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Monday, February 10, 2014

This Is The Best Time For Individuals & For Society As A Whole.

     The best thing is we have something to work towards, to look forward to. All those challenges, we can now focus on achieving higher skills, greater power over ourself, over ourselves collectively. In the past all we seemed to have was some dumb flock that just followed the programming, sleepishly droned on through life, pretending, instead of being. But now, we can truly know ourself and ourselves, focus on what we would like to achieve, to grow, and do it. It's a most wonderful time in the existence of mankind. Gone are the blind following of religions, gone are the blind following of politicians and politics, gone are the blind following of fashions that someone else put together and forced upon the dumb sleeping public. Gone is all that garbage. Hahaha. Now is the moment of the New Man. The one who looks within, asks questions, communicates within their own self  and with their self is guided by inner principles of peace and love because finding your true depth and height of self, one no longer sees any benefit in envy, jealousy, hatred, or greed. These days are what real love is all about. To care about who you are and to not allow the real you to be bowled over by some surface psychopathic character who thought they could just force things upon you. This is the true day of freedom. It all happens within us, each and every one of us who participates in this. And that is a lot of people from what I have observed! Hahahaa. I love it. It's great to have so many with open eyes, open ears, and open minds.

So here's a little excerpt out of Anthony Robbins book "Awaken The Giant Within":

"...a compelling future creates a dynamic sense of growth. A compelling future is not an accessory, but a necessity. It allows us not only to achieve, but to partake of the deep sense of joy, contribution, and growth that gives meaning to life itself."

"It doesn't matter if you're eighteen or eighty, you'll still need something to drive you forward. The inspiration you seek is found within, waiting to be called upon by an unforeseen challenge or inspired request." "We don't have to wait for an event in order to have the inspiration. We can DESIGN IT."

As George Burns said, "You have to have something to get you out of bed. I can't do anything in bed anyway. The most important thing is to have a point, a direction you're headed."

So there you go. What do you want to do? Learn how to teleport, manifest out of the unlimited, heal up your body, get rid of alien intrusion, grow your own garden (fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, bushes, grasses), learn metaphysics, mind over matter, time travel, telepathy, rejuvenate and age backwards or stay at a certain age that suits you, what? Whatever you want to learn to do, today is the day where you can take that up and do it. Find out who you are and what you can do. It's the New Age. The real stuff, not that babble that the bibble-babblies were trying to pull over your eyes. Ha! It's the REAL new age. And it's really fun to gain a new skill and new skills. I could tell you some of the interesting things I've experienced, but I'll save that for sharing time when it comes. Right now, you go into your own self and look deep to see what it is you've always wanted to achieve, then look around and see how you can begin to demonstrate that you are achieving it. Every intent, every effort leads you to your success. And it's fun doing it too. That's the real acting, not just pretending, but ACTING like you have it, so that you CAN have it. When you are intent on achieving something, you are observant. So be sure to be observant as you achieve your goals and intentions. You are the scientist already...you have it all in you to observe as you move in the direction you choose.

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