Daily Moon Phases

Friday, May 24, 2013

Shiva The Destroyer.

Today is the full moon.

Did  you ever hear of the myth of Shiva the Destroyer? Well, what is a myth? Ask yourself that.
For a long time, I knew something really black was going on. After all, there was a program in my subconscious that was put in, and it kept flashing strange pictures at me. So I delved into my subconscious to find out what that was. That is when I found the myth. But I didn't know it at the time. And so it kept on. In 1996 when Marilyn Manson came out with the fantastic wonderful and very powerful album, "Anti-Christ Super-Star", well I loved it. I wanted to buy it because it intrigued me. I told the boyfriend I was with at the time that I was going to get it after I glimpsed it in the music store as we passed by. He did even better. He bought it for me as a gift. Haha. Lovely huh? So I went and started brewing within me. I sent a letter to Marilyn Manson in February 1997. I called it "Brainstorm." And I proceeded to do just that. In approximately March 1997 the weather began to change very drastically. They called it the "El Nino" effect. Well it lasted all the way through 1998 on into 99, but in 99 I started to simmer down because the approaching changes, into the millenia, were now a new focus of direction. So, blackness...you know?

There is a lot to a myth that isn't told outright. Who is outrageous enough to tell about a myth? Unless they were super-magnificently-fantastically a great genius and could write everything down that is taking place on every multi-dimensional level, you're not going to hear about it except in parts and pieces....hahaha something I'm very good at. So! Shiva the Destroyer. When I found out that Ramtha had been around here since 1977, actually working under-cover all around, and I never even knew of his existence until 2013, I mean, this is a year AFTER the super important cycle the Pleiadians were talking about, that is, the 25 year cycle ending in 2012, but it didn't end in 2012, it still kept going...you see? So when I first heard about him, I was shocked for three days. It was like Shiva the Destroyer had shocked the hell haha out of Kali the Mother. I was reading his stuff and found it really cool, I mean, this guy was on, he knew what he was talking about....ain't no one damn man that can say they know what was happening here....until he came along. And so of course, it takes someone of high spiritual development to know something like what I was in knowledge of. And when I began reading his stuff, it was like naturally I'm attracted like as in intelligence is attracted to intelligence, for example, Gurdjieff, don Juan/Carlos Castaneda, the Pleiadians, and some others, all were in the know about something regular beings didn't know about. And he too knew something, so I kept reading. I liked it. Until one day it hit me as a shock, a great big shock. I instantly removed myself from the computer and walked to the bar down the street to get a few drinks and take my mind away and put my mind directly in because I now needed to know what was going on. It was waaaay too much.

Then after that, I just went along as though nothing happened, because that's a skill. And I ordered 12 books of his off the internet, and I'm not done yet. I'm going to order more as soon as I finish this stuff. Maaaan, the guy is fucking brilliant. I have never heard anyone talk like this guy talks. Pure sense. Everything makes sense from this guy. It is a delight listening to him talk because it is so simple and easy. So that's what hooked me instantly to him. Because I love knowledge. I was so damn bored, nothing can make you break down and cry like when you see the state of utter and dull boredom with which this world interacts with itself in. And uh, he was like a road out of hell, a paving of gold to heaven. And so just like the tarot card the Priestess shows one black pillar and one white pillar holding some house up, no, it is not due to bad decorating abilities, it is due to some mystery which is not explained but is drawn upon a card for your mind to enter on into deciphering...the black Kali loves knowledge. The only thing that can soothe her broken-into-by-her- own-self subconscious mind from boredom, because she discovered what they were doing with her... she now is so entranced with this knowledge because knowledge is not boring, that she is turning into the white pillar....such as, knowledge to good use. Hahaha. What a story. What a myth.

Hope you've enjoyed it. And if you're so mixed up...what are you doing here on a blog site whose name is based on the devil's? Hm?

Enjoy the full moon.


  1. Belialith...
    Belial — the devil, a demon.
    Lilith — a female demon, or in Jewish folklore Adam's first wife (created at the same time as Adam and from the same earth as Adam). She left him after refusing to become subservient to him. She then mated with the Archangel Samael.
    Very nice name choice!

  2. Hahaha. Thank you. But I didn't get it from there.

    I got it from my little sister Rosy, who passed away Sept 18, 2012. When my older sister Molly, who passed away March 16, 2013, told me to read a romance novel that she read and told me the character in it reminded her of me, I looked at the book, saw it was too thick, and dropped it.

    When I went to Toronto at 20 yrs of age, Rosy wrote me a poem called "The 80 Legions Of Belialith". I asked her what this was all about and she told me it's a poem about me, that she read the romance novel Molly had read and thought as well the character reminded her of me. She told me I should read it. By this time I was curious. When I went back home for a short while, I read the book, liked it, and then took it on as a nickname to hide behind on the computer. That's how Belialith came to be.