ability to communicate psychically with each other, all living things, we will require very little in the way of food, we will be able to clean all pollution on the planet, whether it's nuclear waste or whatever it is, we will be able to destroy it, transmute it into something else. And we will be able to control weather patterns.

What ever it is we need to do we will be able to do it because we can do it psychically. When you look at the pyramids for example, they were built psychically as psychic enhancers. That's the function of the
pyramids. We are incapable of building the pyramids now, with all modern technology, all building
construction and everything we've developed we could not even build a half-scale replica of the pyramids because it's been tried and failed. But the pyramids were built psychically. We could move 40 ton blocks of stone just by thought alone. That's how they were built. So it's those kind of capabilities we will have when we return to this final state, or to our natural state, that's what we should be. And that's the direction we are heading in, very very rapidly.

Q: I know you've just mentioned about food and there are a few people obviously around who claim they don't eat any food at all now, is that the sort of thing you envisage happening?

Well I think that's a bit excessive, I mean, I couldn't live without chocolate for example, and you know, hopefully that will be the same in the future, I must find a way of synthesizing chocolate psychically, and, but yes, it is true, they say there are people who claim to exist on fresh air, and several studies I've read into how these people live, that's it, their claims seem to be accurate. And yes, so there's no reason why not. Again, everything is energy. So when you can manipulate energy psychically to create, let's say proteins, or whatever it is the body needs, then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to live literally just on energy itself.

Q: I notice in one of your books you say about genetically modified crops and how we should avoid them at all costs. Isn't it a bit difficult to do that in reality because we don't know half the ingredients in the food we eat half the time anyway?

Well there is only one answer to it and that is to insist the supermarkets or where ever it is you buy your foods from does not contain genetically modified ingredients. It's simple. I'll give you an example. At Marks & Spencers were the first people I understand to sell genetically modified tomato puree, and they started selling other genetically modified crops as well, and when people found this out and said to Marks & Spencers, "we do not want you to sell genetically modified foods," Marks & Spencer stopped selling it. And this is the only way of creating change, is to hit people in the pocket. It's been very successful in Britain for example, we buy considerably less genetically modified products than other Western countries because people refuse to buy it. I mean let's face it, genetically modified crops have the potential to destroy all life on the planet. And that is a very serious statement, because once the genes get loose into the environment and the pollen gets loose from those plants gets loose into the environment, they cross with any other similar plant, and therefore you end up with everything being genetically modified. And that is a disaster, because there is no way of controlling it. And especially when you add into it this terminator gene, which literally means the plant will not set seed, it means that nothing is going to grow on the planet.

Not only that, with genetically modified crops, there are several studies recently published which show the bee population is dying as a direct result of genetically modified pollen. And when you kill off the bees, it means that nothing gets pollenated, so the only thing that will grow on the planet is genetically modified crops. So when you stop buying genetically modified crops, then they won't grow them, because everybody has to make a profit, and this is what they are doing it for, to make a profit. When you cut off that profit, they'll stop doing it. So this is what we need to do with genetically modified crops, is say "no, I'm not going to buy this."

Everything my wife and I buy in terms of food is organic, as far as it is possible to obtain it, and where we
can't get organic then we buy food that is locally produced, locally grown, that we know hasn't been treated by chemicals and certainly isn't genetically modified. That's the only way of achieving it.

Q: Ok, getting back to the aliens and the Velon, I think I read somewhere that you said alien abductions have ceased on Earth, is that correct?

Most abductions were not done by aliens. The vast majority of abductions whether it's animal mutilations or human abductions was carried out by the military, the various countries, to make it look like alien abductions were occurring, to give everybody the impression that aliens were nasty. And this isn't the case, apart from the Velon, all the other races are very friendly towards us and very helpful towards us. Now the greys, the race that we know as the greys, have carried out some human experimentation, but they're mainly carried out on people who are first abducted by the military. So, this whole thing is a myth being perpetuated to make it look like aliens are bad guys, and for whatever reason, there are all sorts of possible reasons why the powers that be in governments want to make it look like there's a nasty situation here. I think of movies like "Independence Day" or when you go back to the 1950's when we first started seeing science fiction movies, it was always the aliens were bad guys. Or the H.G. Wells story "War of the Worlds." So there is this thing through history, particularly the last 100, 150 years they're trying to say to people aliens are not good for us, whereas in fact, the opposite is true. When you look at the church, the religious side of things for example, the church has always maintained that we are the only living things in the universe, that the universe was created for humanity. So when aliens exist, then that negates a great deal of religious doctrine.

Whereas in fact now as I understand it, the vatican has come out and said well both aliens exist. I've read trascripts of interviews with senior vatican officials who have said, as far as they are concerned, alien races exist within the universe. I think they said something like, "it would be pretty stupid of God to leave everything to humans." So of course these races exist, but the abductions are man-made.

Q: Some of what you say is quite similar to what David Icke is saying. Is he aware of your books and do you have any contact with him at all?

No I have no direct contact with him, and I know he's commented on my You Tube interviews and supported it. But yes really I have to say, I haven't read any of his books for many years, I've only read two or three of his very early books, I haven't read any of his recent books. But from what I hear and what I understand, yes there are a lot of similarities within his views and my own. All I can say to that is, as far as I'm concerned  I got my information primarily from the Akashic, and then I researched whatever it is, and as far as I am able to research physically into things, and I know that David Icke is doing the same thing, he's researching as much as he possibly can into the physical aspect of research. And inevitably where you hit upon the truth, then there's only one truth, and therefore the similarities in my work and his work is because there's a truth to it.

Q: Would you say that the Velon are the same as the Reptilians as David Icke says?

No, no they're not. That's another very long story, which we obviously don't have time to go into that one. But in fairness, he wasn't wrong with that and the basic concepts of what he was talking about the Reptilian force for removing free choice from people, did exist, but they no longer exist within this universe, and they've been removed and their influence on humanity has been removed, and therefore as of at least 15 years ago then, that influence is no longer here. But in terms of how David Icke spoke about it, wrote about it, within that context, then yes he was essentially correct, but again, that's all been taken care of and all of that influence has been removed. The reason why this Reptilian race was able to do things is because they actually came from a different universe, this is why I say it's a massively long story to go into in the explanation of what, why and how and all the rest of it. They should never have been here in the first place, and they've been removed from this universe because the problems they were causing, and so they're gone. So no, there's nothing to worry about the Reptilian side of things, that's all been sorted. ( but then what is this?  Alien/Reptilian Fetus Found In Italian Woman.) As I've said, within context, David Icke was correct in what he said.

Q: You mentioned earlier about angels and channelling and so on, I just wanted to find out what your belief is about angels? Are they the same as aliens, or just sort of, I think you mentioned, as messengers, as in the bible and so on, what would you say about that?

Well yes, the original meaning of the word angel in which every ancient language you look at whether it's latin, greek, armaic, hebrew, whatever it is, the word angel means messenger. So that's common throughout all ancient languages. And that the messenger was usually between various departments of the priesthood or from one religious belief system to another, so christians were talked to jews let's say, and the messenger carrying the messages would be an angel. That's the original concept, context for the word angel, the use of the word angel. But there is a deeper context to it as well. Essentially there are two different types of soul that exist within this universe. There are those that the Akashic calls non-physical, in other words these are beings who exist in a pure soul energy form they have no physical density whatsoever. And these could be considered angels in biblical context, because they were the first created by the creator for this universe. And then we have what the Akashic calls semi-physical races, the so-called aliens, the non-terrestrial biological entities because they have a physical form a physical presence and a physical density, but it is constructed of very different frequencies to our own. So unless you happen to be particularly psychic then you won't be able to see these aliens, unless they decide to alter their own energy frequencies to make themselves visible to us.

So in terms of souls on Earth, 99% of every single person on the planet, their soul origin is the nonphysical races. In other words 99% of all human beings are closet angels, within the biblical context. That leaves one percent then of the population, their soul origin then is that of the semi-physical races. So it's a very complex subject, and to just say angels are this or angels are that, isn't quite so simple. And what most people consider angels; we've had this angelic thing going on for about 20 years now where, 'I'm talking to my angel and my angel finds me a parking spot' or this sort of thing. When people are talking of angels within that context, what they're really talking of is their higher self not a separate entity at all but just part of their own soul. It's just that we have become so physical that we are almost detached from our higher selves and so when we communicate with something that is non-physical we assume it is a separate entity when very often it is being simply the higher self. So as far as most peoples concept of what an angel is, say within the last 20 years or whatever it is, they're actually talking to their higher self not to a separate entity at all. And so when your angel finds you a parking space, it isn't, it's your higher self that's found you a parking space, it's not somebody else.

Q: Ok I'm just going to ask you one more question to tie up the inteview. The idea that you've said about integrating the soul into the human body, is that in any way similar to what people would say enlightenment or more recently coherence, I don't know whether you've come across that term before?

I haven't come across coherence in this context before, I have to say. Enlightenment, uhm, yes to a point. What enlightenment means in its traditional sense is that basically you have connected with your higher self and therefore you can access all of the knowledge and information that is contained within the higher self, all the higher self holds. Which is vast, you know, it's the equivalent of the Akashic essentially. So everybody's higher self has all the answers that they could ever possibly want, and that really is enlightenment. So what the buddha went through and I would say, all the religious leaders when they reach the state of enlightenment, then basically it's yes they have connected with their higher selves, they've brought more of the higher selves into the body and therefore they can access the knowledge and information that is contained within it. And really this is what we are undergoing at the moment and it's the process it's set to accelerate.

There are something like 3.9 million  people on the planet who have already completed this reintegration process, what within the context of what you were talking about, then they have reached enlightenment, 3.9 million people have already done that. Now you won't see these people anywhere because they've put psychic barriers up around them, when they're in the Western world, or most of the vast majority are living in sort of isolated tribal cultures because let's face it, when you're emanating the kind of energy patterns and auras that these people emanate, then they're going to get turned into a new religion, and that just makes life confusing, so they hide themselves away until everybody else has caught up.

So it is possible, it's not a huge problem, all it requires is for people to do a little bit of work on their selves, and in other words, it's clearing out emotional rubbish that we all accumulate. When you can get it out of the way it allows room for the higher self to come in, and that's all that we need to do, is clear out the past to bring in the new and to bring in the higher self. With that we all reach this state of enlightenment, a state of reintegrating the soul back into the physical body.

End of Interview.


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