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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Human Imagination Is The Gift To Create.

This post is meant for you to see that the Archons are those who created religion, politics, and social structure by covertly influencing humanity through lies and deception. In other words, it's not a creation through our own hearts, it's a manipulation. They are those who exist upon a hierarchy, which is NOT intelligent balance. Hierarchy is a witless structure. Intelligent balance is when beings work together and whomever fits best in a situation, works that situation with the help of others who also fit it. There's give and take, but not in hierarchy.

Archons are not humans, they're the mistake, the anomaly that came out when Sophia accidentally fell into the other side of where she came from, to create here. We're the Anthropos, the human, mankind, those who she was creating a reality for here to experience. While we were safely held and she got help from her male counterpart to fix the problem, the Archons were like swarming bugs around her so that she created a leader over them whose name is blind god, Yaldaboath, to get them away from her and organize them. Those are the Archons who she first had to get out of the way so she could go on creating for the Anthropos a place to live. They basically are what we know of as alien. Yaldaboath their leader was the one who said "I'm the only God, there is no other God before me, and I'm a jealous God." Even his followers laughed at him because if you are the only and one god then how can you be jealous? Obviously he's a lying, deceiving god. And those are the intricate things people need to look at and figure out for themselves, and talk about amongst each other so they don't get themselves enslaved by some doctrine of the archons.

Everything about religion, politics, and social structure has the feel of stagnation, repression and imprisonment. The human hasn't even had the chance to begin to live who they truly are because of the intrusion of the archons into our lives. But we must become aware of where these influences are coming from and rebel against them, just as we need to learn who we are independently and as a race, in order to advance, to opening up to our greater abilities and powers which were held at bay by the stupid arrogance of the so-called teachings of the archons.

For example, everything Jesus Christ was about, was turned upside down and retold, not for humanity's benefit but for the archons to have better control over humanity...which is not the way it is meant to be. So we've been deceived by believing those stories. We've been too surface oriented. We need to ask more questions, and to listen to our inner self, instinct, feeling, whatever you want to call it.

Excerpt from John Lamb Lash's book "NOT in His Image":

 Page 262: "The operative essence of evil is to kill imagination, the luminous epinoia endowed in humanity by Zoe the flame-born daughter of Sophia. Gnostics protested both the ethics and ideology of salvationism because they saw how it decimates our imaginative power and leaves us without a guiding vision, uncertain of our boundaries, vulnerable to alien forces, to all manner of deviance, narcissism and self-obsession."

Page 261: "The Divine Victim is to the Anthropos as the menorah is to the asherah. It is the pathetic misplaced focus of human self-worth. Instead of a reflection of vital joyous humanity, there is the agonized man nailed to a cross. The countermimicry in effect here, substitutes morbidity for the life-force, and narcisstic agony for self-love."

Page 262: "The Crucifixion is a soul-deadening ruse. With countermimicry, what you see is definitely not what you get. It is not Jesus Christ who is crucified on the cross, it is human imagination, the inborn visionary power of our species. And this precious faculty will not be resurrected through reconciliation with the perpetrators (who hate and envy us) who nailed it there and who at the same time in the same twisted tale declare that the Divine Victim be the Light of the World."

Yea. We have to take it back ourselves. Our imagination is our creative force. This is true. I have experimented with it too. I have found when I focus my mind on creating an event in my mind, and I lovingly go about doing it, then in a matter of either a few days, or a few months or even years, suddenly the pictures I've imagined ahead of time, come into being. So yea, it's true. I've seen it.

And now let's go to the Ramtha story. A man who was born 35,000 years ago on this planet, a Lemurian in the midst of Atlantean times. This man also said he was using his imagination passionately to create a future for the people whom he dearly loved. As he sat in his hut away from everyone, he used his imagination for blessing us into a better future. He was using his mind the way it was meant to be used.

From: "Ramtha: A Master's Reflection On The History Of Humanity, Part 1."

Page 14: "Never give up on your dreams -- never. Never. In order to be fully empowered, one must be free of one's past, one must be free of the rider, the necromancer that is inside of you that causes you such distress, anguish and unhappiness. And these have to be addressed before there is a real healing of disease in the body, and a real change of life, and the longevity of life itself.
     I want you to know that every cell in your body was created to live forever. It has the ability to rejuvenate itself to its youngest most flowering aspect and to be able to hold the boundaries of that constitution into infinity.
     However, a person whose life suffers, personal suffering, personal anguish, personal sorrow, living in fear that someone's going to guess what's wrong with you and know your lie, and always having to live every day as a hypocrite, ages the body. It does."

Now didn't we just learn from John Lamb Lash's study that the Divine Victim is all about suffering? Well figure it out. It's a death trap. You cut your own life short because you indulge in death stories instead of life stories. Inspiration stories, using your imagination for purposeful benefits, instead of entertaining suffering and death thoughts and/or fear of death, is the way of life. And that's what the Archons planted for humanity, to sideswipe them from their true path, from their true work. Those who are getting stuck in the Jesus story are getting stuck in lies. But what better way to hide it? Hm? What really is the true story? Did you ever wonder that? Instead of sucking up every piece of story that is thrown your way, you've got to use your inner senses and your discernment. You need to get knowledge. Stop pretending you are using your faith blindly, because you're not. That's just a hoax that the blind god commands you to do; be blind. You have to learn how to use your Will. Like don Juan taught in the Carlos Castaneda books, your Will goes unnoticed while you go around mimicking everyone from the outside because you think that you're suppose to fit yourself in to the dull idiocy all around you. You need to listen to your own self and stand up for what you think and feel, not fall flat for some religious doctrine thrown in your face saying "well everyone else is doing it..." Because life is inside of you to nurture and grow. Do it. Nurture your life.

Ramtha Continued:

     Page 23: "Now in my life, because of the convergent time, I was able to bridge time because I was in a position to do that. I wanted to. I wanted to explore. That was the nature of my being. And to conquer what I did not know, but not with a sword any longer, but with a passionate mind that had already made friends with the generations of night bird, waxing and waning of the moons, and Ra (sun) I knew well. Purple mountains I knew well, and goldenrods and saffron dust. I lived it. That certainly did not diminish me as a spiritual being, it enhanced me. I lived it not from a destroyer perspective but from one who is a wanderer and with utter appreciation because I lived it so well and I found that nature would never shut any door to anyone who rapped upon it in absolute sincerity -- and I did -- and I never gave up. It was not my nature to give up.

     I could have given up on life a long time ago. I certainly had all of the victim excuses that all of you have. The only way you could have ever been able to talk to me back then in that mode of mind was to try to talk about the tragedy that happened with my mother, my brother, my sister, my unknown father, and you would try to analyze my whole difficulty. That was the only way you could talk to me. Well that is what causes you to give up on growth and on people too. I had all of the reasons to not trust anyone. But I did not see it as a difficulty. If I had had any of that blame and guilt, murk and mire of the times I lived in, I could never have knocked at nature's door, nor would I have been able to leave my body. I would have been too grounded in my own self-centered misery. Well, that is not me. It wasn't even in my consciousness at that time.

     So nothing prevented me from wanting to be an explorer of the Unknown God because I loved it with all my might, and nothing prevented me.
     Take note of this: The more you feel sorry for yourself, the more you see your life as being burdened by victimization, the more you hang onto treachery and betrayal, the less you will see God, the less you will know God. And you in this day and age are like the Earth in those times, clouded in a thick veil. You can't even see the radiant light trying to pierce it.

I knew I was a divine being and I knew all my people were divine beings. With that love and long hours with them, talking with them and teaching them, that began the true spiritual school in those old and forgotten parts now of northeast India. That is where it all started, there. And with that, it was not a teaching of "you shouldn't do this and you shouldn't do that." That isn't even a spiritual teaching! What a spiritual teaching was, is awareness, that when they gained an extraordinary amount of awareness, and then when they went back to their hovels and to their fishnets and to their baking of breads, they saw it in a different way. They became more aware. And if we were to describe it now, we would say their bands got bigger. (Their aura. The auric field which represents their mind.)

Before I left, I had dreamed the journey of your lives through time. I dreamed it through time, long hours sitting in my little hovel, that very few knew that I lived there. They thought I lived in the palace they had made, that now the monkeys lived in. They thought the Ram resided there. And I liked it because they never looked for me in my simplicity. But it was in my little hovel, making my own bread and sitting by the fire that I dreamed with such passion your journeys and the passion of the spiritual truth in man to truly take flight. And I dreamed this night us being together in a new heaven and a new earth."

See? He used his imagination for purposeful loving things, to create with. Just think...we do that all the time. Let's be aware of what we are creating then.

Now, the Cassiopaeans and the Pleiadians both tell us that the Jesus story was hoaxed! Try to tell that to someone brainwashed into 'blind-faith' that they were fed a lie. They need to reassert everything they had allowed themselves to believe in. But when you're not caught hook-line-&-sinker, when you're half aware or half awake while listening to the stories being shoved at you, then you silently in yourself question all those strange somehow not fitting quite correctly together stories, and you will search with open eye for what the truth is. That's what I've been doing. At 17, I questioned the story of God throwing Lucifer out of heaven. I thought that if a God is so all-loving, he wouldn't throw someone out of heaven. That is what began my search. Because something didn't fit.

The Pleiadians - Bringers of the Dawn:

The Christed one said, "Know thyself."

Know thyselves. It's the same thing. That message was given on the planet a long
time ago, but it was distorted so people could not understand how grand indeed
they were and that all they had to do was rearrange themselves.

The work is always internal. When you want to know how to go about bringing a
change upon the planet, we always tell you to work with yourself. Develop
yourself. Move beyond the boundaries of self. Learn to become multidimensional,
to exist in the astral world, and to travel beyond the physical body. Stop defining
the body as ending "here," which is what society encourages you to do so that you
can be controlled.

Here's from Chapter Nine - Profound New Boundaries

Since these space beings have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and
humanity's frequencies have been controlled, it is quite easy to hoodwink human

Holographic inserts have been used on Earth to manipulate and control
consciousness and change the story of information to one of disinformation - one
of a limited amount of knowledge.

As we see it, those who use the holographic inserts are not always after bringing
light, information, or upliftment to people. They have ulterior motives, although
they may pass them off as light.

Holographic experiences, especially viewings in the sky, are set up to influence a
large group of people at once. Many, though not all, UFO sightings have been
holographic inserts.

There have been holographic inserts of one individual, designed in many fashions,
projected simultaneously in many different cultures. That is why some of Earth's
religious stories are parallel from one corner of the world to another when there
was no physical contact.

Holographic inserts look exactly like 3-D reality. They are creations of events
manufactured and inserted in your reality to look as though they are part of a
sequential action.

They are used to influence the minds of observers, and they are very difficult to
recognize. You will have plenty of practice in the next number of years when in
the Middle East and other areas around this planet a lot of extraterrestrial
activities come into full force and begin to be published. Some of the grand events
will be very legitimate, and some of them will be inserts designed to move the
consciousness of humanity toward the one world order to be controlled.

Holographic inserts have energy fields and can be dowsed. Dowsing rods move
differently in them because their energy fields are diverse and vibrate at an
incredible rate.

You can walk into them and participate in them. People may be part of them and
swear they are real. But they are orchestrated events designed to influence the
minds of humans.

Holographic inserts are not done for information, they are done for control. They
are simply an aspect of technology that exists.

Realities can be constructed and inserted just like movies.

Movies, television, and so on are your version of creating reality. There are other,
very evolved beings who cleverly create realities so "real" that you can't tell the
difference. They are like beams. Just like spotlights are projected into the night,
holographic inserts are projected onto this planet through portals.

Tremendous energy is needed because the process involves the merging of

The technology does not exist in the third dimension, it exists in other
dimensions, and they need the dimensional fusions.

What is the difference between dimensions? Why is one dimension important to

Because each dimension has a different vibratory rate or way the molecules move.
These holographic inserts need places where the dimensions are already merged
because they need to play through the other dimensions in order to enter here.

Humanity has been blind and hoodwinked over and over again because of the
unevolved helixes that information could not plug into.

The Family of Light has come to change all of that. You are here to carry a new
frequency on the planet and hold it in your bodies so the rest of the planet can
begin to vibrate at the same frequency.

That frequency is going to create disruption of the structures based on
two-stranded DNA on this planet. It cannot help it; it is time to evolve. Earth is
ready to go through whatever is necessary for that evolution.

Human beings must learn to read energies.

They must learn to use more than the senses of their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and
so on to perceive reality. We have said that the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sense
of touch are deceivers of reality. They lock reality in.

You think you are perceiving reality with these senses when in actuality they
limit your perceptions of reality.

You have been trained since you were a child to rely on your eyes, ears, nose,
mouth, and sense of touch to interpret experience. Now you are going to need to
rely on other forms of sensing to determine experience.

One of the forms you have discounted is feeling.

Feeling -your knowing, intuitive, psychic self­ has been jammed by frequency
control on this planet so that none of you have been able to find it.

When you found your own knowledge and your own way of intuiting, you could
not be controlled.

How do you know what is controlled and what is not controlled? Part of your
experience here is to learn that - to get into a little hot water and to know when to
jump out.

In the deepest core of your being, there is an integrity you can discover and begin
to operate with. It is an integrity that honors life and honors yourself first and
foremost as the life that you are in charge of. You are in charge of you, and it has
been gifted and granted to you that you honor your light, your body, and your
experience to the best of your ability.

As you begin to take good care of your integrity and to cultivate it and discover
the miracle and potentials of it, you will discover that your body, which
seemingly has been somewhat of a burden you have been carting around, is really

It brings you untold wealth. With the physical body, you are millionaires. You
must learn to use your feeling center and activate and act on the information
inside of you; you must learn to trust it.

You, as members of the Family of Light, are intending to merge dimensions.
Your task is to pull other dimensions into this reality, to have your nervous
system handle the different molecular fluctuations, and to be able to make it OK.

You are learning to perceive through your feeling centers and teach others how to
do all that you can do.

You are the way showers. You will recognize holographic inserts by feeling.
They won't feel right - something will feel fishy or strange. When holographic
inserts are put into your reality, something is not right. As members of the
Family of Light, your codings and filaments will not feel good when you are
exposed to holographic inserts because they are used to control you rather than
bring you to upliftment.

They are used to ride your emotions to a certain point so others can feed off them
and bring you to a certain new level of operation.

These technologies will be used more in the next decade. That is why we say
humanity is in for a drastic awakening as far as what is really real. The
boundaries of reality are quite profound.

We talked about the portal in the Middle East being a dimensional doorway or
entryway onto the planet for certain energies to find civilization. Remember,
when you leave a planetary sphere and go into space, once you traverse certain
belts of consciousness you must find the proper portal to come back onto the
planet in the precise time period or corridor of time you are looking for. This is
how systems are kept locked and intact, and how they are prevented from being
raided and taken over.

There are portals on the South American continent, the North American
continent, Asia, China, and all over the globe. The huge portal we are presently
discussing is the portal in the Middle East. It is gigantic. Many holographic
inserts or dramas have been inserted through that portal to upset the minds and
beliefs of the population.

Since this portal is in the midst of crisis, it is a prime candidate for holographic
inserts and also prime for a belief system to alter this chaotic world and get
everyone to move in a different direction. Be aware of your feeling centers when
these kind of events begin to occur on this planet.

The Middle East is a portal where many dimensions meet and where entities from
other dimensions can come onto this planet. It is a hot spot. In recent times, in the
last forty or fifty thousand years, many civilizations have surfaced and many
religious dramas have started in the Middle East.

Because of the vortex, holographic inserts are easier to produce in that area, just
like movies are easier to produce in California.

A potential holographic insert in this portal is the arrival of extraterrestrials from
space. Or Christ returning. Or some god returning, or some savior, or some
reason for everyone to begin to follow one way of thinking. At this time, as we
see it, it is not of light.

An example of a holographic insert that was put on the planet in the past to
change the course of history is the crucifixion of Christ. The drama that was
played out and passed on historically to you is not the reality that the Christed
One came in to play.

A version of this entity's life was molded and designed in a holographic
entertainment movie, which was then inserted and played out as though it were

Christ came in as a committee of beings over a period of time.

The story you have been told is a dramatized, marketed version - a very
controlled version of who this entity was and is. Part of the Christ drama you
have been taught was a holographic insert.

And part of what you will discover in the future about the Christed One has the
potential of being another holographic insert. So be aware.

Most people would say we are sacrilegious and of the devil to say this. How can
we question what the Bible says? How can we question all of these things?
Because they were all said and done by patriarchal organizations that promoted
themselves. That was all they were. They were utilized to bring back control of
the energy on the planet.

In reality, the Christed One was sent as a systems buster, a member of the Family
of Light, to bring light through the portal in the Middle East.

This created a way for many to enter and seed a reality that would prepare the
consciousness of humanity for the cycle that will terminate in approximately the
next twenty years, depending upon how events proceed.

The Christed One came not as one entity but as a number of entities, influencing
people in humanity's dark hour, an hour when human beings were ready to
understand their mysteries.

One of the things not promoted to you in a very truthful way was that the
Christed One was very well accepted. The kind of energy the Christed beings
brought to the planet was received very well.

There are a number of dramas going on with the Christ entity. There is the
original blueprint: the plan of the Christed committee to come in, spread light or
information, and show humans what the human body is capable of doing.

Then there are the beings who said, "What are we going to do about this? This
one is coming in our portal, and we want control over this portal. How are we
going to be able to use this energy? It is a free-will universe, and we can do what
we want." So they created a holographic insert of the drama of Christ being
crucified to create fear and emotion out of someone else's intentions and to move
consciousness in a way that was not originally intended at all.

This means in a free-will universe it is possible, particularly in portal areas, for
one group of gods to raid another's story and insert their own version of it.


Here's from The Cassiopaean Experiment:

The Bible was assembled NOT to bring together all the Christian writings, but to cull and curry them so that they would be uniform. By prohibiting and burning any “dissenting” texts, the impression eventually became established that the Bible with its four gospels was the original Christian view! Yet, as late as 450 C.E., Theodore of Cyrrhus mentioned that there were at least 200 different gospels circulating in his diocese. Amazing that none of these have come down to us. These guys are thorough if nothing else!
“Beyond choosing from the many gospels and writings to construct the Bible, the Church edited its message with each translation. The Roman philosopher Celsus, witness to the falsification of Christian writings already in the second century, said of the revisionists: ‘Some of them, as it were in a drunken state producing self-induced visions, remodel their Gospel from its first written form and reform it so that they may be able to refute the objections brought against it.’” [Ellerbe, 1995]
The Catholic Encyclopaedia remarks:
“[the] idea of a complete and clear-cut canon of the New Testament existing from the beginning… has no foundation in history.” and “In all the departments forgery and interpolation as well as ignorance had wrought mischief on a grand scale.”
Nevertheless, Christianity’s emerging “uniformity” appealed to Constantine who was looking for the tool to bolster his own military power. This was a guy who executed his own son and had his wife boiled alive. Constantine saw Christianity as a means of getting rid of dissent.

To make things even more uniform, Constantine presided over the first ecumenical council at Nicea in 325. At this council, Constantine considered all the religious questions from a political point of view. He assured himself of unanimity by banishing all the bishops who would not sign the new profession of faith. In this way, unanimity was achieved!

What did the Council of Nicea do besides establish some serious controls for the Control System? Well, it set up the foundation for the control and subjugation of women. The belief in the Trinity – the Goddess impregnated by the God, thereby producing the cosmos and all that was in it – was so old that it could not really be done away with, so it was transmogrified from the synergy of male and female producing a magical, holy being, to a same-sex father-son duo, coupled to a sexless holy spirit!

It was probably thought by the early Church Fathers that they could enlist the aid of the downtrodden and potentially useful Jewish population, by “validating” their God Jehovah through the establishing of his son as the new Representative on Earth. This actually backfired on them, but that is going in another direction. Nevertheless, this amalgamation seems to have been the plan and the adoption of the Hebrew Bible was a political maneuver. Included in this Bible was the Hebrew myth of creation which assumed a posture of contempt for the female, and this move was used to lock women into the role of passive and inferior beings.


As I mentioned, Carlos Castaneda's books; don Juan the Toltec sorcerer, man of knowledge, teaches him that there are predators flying around...the Gnostics have spoken of them as Archons. Humanity needs to take a really good look at what is going on in existence. Become aware.

And delve into your own mind to observe. It's a part of getting to know your own self. Do it for you!

The human imagination is the gift to create. All your thoughts, all your ruminating are important. Here's a last excerpt:

Ramtha, The Mind Gladiators Of The Future - Intro - PDF

Today, science has already discovered the immortal gene, the switch that remains turned off in our DNA that prevents the telomeres from diminishing and wearing out at a cellular level. If this gene could be turned on it would allow us to live on in the same physical body without aging or losing our vitality and basic functions. It is interesting that it would be science, as well, the one who discovered the most powerful agent responsible for turning on this immortal gene. This potential and this gene is inherent in us, is part of our physical construction, not a fairy tale or myth of a long-gone age. What activates it, according to scientific findings, is not so much a substance or secret elixir we must ingest but something surprising and unexpected within us, unrecognized — our common thoughts, our consciousness.

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