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Friday, February 7, 2014

Original Psychopaths. Aliens.


Wising Up to Alien Interference

The public perception of the UFO phenomenon centers around lights seen in the sky, reports of encounters with beings and ships that have landed in the woods, and certain people getting abducted for experimentation and breeding purposes. These do happen, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Most alien influences are much more subtle and widespread. Their abilities include teleportation, invisibility, telepathy, and viewing of probable futures. This allows them to be more ubiquitous than commonly assumed. For instance, they can be standing by your bed while you sleep and telepathically insert commands into your subconscious. They can look over your shoulder as you type. They can monitor internet forums, pay attention to what people read and think of them. They can track who networks with whom, toward what possible outcomes, and what potentials for misunderstanding can be leveraged to break up those networks. Whereas lights in the sky are intentional displays to slowly acclimate the public to their existence, this more serious stuff is surreptitious and not meant to be noticed.

Now, they don’t have a personal interest in most people because most are of no consequence to them, except indirectly as far as total public perception goes. But if you are personally a threat to them, say by exposing their activities and methods, or if you are someone they find potentially useful as a proxy for their agenda, then they can be in your life without you ever remembering an abduction or having a UFO sighting. In other words, their reach extends beyond the typical abductees, contactees, and sighting witnesses. Thus far more people than assumed are under their observation and influence, and the alien phenomenon as a whole cannot be kept at arm’s length, as some abstract phenomenon that stays safely between the pages of a UFO book.

Why should people care about this subject?

Because the increase in sightings, contacts, abductions, and saturation of alien imagery and concepts in media and entertainment suggests alien open contact will happen in our lifetimes. It will change human history forever. Over time, the impacts will dwarf any of the mundane concerns people still take seriously today. The future can go very wrong, or very well depending on how we respond. If we’re not informed, we will be no better off than the natives who blindly welcomed the Spanish conquistadors. Misconceptions, disinformation, and wishful thinking are convincing people to support the wrong team. We just have to wise up, get informed, and not fall for it.

Where do they come from?

Any combination of possibilities: from the future, from a parallel reality, from some higher dimension we cannot perceive, some from other planets, some could be humans that long ago branched off and became more advanced than the rest of humanity. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive. For example, one alien faction might be human-like time travelers from a future where they have established colonies on other star systems and transcended to a higher dimension we cannot perceive.

Are they physical or nonphysical beings?

Both, neither, and in between. It seems to vary depending on the alien in question. They have bodies, real ships, working technology, and bases so we know they are physical to a degree. But by using technology or psychic powers they can change the dial on the radio station, so to speak. We are on one station; they can shift to other stations. To us it looks like they dematerialize. But really they are just shifting in/out of our reality. I would say the majority is quasi-physical or variably physical. They are not as entrenched in the limitations of physicality as we are. From a physics viewpoint, aliens demonstrate they have command over macroscopic quantum phenomena.

Are they good or evil?

They span the whole spectrum. Make no mistake, every alien faction has an agenda. Just that some agendas are in our best interest, some are not, and that defines whether an intention is good or bad — regardless of whether such distinctions exist at the absolute metaphysical level. There are obvious good guys, obvious bad guys, and then there are bad guys pretending to be good guys. What many channelers and contactees or abductees think are good aliens, are actually impostors. Telling the difference is important, and my article series Discerning Alien Disinformation is directed toward that goal.

Why are they here?

It ranges from one extreme to the other and everything in between. Some seem dedicated to our enlightenment and spiritual liberation, even if only to safeguard their own timeline if they are time travelers. Others are bent on total planetary control through deception and persuasion, for they are interested in us — not just our planet, but us humans — as a natural resource and strategic asset. Sure, some could be here as scientific observers or neutral referees, but those are not the only roles present. If you pay attention, you will see that since ancient times, there has been a tug of war going on. It’s over the future of this planet and the human race. They have a strategic interest in us, in our planet, in our future. William Bramley’s book “The Gods of Eden” gets into that. Factions from the future could even be engaged in a kind of quantum-based timewar over their shared past to restructure the timeline in their favor.

How long have they been here?

As Lloyd Pye points out, there’s evidence of genetic engineering in our DNA. We have fewer chromosomes than some worms, ferns, and even chimpanzees. We have genetic diseases that are unheard of among undomesticated animals. Aliens have surely been around since before the dawn of our species and played a role in genetically engineering or modifying us. Sumerian, Biblical, Greek, and Hindu mythology claim mankind was created by superhuman beings. The ancients called them gods, archons, angels, or jinn. This shows they’re not recent visitors to Earth, certainly not recent curious scientific explorers who just happened upon our world. They’ve been watching and influencing us since antediluvian times.

What are some common misconceptions about aliens?

1) That if they are advanced enough to get here, they must be evolved as a civilization, thus they must be good. Not so. If a hostile faction on their home planet uses nonviolent manipulation, they can slowly take over the rest of their planet without resorting to self-destroying forms of warfare. Then they can mold their civilization into a totalitarian dystopia hostile to other worlds. Think of what would have happened if the Nazis won the war. They came incredibly close. Had they succeeded, within several generations they would be colonizing other planets and enslaving those they considered subhuman.

2) That what we focus on we attract, therefore we shouldn’t think about negative aliens. The Law of Attraction only applies to synchronistic attraction. If you stop attracting, you’re not blocking either. They can still enter your life if they want, and they will do so if your ignorance can be exploited for their convenience.

3) That the government is bad, aliens are good. Ancient history and mythology suggest alien factions have battled each other. If they are all good, why were they fighting one another? What of the Battle of Nuremberg in 1516 when UFO fleets were seen shooting each other down? Undoubtedly there are negative alien factions here on Earth. And it’s more likely that the core of our shadow government, whose nucleus was seeded by the Nazis brought over after the war, are in league with the same negative alien factions that were in contact with Hitler and the Thule Society that birthed Nazism as an occult organization. If the shadow government is shooting down anyone, it’s the positive alien factions who refused to sign technology exchange treaties with them. These black ops groups may be using technology given to them by negative alien factions. So to say the government is bad, and aliens are good, is a gross and dangerous oversimplification.

Why haven’t they contacted us openly?

They do contact certain people and allow themselves to be seen at certain times in a certain controlled way. They don’t need to turn on their lights when they fly around, yet they do… for a purpose. They want to be seen, just in a measured way. It’s been an incremental desensitization and viral marketing effort that’s been going on since the 40s. And it’s accelerating toward a threshold. That means it will come to a head soon.

But why not full public contact yet? The “good guys” probably think our planet as a whole is not mature enough to handle alien contact calmly and wisely. It would do more harm than good.

Meanwhile, the “bad guys” don’t have all their pieces in place yet, but they’re getting close. They stay hidden to avoid painting themselves as targets. And the shadow government doesn’t want to upset the status quo either, not until they have enough totalitarian controls in place to prevent chaos when the alien presence is revealed.

So none have had reason yet to make public contact. The first to do so, however, will be the negative factions once programming of the population and police state controls are adequately in place. Should these forces cross a certain line, then positive factions might show up to help level the playing field by informing us of the deception. But they certainly wouldn’t show up first, as then they would have to shoulder the burden of being responsible for sending our civilization into a culture-shock induced tailspin. Nor are they in a position to orchestrate a police state lockdown to make sure we can face such a shock without total anarchy.

Why haven’t aliens taken over the planet when we were primitive?

Because not until recently have we developed the level of global government and technology needed to enslave ourselves. Now we have GPS, satellites, cameras, drones, NSA surveillance of every communication, militarized police, a global strike force, a global military. We have the mining infrastructure, water distillation plants, genetic raw material industries. We have everything needed to run our own prison, our own farm, and that’s far less work that these aliens have to do. If they tried it even five hundred years ago, they’d have to supply all the technology, training, and manpower themselves. Look at what the US forces in Afghanistan had to do to create the new Afghan military from the ground up, it’s a total mess. If the US had taken over the UK, the technology and infrastructure would already be in place there and would only have to be repurposed toward quelling dissent against the occupiers.

Why do negative aliens work through persuasion and deception instead of force?

It’s a softer, subtler form of hostility. They’re trying to keep us from making informed decisions, decisions that would interfere with their attempt to one day win over our hearts and minds through deception. That’s why even now, if you speak out against them, reveal their tactics, ask too many questions on a message board, you can and will gain their attention. They are quite neurotic about controlling and shaping public perception of them, just like any corporation worried about its image because that affects their bottom line. In practice though, aliens can already detect your probable future of causing them harm before you even speak the first word against them. I believe some people are profiled as a threat from infancy, and are abducted throughout life to ensure they never reach their potential.

They are micromanaging the little problem spots on the timeline, to keep them from becoming bigger problems in the future. It could be as simple as you starting to read an important book or website on this issue, and suddenly you’re overcome with an intense desire to fall asleep. Or you wake up the next day and all motivation to look into that subject has been wiped from you, even though you were all enthusiastic before going to sleep. What happened during the night? You don’t have to be taken for hybrid breeding purposes, to get visited and tinkered with.

So aliens use a variety of tactics to shut down spiritual and strategic awakenings in people. They are telepathic. They can read your thoughts, and they can influence your thoughts and feelings to an extent. It’s more a pressure than a total override, though they are capable of the latter as well if they are permitted to exercise that level of control. They can put hypnotic commands into your subconscious while you sleep, that influence you into doing, saying, thinking, or feeling what they require you to. Again, I say influence because it’s not total forced mind control. Most of the time it’s subtle persuasion, but it has a very high success rate because humans are so mindless and don’t question their own impulses.

If we’re aware of it, we can keep ourselves from following through with it. For instance, when coming across an important book on the subject, instead of saying “gee I’m sleepy, I guess I better go to bed” even though it’s two hours before your bedtime, become aware that something unusual is happening, and fight it off. That’s an easy one. Other forms of influencing play on your ego, your insecurities, your emotional weaknesses. Those are harder, because one needs self-examination, willpower, honesty, and humility to not play into ego hooks.

What is the demiurgic Matrix control grid?

This is a question of who’s really running the show, what’s really behind the system of spiritual oppression on this planet. If we look at who is controlling our society, on the surface it looks like the problem could be greedy corporations or corrupt politicians, but if you dig deeper you will find that their strings are really being pulled by secret societies and shadow military groups. But even those guys, by their own admission, ultimately take their orders from non-human beings, and here I mean aliens. So let’s look at what’s going on with aliens then.

From the abduction literature we know that the gray aliens are the most commonly reported. And it’s probably because they are more like worker bots that are put on the front line of the abduction program to do most of the handling of the abductees. They’re the ones flipping the burgers, so to speak. Grays never act on their own, they’re always looking up the chain of command for instruction. Sometimes they are seen with reptilians, insectoids, or human-looking aliens who appear to have the role of supervisor. Therefore it’s safe to say that the Grays are working for these other aliens, and that therefore these latter ones are the ones in charge. Then the big question is, whom do they ultimately serve? Who or what is their God?

Well, several sources I’ve come across claim that the reptilians worship the physical universe itself. But I think it would be more accurate to say that they worship the soul of the physical universe, which by definition would be what the Greeks and Gnostics called the Demiurge. It’s basically the soul of the matrix control system, the underlying source code that keeps it running. It’s a kind of subtle energy field that permeates this universe and holds it together in a certain configuration.

Now why is this important? Because if you want to control physical reality, you have to do it through the Demiurge in some way. You have to manipulate the source code or subtle energy field that projects this universe. If you’ve ever seen the movie Dark City, the aliens in that film do this nightly ritual where they channel their psychic powers into this big machine shaped like a face, and that machine is symbolic of the Demiurge. They use this machine to reconfigure the fake city that they have made for their victims to live in. Well, if Reptilians or other negative aliens want power, if they want to be kings of the Matrix, they have to turn to the Demiurge to do it.

And as a result of all their manipulations, their interfacing with the Demiurge, it’s my belief that the soul of the universe has gotten corrupted from all this evil intent being funneled though it. The source code of reality is infested with viruses and trojans. And that has given the Demiurge aspects of a universal parasite — which is exactly what the Gnostics recognized. Plato thought the Demiurge was good, but the Gnostics thought it was evil. Why? Because in its original and true form, it is a necessary and healthy part of creation. But it has a corrupted partition that seems to have a firm grip on our reality, and that is what the Gnostics saw. The Gnostics also said that there were powerful beings they termed Archons, who served this corrupt Demiurge and were served by it. Of course the Archons are really upper level negative aliens and maybe some overlords of the demonic realm.

So to sum up, there are probably negative aliens who “worship” the Demiurge, because it’s their occult sugar daddy, so to speak. I believe the Demiurge is therefore at the top of the negative hierarchy and the central coordinator of the matrix control system.

How do we contract to become part of the demiurge control grid?

I think it boils down to the fact that at some level, we made a choice that resulted in us being here in this physical universe. And when you take on a human body, you choose to accept its limitations. One of these limitations is that by default we only have five senses. That funnels our consciousness into a very narrow range, into perception of only the part of reality controlled by the Demiurge and its subordinates. So really, choosing to incarnate is choosing to take on a handicap, a kind of ignorance or blindness or delusion.

In addition to that, we also accept the laws of physics, which allow for physical force and therefore violence. Physicality is what allows one being to violate the freewill of another. Therefore, whether through deception because we can barely perceive anything, or through force because we are here in physicality, we risk having our freewill manipulated or outright violated. Thus we have chosen at some level to accept the risks that come with living in the domain of the Demiurge, and that creates a kind of contract that allows negative forces to influence and suppress us if we don’t take countermeasures.

The biggest problem is that a portion of this control system actually lives inside of us. It’s as if we — and here I mean our spirit or core consciousness — aren’t the only intelligence residing in our bodies. There’s another component inside that may be called the shadow.

The shadow is the part of us that comes from the Matrix, and that resonates with the corrupt Demiurge in an ‘as above, so below’ kind of way. It’s like an inner microcosmic reflection of the external Demiurgic hierarchy. The ego is part of it, but that’s only one component. I define the shadow as all hands on our steering wheel that aren’t our own, that are trying to pull us every way except the right spiritual direction. We’re not usually conscious of it, but our outlook and our behaviors and our decisions are biased by it.

The shadow resides in our subconscious, in the dark basement of the mind. There’s all kind of stuff down there, like repressed traumas, dissociated personalities or soul fragments, demons or ghosts that latch onto us like parasites, and also our biological drives and social conditioning. All of these make up the shadow, and their collective representative in our minds is the ego, which is the inner analogue to the Corrupt Demiurge itself.

So some of the shadow comes from habits, programs, and conditioning. People can spend years trying to work through such issues from a psychoanalytical perspective. But other parts of the shadow are actual entities that have embedded parts of themselves into our soul. There are times when psychological problems stemming from the shadow are actually due to these entities, rather than repressed emotions or internalized habits or whatever psychoanalysis tends to blame for being the problem. Researchers like William Baldwin, Corrado Malanga, and Shakuntala Modi have devised hypnosis techniques that aim to uproot these entities at the level of your subconscious mind, which can give faster results than mere counseling or psychoanalysis.

Is there an ancestral/racial shadow that we carry that has contracted with the dark side?

Well considering we humans have similar biology and psychology, we do have aspects of our individual personal shadows in common. Except that since we’re so fragmented as a species, where every mind is psychically cut off from another, there’s not that much of a cohesive collective shadow.

The situation would be different for aliens though. We know that aliens are telepathic, and that they’re therefore always connected to a kind of psychic internet shared between members of their civilization. This psychic internet creates a collective consciousness or collective pool of memories, and thoughts and experiences. The Law of One Material calls this a social memory complex. It’s not necessarily a hive mind where every alien is just an unconscious organ directed by a central mind, rather the aliens still have their own minds, but they are connected to each other via a common mental field.

Now, it stands to reason that for a dark alien civilization, that collective mental field will likewise have a dark aspect. After all, it’s what unifies them; it’s what gives them their motivation; it’s their common denominator. So this, then, would be their collective shadow, and it’s what resonates them collectively with the Demiurge.

So you could say that the shadow within an alien links it to the collective shadow of its civilization, which links that civilization to the shadow of the universe, namely the Demiurge. The same thing could be said for humans, just in a more embryonic and unfocused form.

How do we reinforce the Matrix control grid unconsciously with this relationship between our shadow and the entities that have access to our energy?

Well it’s like how computers can get viruses or trojans that allow hackers to access files and mess with the system. Our shadow is like a pyschological trojan that allows the Matrix to manipulate us. One example would be when the Matrix makes an appeal to ego, and we ignore our spiritual conscience and make an ego-based decision instead. And that ends up ensnaring us further in the Matrix.

In any case it leads to a loss of personal energy that instead feeds the demons, negative aliens, and other parasites that evoked that response. It’s in our lacking self-awareness and not questioning what’s motivating our decisions, that we act from the part within us that the Matrix has control over.

In what ways do Aliens and entities influence our thoughts emotions and actions once we have allowed them in?

I think most sentient people start off with a very basic form of protection from these entities. Not that they are free from getting harassed or manipulated in life, but rather that they can’t be outright killed or possessed on the first try. The protection might come from the higher self or spirit guardians or angels or whatever.

But if you intentionally invite negative forces in, even if you mistakenly believe they’re the good guys, then all bets are off. It’s like lowering the drawbridge. No matter how good the rest of your defenses are, if you give them permission to come in, then you have a real problem on your hands. It’s like giving a hacker the passwords to your online accounts. Think of how much can they do with that. They can take over your life. Well, giving aliens or demons permission eventually leads to full possession or mind control, whereby a person will become a walking instrument for aliens or demons to control.

The more permission they obtain from you over time, the more tangible, noticeable, and imposing they become in your life. Permission isn’t an all or nothing thing. It’s incremental, and they take what they can get. Satanic rituals are an extreme example. That’s where you consciously invoke an entity through ritualistic acts that serve as a method of giving permission. With some aliens, it’s not that different. I mean, there are books on steps you can take to invite the Grays into your life! We have to be careful with those kinds of sources.

What are the dangers of inviting such forces?

Let me give you an example. When I was 12, my family was driving home one night and I looked out the window at the stars and asked “them” for a sign. I had read a lot of books about abductions and was curious about the Grays. I wanted them to prove to me they were real. I expected the stars to start flying around or something, but that didn’t happen. Well, that night I had a dream about being on an airplane with people sitting around me who had white faces and black eyes. I woke up with a two inch long scar on my forehead going into my hair line. And for the next several years, I had a lot of backdoor alien interference in my life. I got my sign alright, but at the cost of my wellbeing.

So when you mentally send out a request for alien contact, remember that anyone can hear that message — not just the good guys. From what I’ve experienced, negative aliens — especially the ones who share traits with demons — they need permission to get at you more directly. And when they hear such a mental broadcast, they realize there’s a potential sucker down there who can be exploited. They can sense the motivation behind your call, and if you do it out of ego and ignorant wonder, you’ll definitely attract the wrong forces. If you do it for the right reasons, in a moment of humble sincerity and strength and discernment and readiness, then maybe the real good guys will enter your life — even if only by sending inspiration and beneficial coincidences your way. But they’re at the back of the line as far as who wants at you first, and not until you have the filter mechanism to see through all but the last in line, will you earn the respect of the latter.

If you do call out to aliens, never EVER address or mentally picture the Grays, Reptilians, or Insectoid beings. Address only those who serve the divine will and are of a positive spiritual orientation. And even then, be sure to test whoever might respond to make sure they are not impostors putting on a smile and a pretty face. Inviting aliens is a bad idea overall, but if you do it, do it from a position of selflessness, calm awareness of the risks, and with a sense of dedication to the upliftment of humanity to gain the attention of beings with similar motives. Even just being curious for the sake of new experiences is not enough.

And don’t aim it at the sky, because that demonstrates a naive assumption that they’re necessarily flying around in ships. Just aim it inwardly like a prayer. They’re psychic and can sense you based on your intent and energy. If you can’t muster that kind of selfless purity and wisdom, then it’s best not to try. If you’re ready, they’ll contact you, you don’t need to solicit them. It’s a rule though, that positive aliens try to interfere as little as possible, so even if you got their attention, their presence in your life may be covert, helping you out in ways that make you think you’re just lucky or clever. It’s the impostor aliens that show up with fanfare and pompous stories about how you’re really the only surviving heir of Commander Ashtar and need to claim your galactic inheritance from the Dolphin Council or some baloney story like that.

What is their agenda for the human race, and how are they wishing to use us against our own humanity?

I believe that we are divine godsparks inhabiting human bodies. The body can be our prison, or it can be our temple. It depends on whether we rule the body, or whether the body rules us. I believe that our bodies were genetically engineered over tens of thousands of years by various alien factions. The later modifications probably handicapped us psychically, mentally, and physically. Right now we’re at a point where we have just enough abilities to sustain civilization and keep the matrix going, but not enough to easily see through deception and have the energy and smarts to easily put a stop to it. But we still have enough of something that we could escape their clutches of control, and I think that’s the risk they’re trying to mitigate.

I believe that they are planning on revealing themselves to humanity one day but will pose as our saviors. Then I think they will implement a transhumanist movement that will result in the human species being genetically modified once again and augmented with cybernetic technologies that take the place of spiritual functions. So that in the end, we will be godsparks fully imprisoned within a high tech biological prison and deeply mind controlled.

I think they’re just trying to create a more manageable and profitable crop. I mean, we’re GMOs, we’re genetically modified organisms, and they are the Monsanto of the galaxy. Overall I think it’s about a war of darkness against light, a completion of the mythical Lucifer Rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is truly embodying our humanity, our love and compassion and empathy for life, the cure for all this?

Well that’s the part we must never give up, because those qualities of love, compassion, and empathy are functions of spirit, of our inner godspark. The moment we give those up, we give up the very thing we’re fighting for. But of course, love without wisdom is ignorance and naiveté. It’s like the story of Adam and Eve, they had love and compassion and empathy because they were pure, but they were no wiser than babies. The other half of the equation is wisdom, discernment, and awareness. You have to be sharp, think hard, see through the deception, and have the tools and knowledge to carry out the directives that come from your heart.

Love and understanding go hand in hand. The highest love and the highest understanding are the same thing. When you truly understand something or someone in the most absolute sense, you can’t help but love them. That’s where the two halves of the equation unite. But at our level, the best we can do is strive to balance and develop both sides in parallel.

How do we break our contracts with them and gain sovereignty over our own spirits and souls?

There are different kinds of contracts. The verbal ones made with aliens or demons are straightforward to deal with. If you have an unwanted alien presence in your life, it’s always a good idea to put your foot down and show gestures of refusal to cooperate. If they tell you to lie down and go to sleep because they are coming, refuse. If they are likely to show up on a particular night, then get a voice activated digital recorder to make it harder for them to get away with it. State out loud periodically that you revoke all permissions given to them, you know, that you cancel any agreements you might have with them. When you assert yourself that you are no longer cooperating with the dark side, that gives the positive forces more legal right to intervene and protect you. So really it comes down to revoking permission, aligning yourself with the divine, dropping all fear, and acquiring sharper awareness and knowledge and applying it in a very calm and strategic manner. That’s the best advice I can give.

On the other hand, the contract you have with physicality by being born into a human body, that contract is the most deeply binding. To overcome the five senses and the laws of physics is very difficult because it’s rooted in a choice made at a level of mind that is way deeper than any level we have access to in our current state. Tell yourself that you reject gravity and try stepping off a chair. You’re guaranteed to fall to the floor. That’s the whole point of physicality, to be bound by restrictions and consequences that create a kind of game or difficult workout for the soul.

Now, if you really wanted to get over the five senses and physicality, you can either go backwards or forwards. Going backwards means reversing the choice you made to inhabit a physical body, as in death. But that’s not progress, that’s a form of rejection or avoidance. It’s like a kid dropping out of school, that’s not the same as leaving school via graduating. To go forward would mean graduating from physicality through high levels of spiritual self-mastery and the development of certain psychic powers. If you make the choice to eat like crazy and then you get fat, how do you overcome the consequences of that choice? You exercise, and that takes lots of time and lots of exercise. The choice to become human likewise takes time and work to overcome. It’s not as simple as verbally revoking the choice, as you still have to undo the consequences. Even the positive aliens aren’t fully there yet, though they are light-years beyond us in what they’ve overcome.

What are the Universal laws we need to learn to shore up the holes in our self-protection fields.

It’s important to understand how our own shadows can resonate with the dark side of certain alien beings and draw them deeper into our lives. There’s this metaphysical principle called the Law of Attraction. It says that what we deeply resonate with down at the subconscious level, we attract in a synchronistic way. It’s not a New Age principle, it traces back to ancient times and were part of the teachings of Christ, though the New Age has certainly hijacked that idea and diverted it toward ignorant, egotistical, and materialistic ends.

As far as aliens are concerned, if you resonate with the predator-prey dynamic, you will be the prey that attracts the predator. That’s true in everyday life, where people with low self-esteem and lack of confidence may attract abusers and bullies. Well, same goes for the opportunistic types of aliens that look for people to toy with and feed on. When you sustain a deep seated fear of a situation, a kind of fear that gnaws at you and takes on a life of its own, that can cause that very situation to manifest. So being in a constant state of fear, paranoia, and jumpiness regarding aliens can actually bring about terrifying alien activities in your life. That’s the dark side of the Law of Attraction.

Some aliens, mainly those who have demonic traits and may actually be possessed by demons in some way, they can use the Law of Attraction against you in order to worm their way into your life. They start by dropping some paranoid thought into your head telepathically, or maybe they cause some small paranormal incident that grabs your attention and makes you worry. Then the more you obsess over it and give into prolonged paranoia, the more you attract events that induce more of the same feelings. The beings can therefore “ride” these events to make you even more scared. This creates a runaway feedback loop that, if left unchecked, can cause a total meltdown of your mind and your reality. People who succumb to that end up homeless, or in mental hospitals, or in some cases I believe they get taken over or possessed.

Now, just because paranoia attracts them, that doesn’t mean ignoring the alien phenomenon will keep them away. Sure, ignoring might make you stop attracting them, but that’s not the same as outright blocking them. They can still enter your life if they want to. Your door may no longer be open, but it’s also not locked. They can enter if they want. So you can’t make negative forces go away solely by ignoring them. That’s a prevalent misconception in the New Age community.

The question is, how then do you block them? Well, it’s conscious awareness that has a blocking effect. For instance, more often than not, I’ve noticed that problems tend to show up when I least expect them. But if I become aware of the problem and am mentally prepared to handle it, then it never happens again. So what you prepare for and calmly anticipate tends not to manifest. This is the Law of Awareness. It’s as if awareness freezes a probable future in its tracks, keeps it from precipitating in the present moment. This can be combined with the Law of Attraction to get rid of 90% of overt alien interference in your life.

What you do is use the Law of Attraction to stop attracting, and use the Law of Awareness to start blocking. So first and most important thing you can do, is drop the paranoia, the fear, the desperation, obsession, and victim mindset. That’s because having a strong sense of powerlessness attracts situations that make you feel even more powerless. You can also apply the Law of Attraction by resonating with the opposite of paranoia, by invoking a feeling of protection, confidence, power, and stability. Then you can combine this with the Law of Awareness by very calmly and strategically anticipating their moves, and then taking common sense preventative measures if needed.

It’s totally okay to learn about the alien agenda and read about what they’re up to, so long as you keep calm and approach it from an intellectual and strategic point of view. It helps to maintain a sense of confidence and positivity. You know, it’s not a choice between being cynically aware or blissfully ignorant, you can be blissfully aware if you have the right knowledge and stay centered. So be aware, but stay positive.

What are some of your personal experiences with these forces?

There are two types of alien and demonic phenomena, overt and hidden. The overt phenomena are pretty easy to notice. They include intimidation, harassment, paranormal phenomena, and remembered abduction experiences. These comprise the bulk of experiences you find shown in movies, books and television because they are so tangible and in-your-face. But they are just the tip of the ice berg. Often they are just bluffs or misdirection meant to distract you. Most of what negative aliens and demons actually engage in, can be described as hidden interference which is far more serious and effective because it tries to sneak through the backdoor of your mind and exploit your weaknesses and blind spots without you noticing what’s going on.

My earliest overt experiences happened in 1981 in Germany, when I was less than a year old. I was in my crib in my room at night with all lights turned off except for a night-light shining up at spinning mobile suspended above me. I was looking up at it, when suddenly a pale face with black eyes peered over the crib and looked down at me. I remember being terrified and screaming the word “Geist!” at the top of my lungs. Geist is German for ghost, and that was actually my first word in life. So my parents would run into the room to check on me, but it was gone. According to my mom this happened a bunch of times.

Then between 1982 and 1985 I had several dozen abductions from that same apartment in Germany. The couple I remember started out the same way. I’d be in my parent’s bedroom during the early afternoon, having just awoken from my nap, and often my mom would be there standing next to the bed. She tells me to stay there while she attends to some business out in the hallway. The bedroom door was closed, but I could tell there was a lot of activity on the other side. So she walks out the door and closes it behind her, and at that point I would suddenly remember all the previous times this happened, and I thought “oh no, not this again!” So I panicked and looked for a place to hide, which was either under the bed or in the back corner of the room between some furniture. But as I was running for cover, the door would open and in would pour a half dozen or more Grays in cobalt blue suits. They swooped right in on me and then I would black out. After that I only remember small fragments. I do recall landing on a grassy field near some mountains, with the sun starting to set. When the abduction was over, I’d wake up in the bedroom and it would be early afternoon again. So I suspect I was taken east to a different time zone. Now, during those years I also had a terrible fear of owls and was always talking to my parents and grandparents about what I called the Steinemenschen, meaning Stone Men. I called them that because their vibes were like they were non-living things that were somehow animated in a creepy way. So I was definitely being abducted back then, but what they did to me exactly I don’t remember.

Fast forward to October of 2002, when an alien tried to bust down my front door. I was living in Florida at the time, in my own studio apartment. I was up late at night working on an article for my site, when I heard something dash across the lawn of the private courtyard outside. It made a rustling sound like porcupine quills or dry leaves being shaken. And I could tell from the sound that it was bipedal and about as light as a child. But it moved way too quickly for person, and that made me concerned. So I projected my mental feelers into the darkness outside and when I connected with whatever it was, I got goose bumps because that thing felt wrong. That’s when I heard this thing step onto the concrete porch and slowly pitter patter up to my door. So I stared at the door as it got closer and then boom, it threw itself up against the door and started rattling it like it was trying to get in. Because I was sitting on the floor, I couldn’t see through the gaps between glass slats, only through the slats themselves, and what I saw was a pinkish blob shaped like a face at doorknob height, and a smaller blob shaped like a hand with long fingers about halfway down. This thing was probably 3 to 4 feet tall. After yelling at it to identify itself a couple times, I commanded it in the name of God to go away. But it just stayed there pressed up against the door. And that’s when I reached for the phone and began dialing my girlfriend, and when she answered and I looked back up the thing was finally gone. I told her I was coming over, and then had to make a run for my car through that dark courtyard, but luckily I didn’t encounter that being.

So in the fall of 2004 we moved to Virginia, and just a month or two later I heard that same exact rustling sound coming from outside the kitchen window. Something had just dashed across the cement patio out there. My girlfriend heard it too, and she knew immediately what it might be. Our cat also heard it, and went nuts running from window to window trying to look out into the darkness at whatever made that noise. She never did that with deer or raccoons, so this was different. Instinctively I just went around and closed all the blinds, made sure nothing could see in, and we couldn’t see out. And that was the end of that incident. If I had seen a face peering through the window I think I would have lost it.

What are the more covert forms of interference you have experienced?

The overt kinds of experiences are pretty rare in my life. I don’t have even a quarter of the experiences that others might. I mean, check out my girlfriend’s website if you’d like some cool anecdotes. I’m normally the guy taking in everyone else’s experiences and crunching the data. But I don’t really get open harassment like black vans parked outside, or threatening phone calls, or aliens telling me they’re going to replace me with a clone if I don’t stop what I’m doing. That stuff doesn’t really work on me, it only makes me fight harder with more confidence. I found that when they get serious, they use covert methods to destroy you without you even realizing it. And that’s a much bigger threat, because it’s sneaky and I think more commonplace than the overt stuff.

Disinfo Agents

I noticed a recurring pattern with aware people, which was that a disinformation agent would enter their life shortly after the beginning of their awakening process. It was like something was trying to nip these people in the bud before they could build up discernment. Well I had mine in 2001 after I first stumbled across the idea that reality itself was a conspiracy, that it might be counterfeit like in the Matrix movies or the Truman Show. A couple weeks into this, a woman emailed me through another website I owned that was completely separate from my main site. No one who visited that site could possibly know that I was behind it, and I hadn’t yet published anything concerning the Matrix idea either. And yet there she was telling me about reality being fake, and listing off some of the very same websites I had been looking into regarding that theory.

So her contacting me was quite synchronistic to say the least. She mirrored all my thoughts and theories about it as if trying to gain rapport, except she would add this disinformative paranoid spin to it all. As the weeks went on, the spin would keep increasing and try to pull me along with it. I got the impression she was hurried like some sales person trying to close a deal. Well I wasn’t buying into it fast enough for her, and that’s when she did a 180 and tried to bite my head off, and I mean a total emotional breakdown. When that didn’t work, she became really nice again, and then another 180 and that’s when I cut her out.

I’ve known dozens of other people who’ve had similar stories of someone entering their lives synchronistically who worked quickly to gain rapport only to dump a bunch of disinformation on them and try to lead them around by the nose, then do 180s when it wasn’t working. You have to watch out for those controlling types.

Paranoia-induced Synchronicities

Another thing I started noticing back then was how my beliefs could warp reality into creating synchronicities that reinforced those beliefs. Like for a short while there I really was starting to believe that reality was fake and people around me were only pretending to be human. And wouldn’t you know it, my college roommates and their friends started mirroring my thoughts, saying things that pertained to what I had been thinking or noticing that day. Like I was walking home from class when I came across a shoe in the grass, a black flat just lying there. I thought that was odd but put it out of my mind, and then as soon as I got back to my apartment and sat down to rest, my roommate’s girlfriend sits down and starts telling me about the black flats she just bought. She shows them to me and they’re the same exact kind I saw earlier. Stuff like that would happen several times a day for weeks. It seemed like people knew what I was doing and thinking at all times. And if I hadn’t snapped out of it, I could have easily descended into all out paranoid schizophrenia.

But knowing what I know now, most of it was actually generated by my own subconscious bending probability and nudging other people’s thoughts. My subconscious was being filled with paranoid beliefs that were bleeding over into reality itself. I mean, sure there are hybrids and aliens pretending to be human who have telepathic powers, but there’s also self-generated synchronistic phenomena that can mimic that and add to it. So that’s why I recommend people drop the deep seated fear and paranoia, and try to seek awareness with a sense of confidence and positivity, because you don’t want to make reality weirder than it already is.

Depression and Aggression

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that not all of our thoughts and emotions are necessarily our own. They can be induced from the outside by various technologies and psychic means. I mean, people can be neutralized this way if their minds are bent towards self-destructive attitudes like despair, apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts, and so on. Now, for years I would get hit with a dark cloud of negative energies just prior to being faced with an important decision or situation. Like at the end of high school when I was doing college and scholarship applications, I might wake up feeling utterly defeated and worthless and depressed for no reason, and coincidentally that very day a counselor would tell me to apply for a particular scholarship. I had no way of knowing that morning, that this day I’d be given such an opportunity. And if I gave into the artificial attitude I woke up with, I would have not even bothered applying. But most of the time I pushed myself and went for it anyway, and because of that ended up getting a full ride. But had I given into those feelings, my life would be very different now.

Same with feelings of aggression that might hit me out of nowhere just prior to some situation erupting that could cause a lot of damage to friendships and relationship if I overreacted. So whatever was influencing me had foreknowledge of the immediate future and was manipulating me into being off balance so that I wouldn’t make the right choices. But by realizing these sudden changes were external manipulations, I could disown them and thereby locate my true inner feelings and act from those instead. After doing this for a while, whatever was causing the problem finally backed off, like it wasn’t working anymore for them.

Break up of Networks

The most common and most serious form of interference is the breaking up of networks, and friendships, relationships. I’ve seen how people are profiled for their weaknesses and then played against each other in very precise ways to create the maximum amount of damage. I saw this happen all the time on the Noble Realms forum that I ran for several years. That forum was a constant target of disruptions because it was a fringe sanctuary of sorts and a lot of good came from it. But people were being targeted left and right. One guy left the forum for a while because he was so spooked at his own overreactions, you know, by the sensation of being overcome by an external psychic pressure.

From what I could tell, some external force was profiling members, scanning them for their weaknesses, who held what interests, who had what buttons and ego sensitivities and so on. This force could also see the near future and tell when certain people would be at their low points, which I noticed tended to correlate with lunar and biorhythm cycles. So it would pick the weakest people and start working them over, possibly even through abduction, so that at their weakest time they could be pressured into carrying out a certain act, into saying something that had a very strategically calculated effect. One thing then triggers another and the end result would be a permanent ruin of important friendships and great damage to my credibility and reputation as well.

But I caught onto this and got better and better at heading it off. Like I would get precognitive dreams and other indicators that would let me know who would be the problem, what the issue would be about, and roughly when it would occur. That allowed me to make some prescient moderator moves that prevented about half of these incidences from coming to fruition. People who didn’t have the inside scoop were pretty mystified at my moderation style, but little did they know that an invisible war was happening behind the scenes. This allowed me to keep the forum running for a good four years before I had to move onto other things.

Signs of Monitoring
Even back in Germany, I would get occasional ringing in my ears as a kid. They sounded like this sample I re-created.

Looking back on it, they would cluster around times when I would have my abductions. Well it wasn’t until ten years ago that I figured out what these ear ringings meant. In my case they were signs of being psychically pinged by an entity that was scanning me. A few times I was dreaming while an ear ringing occurred for real, and in the dream it would symbolically manifest as a fire station alarm going off, or something along those lines. That is what initially clued me to the idea that for me, ringings were like a psychic tripwire being set off by an intruder.

So in my case, it was a sign of being monitored, usually in anticipation of something I didn’t yet know about like an impending abduction, or some disinformation agent sent to throw me off track, or some orchestrated hit on the forum that would impact me, or any event that they find strategically important. I would get these ear ringings and other symptoms in the days or sometimes even minutes leading up to it. The correlation was good enough that I can use ear ringings as a pretty reliable indicator that something is around the corner.

As for ringing in the left ear versus right, I found that right has a relatively more positive meaning than the left. But that’s relative to what the basic meaning of an ear ringing is for you. Since mine indicate monitoring regarding an event of interest, I found that right ear means an event that signifies a hit against my faith, self-confidence, resolve, and will to live. Those are all positive qualities, hence why it’s in my right ear. Whereas left ear has correlated with events that play on my aggression or cockiness or overreaction, which are negative qualities. But for someone else whose ear ringing has a different basic meaning, the right and left will be positive and negative in context of that. The Law of One material mentions how the subtle energy field of the body is bilateral and the right side is associated with more spiritually positive patterns, which correlates.

Some people don’t get ear ringings at all, and I’ve always wondered what differentiated them. From the few I know who don’t, their interests and abilities don’t really intersect with the alien agenda. So perhaps they aren’t of interest to them.

Weakening Process Leading up to Critical Decisions

I noticed that I would get a lot of interference in the days leading up to some negatively orchestrated event. For one, I would get hit with this amped-up nervous energy that felt like having too much caffeine even though I didn’t have any caffeine, and that resulted in a couple days of sleep deprivation. Along with that, I would also get this pulsation of the glowing phosphenes in my field of vision, which I actually measured and found to be 8 cycles per second, which is in the alpha brainwave state. That state is too low to be fully awake, and too high to be asleep, so that further added to my sleep deprivation.

Then about a day before the event, someone would always email me being a complete jerk and try to provoke a reaction. Maybe to throw me further off balance, I don’t know. And lastly, when I did manage to get some sleep, I would get some pretty violent nightmares. So I would wake up tired and discombobulated, only to be thrown into the orchestrated event where my self-restraint and judgment were really put to the test.

This kind of thing would happen once or twice a month for the four years I ran my forum, and also afterwards when the opportunity arose. It’s always the same pattern, and I’m still working on how to deal with that.

Mind Programming Attrition

When all else fails, I noticed that they simply engage in a very subtle but steady process of weakening a person. It’s called a war of attrition. Sapping energy here and there, lots of programming during sleep or during abductions to instill posthypnotic commands, and so on.

Imagine if you were told several thousand times a night as you slept, that you see no hope in the world and that God has abandoned you. And that this went on for months without you consciously realizing it. Can you imagine what effect that would have on your subconscious, what that would do to your daily outlook? It would grind you down and sink you into that exact mindset.

What I said before about using the Law of Awareness, well that protection goes away if you’re unconscious. You can’t block if you’re not aware. What are you doing for a third of the day? You’re sleeping, you’re unconscious of your surroundings. Unless you develop lucid dreaming skills, which is really about how much mental and spiritual energy you have, or unless you have some psychic mechanism in place to alert you intrusion, you are manipulable during sleep. Then the best you can do is damage control in the days after to notice triggers and influences before they trip you up.
I believe this is the kind of stuff that is being done on a mass scale, whether by human technology, or through demonic beings whispering such negative programming into our minds as we sleep, or aliens picking targets and hacking away at their morale and spiritual light. This is a big problem.

How do you deal with attrition?

To counter this, if you can identify roughly what negative commands are shaping your attitude, you can create equal and opposite statements and use those as affirmations. I’ve also found it important to spend a few minutes everyday before getting up, doing what it takes to put yourself into a good and healthy mindset. This way you start the day on a mindset of your own choosing, rather than letting what happened during the night decide that. The way I see it, as long as I’m conscious and awake, I have the freewill to take control of my thoughts and my feelings. They may have the night, but I rule the day. And if my positive gains outdo negative influences, I win and they lose. I learned that if you can’t block them, you can still outmaneuver them by having more light than they can snuff out. That’s really what it comes down to.

Three short, very informative videos:

Montalk - 1, 2, & 3.

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