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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flashing Lights -Strobes- Keep Us Hypnotized & Mind Controlled !

I was just watching a movie from 1981 called "Looker" and in it they describe a technology where flashing lights put a person under hypnosis so they lose time, therefore things are invisible to them because the amount of time they were hypnotized they could not see what was happening to them or around them.

It made me to remember what the Cassiopaean's said about strobe lights, the exact same thing. The Cassiopaean transcript where they talk of this is November 18, 1995. Read this transcript and watch the movie. They syncronize.

Also, at the end of the movie "They Live" it shows that there is a lazer which is computer controlled which keeps people asleep. In the movie "Looker" it also is based on technology and computerized gadgetry.

Looker, 1981

They Live, 1988

Cassiopaean Transcripts November 18, 1995

Q: (L) Is there anything we can obtain on that subject by formulation of correct questions?
A: USAir-194 crash; United Air crash, Colorado Springs; Connection? Get voice recorder tape transcripts.

Q: (L) Is this in some way related to the question about the Paris bombing?
A: No.

Q: (T) This is related to what they were talking about last week, the bases turning 4th density, a plane flew into it and crashed.
A: Assumption! Strobe lights are used for 3rd density mind control.

Q: (L) Strobe lights located where?
A: Not a question asked with much thought!

Q: (L) You are right. I was just trying to open the subject.
 (T) What does strobe lights used for mind control have to do with the air crash?
A: Just let it flow. As you will see, past sessions of this nature have yielded best results for you. We have picked up your thought waves, which are progress oriented, and are trying to assist you in your increased learning and progress frequency wave. You see, this increases the energy level!!

Q: (L) Okay. We will just let it flow, then.
A: It is advisable to ask questions, but be unconcerned with the nature or content of the answers beforehand.

Q: (L) Do you wish us to go back to the statement about strobe lights being used to control minds, and pick up and go from there?
A: Best not to continuously ask us for advice on how to ask the questions, or if this or that is okay, but rather just “shoot from the hip.”

Q: (L) Okay. You mentioned the strobe lights. Are these strobe lights that are used to control minds, are these something that we would or might come in contact with on a daily basis?
A: Do you not already know? We didn’t say: some strobe lights, we said: strobe lights, i.e. all inclusive!

Q: (T) Strobe lights come in many forms and types. TV is a strobe light. Computer screens are a strobe light. Lightbulbs strobe. Flourescents strobe. Streetlights strobe.
A: Police cars, ambulances, firetrucks... How long has this been true? Have you noticed any changes lately??!!??

Q: (F) Twenty years ago there were no strobe lights on any of those vehicles mentioned. They had the old flasher type lights. Now, more and more and more there are strobe lights appearing in all kinds of places.
 (L) And now, they even have them on school buses!
 (T) And the regular city buses have them too, now.
 (L) Okay, is the strobing of a strobe light, set at a certain frequency in order to do certain things?
A: Hypnotic opener.

Q: (L) Can we say that this is something we are being acclimated to, so that other things that happen to us in terms of our interactions... it just keeps one in a continual state of hypnosis?
A: Assumptions restrict the flow!

Q: (L) What is the purpose of the hypnotic opener being used in this way?
A: You don’t notice the craft.

Q: (L) Ohhhhhhhh! So we may be being continuously flown over by alien craft...
A: Assumption!

Q: (L) Sorry!
 (T) Okay, we don’t notice the craft because we see the strobes. They are hypnotic openers and are inducing a hypnotic effect...
A: Assumption!

Q: (T) Okay, continue, then.
A: Well, ask a question, then!

Q: (L) Okay, they are telling us not to assume, but to ask.
 (T) Okay, what craft are we NOT seeing?
A: Opener. Is precursor to suggestion, which is auditory in nature.

Q: (T) What suggestion?
A: Put on your thinking caps. Networking is not making assumptions. Bold unilateral statement of “fact” is.

Q: (T) Oh. Phrase your statements in the form of a question! I’d like “Hypnotic Openers” for $200, Alex! Cosmic Jeopardy!
 (L) Okay, you said the “suggestion is auditory in nature.” If this is the case, where is the suggestion coming from auditorily?
A: Where do you normally receive auditory suggestions from?

Q: (L) Radio, television...
 (T) Telephone...
 (L) Is that what we are talking about?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you encounter a strobe while driving, or you are sitting in front of your television, then the suggestions can be put into you better because of this hypnotically opened state? Is that it?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What are these suggestions designed to do, to suggest? In a general sense?
A: Review.

Q: (L) Not see the craft?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do we get these signals from the radio in the car even if it is turned off?
A: Depends upon whether or not there is another source.

Q: (T) Another source such as?
A: ELP, for example.

Q: (L) What is “ELP?”
A: Extremely Low Pulse.

Q: (T) ELF, Extremely Low Frequency, and ELP, Extremely Low Pulse - is this the same thing?
A: Sometimes.

Q: (T) This would be an external pulse or frequency?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Would it be originating from the source of the strobe?
A: No. They act in unison.

Q: (T) Two separate sources acting in unison?
A: Close.

Q: (L) And this process prevents us from seeing something, such as craft flying in our skies at any given time?
A: Or maybe see them as something else.

Q: (L) Now, we have to stop for a minute because I want to tell you something. In the past few months, I have really been watching the sky carefully every opportunity I get. On 3 or 4 separate occasions I have seen what I thought was an ordinary airplane, and I would watch it carefully and then scan to the left or right, and when I looked back at the place where this plane should be, based on observable speed and direction, there would be NOTHING there. I have stood there and searched and searched and found nothing. These things just VANISHED. I knew I had seen it, I knew I wasn’t crazy, I knew it couldn’t have gone away that completely - and having it happen several times has just really unsettled me. What are the implications of this, other than the fact that we could be completely overflown at all times for any number of purposes and be, as a mass of people, completely unaware of it?
A: Yes, monoatomic gold!
Q: (L) And what does the reference to monoatomic gold mean?
A: Total entrapment of the being, mind, body and soul.

Q: (T) That’s what Hudson said... on the video.
A: Strobes use minute gold filament.

Q: (L) How can that compare with taking monoatomic gold internally?
A: What composes minute filament, do you suppose? Hint, it ain’t from Fort

Q: (T) Monoatomic gold.
A: Bingo. You see, this has extraordinary properties.

Q: (T) I’m sure it does! The thing is, if it does what Hudson says it does, the power structure would have shut him down - he wouldn’t have gotten this far with it. So, if they are letting him do it, it’s because it doesn’t do what he says it does, it does the opposite. Which is what he said. When you take the stuff for so many days, you complete the program, it restructures your genes. Isn’t that what happened to us before? Do we want to do it again?
(L) And, wasn’t it said that LIGHT was used to cancel certain DNA factors?
(J) Exactly!
 (L) Okay, how do we block this kind of control?
A: You don’t.

Q: (L) Let me ask this, CD was my bodyguard and went with me to do the lecture down in St. Petersburg last night. He asked an interesting question. It was, if we know what he thinks we know, and if we are building the kind of strength that he thinks we are building, and getting factual information about all such things, why hasn’t somebody, either on 3rd density or 4th density, seen fit to stop, block, or whatever. Of course, I did explain to him the level of attack and obfuscation and many other things... but, in another sense he was asking very plainly why has something physical not been done to, as he put it, “take us out?”
A: The powers that be want slow release of information.

Q: (L) Does this include the 4th density STS?
A: No, but they don’t see that which they do not wish to see.

Q: (L) They don’t see us as a threat?
A: More like an annoyance.


Here's from: A Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion

The Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences of the initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons. Gnostic teaching explains that these entities arose in the early stage of formation of the solar system, before the Earth was formed. Archons inhabit the solar system, the extraterrestrial realm as such, but they can intrude on Earth.
Interestingly, this Gnostic insight accords closely with the view of Jacques Vallee, who maintains that ET/cyborgs probably belong to the local planetary realm. Vallee also proposes that the ET/UFO enigma is a “spiritual control system,” a phenomenon that “behaves like a conditioning process.” (Messengers of Deception). This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons: they can affect our minds by subliminal conditioning techniques.

Their main tactics are mental error (intellectual virus, or false ideology, especially religious doctrines) and simulation. Archons are predatory, unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings also know to the Gnostics, beings who are benevolent or neutral toward humanity.

Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices.

Two types are clearly identified:
  • a neonate or embryonic type
  • a draconic or reptilian type

 According to the ancient seers, Archons cannot access our genetic makeup but they can fake an intervention. Considering the confusion of humanity in modern times, a faked intervention would be as good as real. This typifies the Archon tactic of getting us to imagine and believe things that are not true, and to accept simulation for reality. In this way, Gnostics taught, these alien cousins can deviate the human species from its true and proper course of evolution.

The unique emphasis on the Goddess Sophia is the high inspirational message of Gnosis. The ancient seers taught that, through a special link to the Goddess, our species can overcome the Archons and secure a human, and humane, future for the Earth.


Occult Instruction

For a first-hand look at the testimony, let's consider a passage from The First Apocalypse of James (NHC V, 3), a revelation dialogue in which an unnamed teacher (the "Lord" or "Master") confers secret knowledge upon a Gnostic named James:

The Master said: James, behold, I shall reveal to you the path of your redemption. Whenever you are seized and you undergo death-pangs (mortal fear), a multitude of Archons may turn on you, thinking they can capture you. And in particular, three of them will seize you, those who pose as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they take away souls by theft.

Now, when you come under their power, one of them who is the overseer will say to you: "Who are you, and where are you from?"
You are then to say to him, "I am a child of humanity and I am from the Source."

He will then say to you, "What sort of child are you, and to what Source do you belong?"
You are to say to him, "I am from the pre-existent Source, and I am the offspring of the Source."

Then he will say to you, "Why were you sent out from the Source?"
Then you are to say to him, "I came from the Pre-existent One so that I might behold those of my kind and those who are alien."

And he will say to you, "What are these alien beings?"
You are to say to him: "They are not entirely alien, for they are from the Fallen Sophia (Achamoth), the female divinity who produced them when she brought the human race down from the Source, the realm of the Pre-Existent One. So they are not entirely alien, but they are our kin. They are indeed so because she who is their matrix, Sophia Achamoth, is from the Source. At the same time they are alien because Sophia did not combine with her like in the Source (her divine male counterpart), when she produced them."

When he also says to you, "Where will you go now?"
You are to say to him, "To the place when I came, the Source, there shall I return."

And if you respond in this manner, you will escape their attacks.
(NHC V, 3. 33 - 34: 1- 25. Translation from NHLE 1990, pp. 265-6 and Kurt Rudolf, Gnosis, p. 174-5.)

Considerable information is packed into this exchange.


Now let's look at something. A phrase from the last excerpt:

Not only do they demand toll, but they take away souls by theft. "

Yesterday I was reading a Carlos Castaneda book that says something about an Eagle which Don Juan the Toltec sorcerer taught him about which came down from his lineage that the seers saw.

It's called "The Wheel of Time." Here's an excerpt:

"The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle, not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the eye of the seer as an immeasurable jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands, its height reaching to infinity.

 The Eagle devours the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle's beak like a swarm of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had life. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle's food.

 The Eagle, that power that governs the destinies of all living things, reflects equally and at once all those living things. There is no way, therefore, for man to pray to the Eagle, to ask favors, to hope for grace. The human part of the Eagle is too insignificant to move the whole.

 Every living thing has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to freedom and go through it. It is evident to the seer who sees the opening, and to the creatures that go through it, that the Eagle has granted that gift in order to perpetuate awareness.

 To cross over to freedom does not mean eternal life as eternity is commonly understood - that is, as living forever. Rather, warriors can keep their awareness, which is ordinarily relinquished at the moment of dying. At the moment of crossing, the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself and also aware of the totality of the body.

The Eagle's gift of freedom is not a bestowal, but a chance to have a chance.
 A warrior is never under siege. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability, and impeccability cannot be threatened.

 The first principle of the art of stalking is that warriors choose their battleground. A warrior never goes into battle without knowing what the surroundings are.

 To discard everything that is unnecessary is the second principle of the art of stalking. A warrior doesn't complicate things. He aims at being simple. He applies all the concentration he has to decide whether or not to enter into battle, for any battle is a battle for his life. This is the third principle of the art of stalking. A warrior must be willing and ready to make his last stand here and now. But not in a helter-skelter way.

 A warrior relaxes and abandons himself; he fears nothing. Only then will the powers that guide human beings open the road for a warrior and aid him. Only-then. That is the fourth principle of the art of stalking."


     Now, the whole point of this post, is about awareness. As you can see, Sophia didn't listen. With dim awareness she emotionally coddled a dream she had about how the Anthropos, that is, humanity, would develop in this place. Stupidly she didn't even think about what she was told beforehand...that she was NOT to proceed with anything without the consent of her mate or the ok of the Father Creator the Virginal Spirit.

Nooo, she just jumped into hell and realized all too late that there were implications behind what she was told. So as soon as she was there, the balance was disturbed because she didn't have a mate nor did she have the go-ahead say of Virginal Spirit, therefore the Archons were instantly created to balance it. And it was a negative because she was in ignorance or dim-witted, or NOT IN AWARENESS, and now she had to deal with it, as well as everyone else too! Hence, the reason we have so many loveless souls around. If Sophia would have had some love in her instead of selfish motives about oh how she will make this race to live out here and oh what she will do...without thought of anyone or anything else. Pure selfishness. No account of anything she's been told before, in one ear, out the next. No account of how others will be affected, how the race she planned to evolve is going to make out in this place. Nothing. Only a selfish greedy emotional high of what she wants, what she thinks, what she feels....

She wasn't left out there too long all by herself...she wouldn't have survived. A consort came and set things straight as best as can be set, in a situation such as this. It's now up to us to work it, that's all.

She went against the principles. The value. LIFE. LOVE. What is there without Love? Nothing. She almost ended up there. But there was love before she was created, and love is who came out to rescue her from her dim-awareness, her ignorance. And so it goes to show you the importance of listening to the values and principles of love, because that is what makes life so beautiful and pleasant.

And so, the eagle is always looking for the awareness...which is the balance. Once you have that, only then can you be free...because awareness is knowledge is wisdom, is hello....awake!

That's my input on what this is all about.

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