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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Knowledge Is Responsibility. And Hell Must Be Worked Through.

     Michael Tsarion is so awesome I love him. He is so cool for looking deeply into those ancient books, which WE would never see if it was left up to us, in fact we'd never even hear of them. And if they were put in front of our face, we wouldn't even be spurred on to be interested in them because nothing of value seems to be there, for us. But when this man who was interested in the history of mankind through the myths, and was interested in finding out the root of evil, he came across all these fantastic writings that are most complex, seeing that every different type of being has their own way of seeing things and communicating them, and he began ferretting out what he could understand and putting things together until one day, he was asked to bring this to us, the public, and help us to understand some things as well.

And that's what I've been doing, my own ferretting out of things which are necessary for me to even have a sense of so called happiness in this entirely frustrating life of mine. Fucking crazy I tell you. It's SO difficult, but it doesn't appear to be. You look at me and you see a normal person, a delightful and normal person. Sure. Go a bit deeper, and you can't even sit next to me to talk unless you have some understanding of a whole lot of things. I don't even watch t.v. I can't hold a chit chat with you. I have a hard time trying to figure out what to put in my blog so as to not freak out anyone. I find that when I get drunk, and start rambling, it's easier to get some important things out without anyone knowing really what's happening. So this stuff comes out little by little. But I wouldn't want to hurt anyone, because I know how horribly powerful it all is. I have some measuring sticks, that I can't talk about right now. Nevertheless, through them I know how much or how little to talk about. It's not even what you say. It's HOW you say it. The more power behind those words, the more terrifying it can be. So yea. I should go fucking get drunk right now and start writing. But I don't want to. I don't even like drinking. I just do it to help me cope sometimes. Sometimes a lot more than at other times. It's only when I got into the really heavy stuff, like being around normal humans, hahaha, and having to deal with them, is when I really started drinking more and more alcohol. Some of the really stupid things a person goes through are not even necessary to go through, and yet here, on this planet, they are like baggage that people carry around, just dragging....dragging around.

What I was going to talk about is, when Michael Tsarion found those excerpts where some supposed alien race tinkered with Mankind, he said that they had put some of their garbage workings in us in order to make us more pliable in their hands, to make us worship them and serve them. Well guess what? Don Juan from the Carlos Castaneda books, holy smokes, said the same thing. He said they put their mind into our mind. And I tell ya, I have been studying this mind of mine and oh fucking my.....................................there are things that are all fucking messed up in there. But hey. That's what Falun Dafa is here for. To root it all out and cultivate it all back to its proper place and form and perfection.

I mean, we as humans, who've been abused and in it for so long, have fallen into thinking that this is how us humans are suppose to be, and to just deal with it the best you can. But that is not it. That is not it at all. I said I have been observing, studying how my own brain, mind, body, soul, spirit works together. I have seen some things, oh gee. I don't want to even go into. The thing is, we have to begin to separate the wheat from the chaff. And that is all done within us, since it is our bodies they used and abused, and we are the ones in these bodies. No one else can do it for you. But do this, you must. There's no other way. We must clear out all that ugliness that we've, hmhm, inherited? and allowed to continue. But we mustn't allow it to continue any longer. That I know.

Now, I can't see just how to express myself, because I'll be stepping all over very personal territory, and your personal and my personal are most usually two very different things. Don't worry. I'm not arrogant. I know this through experience. I have to choose well who to talk to and who to entertain only. And I love all of you, so I'm only hurting myself if I go and make a mistake about this. It's like this. Most are hollow humans. They only work from their surface skin. I know there's this being inside. But to unravel that being? That being must now come to the fore. You see? And once you come to the fore, you have to be responsible. And I know how difficult and complicated responsibility can be. So, if you're sleeping and not yet ready to wake up, I won't be bothering you. That's why I tell you at the top of the blog, beware, this place can get stupifying. It still doesn't give me the right to go out and be free as I want to be. But it does open up a place where those who are also interested in this, and are awake, can come and socialize, through these pictograms and things, and essence exchange.

Geez I tell you people, I am going through hell right now! It has to do about my own power, and how very frustrating it is to put myself on hold because I have to delve deeper and longer in the marsh of my physical structure alien tampered. Whether it's alien tampered or just reflex actions on my own part, all the same, I'm responsible for it. I have to nit pick through that swamp, pull out where those emotions are strongest and where they are pulling my life toward, and I must unravel it, take a close look, and then reset it so that I will be able to use my higher powers cleanly. If I don't do that, then I can't allow myself the use of any higher powers, since I am responsible for anything that happens through their use. And I have ended up in difficult situations before because I had a difficult decision to make, and I couldn't even back out from making a hard and negative choice. But the thing is, at least it turned out to be the best choice. Still, I had to suffer for many many....whatever.

And so, walking a tight-rope is not easy. And definitely is deceptive when you don't have that knowledge that you need to understand you don't have to walk it, you can float it. But when you don't have that knowledge, you tread very very carefully until you're across. But that is so wrong to be left ignorant of our abilities for the simplest little things to accomplish, because someone else is so greedy they want us as their puppets. So our knowledge is tampered with and cut off, and it seems so many beings can't even make a decision for their own self, instead they rely on others to decide for them, such as a so called master to take away their powers so they don't hurt anyone. It's so fucked up I can't stand it. This is the last, definitely the Age of the Law's End. Oh my goodness, everything is so effin complicated.

Hahaha. Anyway. I guess I didn't really get much off my mind. But it did help just communicating. I still have a lot of work to do. And it's not any easier. I love you all. Take care of yourselves, and do what you can, to make it a better life inside you.

Oh, and for those who are interested in acquiring a more truthful knowledge, I find this man Li Hongzhi to be a beauty for dispensing it. Just be careful that you listen to your own heart, after all, we are all individuals and need to honor that. Here are the two links to it.

P.S. (Please See) Depending on the amount of sensitivity in you, be warned, reading these books might make you start crying, and not be able to stop. Do have a drink if you need one, but hey, I warned you. Tough stuff reading.

Zhuan Falun, Turning The Law Wheel - Li Hongzhi
Zhuan Falun, Volume II - Li Hongzhi

From the first book, pg 58:
"When it’s looked at from a higher level, the meaning of life isn’t about being human.
Human life came into being in the space of the universe, so it was assimilated to the
nature of the universe—to be True, Good, and Endure—and it was originally good and
[So? What were they doing being in this universe to begin with? What was the purpose?]
But as the number of beings grew larger, they formed social relationships, and then
some of them got selfish or bad and they couldn’t stay at high levels, so they dropped,
they dropped to a certain level. At that level they became bad again, so they kept
dropping and dropping, until they finally dropped to the level of ordinary people. A
person is supposed to be completely annihilated when he drops to this level, but out of
mercy the Great Enlightened Beings decided to give people one more chance in the most
harsh environment, so they created this dimension.

The people in other dimensions don’t have bodies like this one, and they can levitate
and expand or shrink. But in this dimension they make people have this body, this mortal
body that we have. Once you have this body, you can’t take it when it’s cold, you can’t
take it when it’s hot, you can’t take being tired, and you can’t take being hungry—you
get the idea, you suffer. When you get sick it’s hard to bear it, and you go through birth,
aging, sickness, and death. It’s to have you pay off your karma by suffering, to see if you
can return, and to give you one more chance.

That’s why human beings have dropped
into a realm of delusion. After you drop here this pair of eyes is created for you to keep
you from seeing other dimensions or how matter really is. If you’re able to make it back,
you will see that the most painful hardship turns out to be the most valuable. You have to
experience a lot of hardship when you try to cultivate your way back by awakening in the
middle of delusion, and that’s how you return quickly. If you become worse you’ll be
annihilated, so in their eyes, being human isn’t the meaning of life—it’s to have you
return to your original, true self, to go back. Ordinary people can’t awaken to this. The
ordinary people out in the ordinary world, they’re just ordinary people, and they think
about how to get ahead and how to live the good life. And the better they live, the more
selfish they get, the more they want to have, and the more they stray from the nature of
the universe. So they’re heading for destruction.

That’s how it looks from high levels. You think you’re going forward, when you’re
actually going backward. Mankind thinks that it is developing its science and forging
ahead, when the truth is, it’s only moving according to the laws governing the universe."

So like I said, things are very complicated. Very complicated. He's describing what he knows about the entire process. I have my own way of describing it. It's similar to his, and the aliens are suppose to be the helpers to get this human race back into comprehension of what they're suppose to be all about, divine beings, fully being a divine being, but something somewhere got fucked up and now all of it is under a very different kind of way. So anyway...I just can't describe it, it's too much. So just do all that you can do, and you'll be better off.

So it's like Cosmic Awareness said... so you think you got free will? What is free will? I tell you, when you treat others the way you want to be treated, there's free will. But if you think you can mess around with that saying and treat others to a fake smile, or give them a bunch of money because that's what you want? You're outta luck. That's dishonesty and it is really stinky.

I wish you luck....
Wish me luck too!

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