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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ramtha, Great Sense Of Humor.

This guy is so funny. He tells it straight, which I love. I bought 12 books of his and got 9 of them in the mail today. Here's an excerpt from this book:

Changing The Timeline Of Our Destiny

Page 44 - "And who is to say that health has to do with food? It has to do with the state of mind. How many of you understand? There are healthy people dying of cancer; reconcile that will you? There are people who are so healthy they eat only virgin birdseed and they don't want to eat anything alive. What is a turnip? It is grown, isn't it? It is alive. It has consciousness. "Anything with red blood, red blood" -- Look at a tomato or a beet. What color is their blood? -- "I don't want to consume anything that is alive." Well then, what are you doing here? Go fling yourself into the holy river and get it over with.

It is not about what you eat; it is what you are. You are not going to become immortal running from something every day. You are not going to become immortal by the food that you eat. You are not going to become immortal by the wine that you drink. You will not. You will only become immortal when that has occurred to you to become it. You understand? And then it is so common to you, then you are hooked up on the timeline."

Great stuff huh? Hahahahaaa....yea, totally.

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