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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Helping Your Soul To Learn, To Receive Wisdom.

     Well beautiful people, this is the middle of winter, and seeing what I'm going through, I know you too are going through it. This is the time where most people get depressed. The thing I want to share with you is that you need to look ahead. When you wake up in the morning and find yourself starting to cry and you don't know why, well just let it out. Allow yourself to feel what goes on and don't try to stop it because you can't anyway.

I was looking at myself this morning when I woke up and I knew I was depressed but I didn't want to be. So I looked inside and saw my soul crying and what I did was to berate her, the soul, for crying, or for thinking that being who is in a different dimension is actually a friend of ours. I actually bitched at her, but I know better to not berate my own self. Oh it's so frustrating sometimes. She thinks that being is some friend of ours or something, and I told her, NO, he's NOT our friend! He's a psychopath. I reminded her how when we were 17 years old he use to OVER compliment us, and I KNEW there was something fishy about that. I said to her, did you ever hear the higher beings compliment us? NO! They don't aggravate our ego, they are only present in a loving way showing us that they are there and support us in our journey but they DON'T compliment us like it's going out of style. And this soul of mine, oh my goodness, seems to be so ignorant of what is an honest being, it seems to only gravitate to what it feeeeels is good because of EMOTIONAL expression. But just because a being expresses emotion which SEEMS positive, it doesn't mean they are being honest.

I mean look, for example, what happened to the first Man when he came into this Universe. He was SEDUCED by the negative beings, those lizards, into going somewhere that they weren't careful to first THINK before they jumped. And once the first Mankind jumped in and saw how difficult and uncomely the place was that they landed, it was too late. They were now prisoners in it. They had allowed themselves to be deceived. As the saying goes: you make your bed, now you lay in it.

So I told my soul to not trust that being just because it shows emotions. The soul in me thinks that just because someone acts like they are kind that they are. But I'm trying to teach my soul some wisdom, and I guess I was a little bit harsh to her because all she did was keep on crying. And I tried to make some coffee and continue what I was doing, guiding ourself into daily activity, but all she did was stay stuck in her emotionalness. Then later on I just had to let her out and she cried and cried and I just put up with it. And when she was done, everything was back to normal. The thing is, one must learn patience. I have to have patience with the ignorance of my own soul, I have to teach her that everything isn't as it "appears" to be. There is more to life than self gratification, whether emotionally or mentally or physically, or even spiritually. One has to learn to coast sometimes, while life falls apart around you, because it isn't a permanent falling apart, it is the balance of growth and destruction. You have to allow old ignorant ideas to fall apart and become destroyed so that you can allow the newly learned wisdom to come in and grow.

So I'm encouraging everyone who reads this to be patient with your own self. We will get through this, and it does take one step at a time. Just go through the step you are at, and remind yourself that there is a balance to the negative, and that is the positive. Therefore remind yourself the positive too will come. You just need to have faith in the power of your knowledge and wisdom, that this is how things work at this time. So just allow yourself to experience whatever difficult situation you are going through, and move along to the next experience. Whatever the situation, we are always together. There is an invisible world where we are all connected. You don't even have to read my words here to feel my presence in your life, whether across the planet or across the Universe, we are all together throughout. Just take the time to float or swim in that invisible space within yourself where we all meet.

Love you's all.
Big Hug to everyone.

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