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Friday, May 17, 2013

Repairing of Sophia

I must admit, I was a little harsh in a couple of posts down, about Sophia. When I read what Ramtha had said of Mother Earth, I was reminded and so I take back that harshness and look upon her as a Goddess who did her very best while chaos was ensuing all around in the Void, hmhmhm. You know? So she set about, deep in her heart, with a desire for something more, something better, and she got caught up in her own thoughts, which led to her downfall...but I didn't mention that she was actually primped by Mother entity to make that fall so that all the fallen beings would have a place out there in which to learn about themselves and what they had done that they were not aware of. So in all unawareness this was going on, except for a very few who knew, and were working together to correct the defect.

So. Here's Ramtha's words which I read, from "Changing The Timeline Of Our Destiny." Page 54:

     "There is no greater gift that a woman can give than to destroy her young body for the sake of a child. That is why the Earth is called the divine Mother, because it has destroyed itself in giving birth to life many times over. Nor is there, I would argue to say, anything more beautiful than the whole of creation, than a woman who has from her womb delivered life into the world. There is nothing more beautiful."

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