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Monday, July 6, 2015


   They ARE trying to interfere with our growth and spiritual development. They DO want to keep us animal-like, warring, and slaving for them. Oh my goodness. The more I read, the more I find. This man Li Hongzhi is awesome. He too found the same things that Michael has found. Yes, we've got a problem. As if I didn't know that. Ha! No kidding. I saw it a long time ago. Putting it in perspective is very helpful. Lets check it out.

This is an excerpt from Li Hongzhi's Falun Dafa. The next below it, is excerpted from Michael Tsarion's Female Illuminati which he gave to us May 2nd this year. Check out the differences? Ha! Nope. The SIMILARITIES. Geez.

And then you have to check out DMT The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, and The Alien Interview by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy. They tell it too! The SAME thing, just different words!

They ALSO talk about it in the Nag Hammadi Library, Gnosis! Many different stories. Here's one.
Trimorphic Protennoia

Zhuan Falun, Turning the Law Wheel by Li Hongzhi (pg 71)

"We human beings have a master soul, and our master souls don’t perish. If our master souls don’t perish, then think about it—could your master soul have done bad things when it was interacting with other people during your previous lives? There’s a good chance. You might have killed, owed someone, taken advantage of other people, hurt people... You could have done any of those things. So if that’s the case, when you cultivate over here, they see it clearly from over there. They don’t care if you do things to heal yourself or stay well, they know you’re just postponing it. If you don’t pay it back now, you’ll pay it back later on, and when you pay it back later on it’ll be more severe. That’s why they don’t mind if you don’t pay it back for the time being.

When you say you want to cultivate, they won’t put up with it, “You want to cultivate, you want to leave. If you develop gong I won’t even be able to reach you, I won’t be able to touch you.” They won’t let it happen, and they’ll do just about anything to block you. They’ll try to stop you from cultivating. So they use all kinds of tactics to interfere with you, and they might even come to kill you. Of course, it won’t happen like you’re meditating here and your head just gets cut off—that’s impossible, since it has to conform to the way of things in the ordinary world. Maybe you’ll be hit by a car when you leave your home, or you’ll fall from a building, or run into other kinds of danger. There’s a chance these things will happen. It’s quite dangerous. True cultivation isn’t as easy as you imagined. Just because you want to cultivate, you think you’ll be able to
cultivate upward? When you really start to cultivate you’ll immediately run into life threatening
danger, this problem will come right up. There are many, many qigong masters who don’t dare to guide people up to high levels. Why is that? Exactly because they aren’t able to get around this problem—they can’t protect you."


A look at some of the things Michael Tsarion talked about on May 2nd 2015, Saturday.

 Spirit, Physical. Lemuria, Atlantis.
 Right brain, Left brain.
 Split down the middle?
 Female, Male...
 What is the alchemical wedding?

 01:41:26  - " Then god the Demiurge Satanael, the ruler of the aeons and the powers,
 divided us in wrath. Then we became two aeons. And the glory in our hearts left
 us....After those days, the eternal knowledge of the God of Truth withdrew from me
 and your mother Eve. Since this time, we learned about dead things, like men. Then
 we recognized the god who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers.
 And we served him in fear and slavery. "  - Apocalypse of Adam

[And here's an excerpt from The Apocalypse of Adam: "Listen to my words, my son Seth. When God had created me out of the earth, along with Eve, your mother, I went about with her in a glory which she had seen in the aeon from which we had come forth. She taught me a word of knowledge of the eternal God. And we resembled the great eternal angels, for we were higher than the god who had created us and the powers with him, whom we did not know."]

 Popul Vuh -- " Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded
 their vision as when a mirror is breathed upon. Their eyes were covered and they could
 see only what was close, only that was clear to them. In this way, the wisdom and all
 the knowledge of the four men were destroyed. "

 " Later, after the war of the gods, and loss of their precious technological hardware,
 the Nephilim and their female counterparts realized that a new Adamic race had to be
 created. Physical strength was again needed. The new Adamic race (the third hybrid
 experiment), was dumbed down. He was to function merely as a slave. "

 Popul Vuh - " Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us. What shall we do to
 be invoked, to be remembered in Earth? We have tried with our first creatures, but we
 could not make them venerate us. So then, let us try to make obedient, respectful
 beings, who shall nourish and sustain us. " [Nourish and sustained with what? Negative
 energy? Blood sacrifice, war?  Respecting what? Lower, than us, entities?]

 Sumerian Creation Epic - " I will create a primitive: Man shall be his name. I will
 create a primitive worker. He will be charged with service to the gods, that they might
 have their ease. "

 Clifford Wilson (The Chariots Still Crash) - " The Epic of Atrahasis dates to about
 1630 BC. Found in the Assyrian library of Ninevah... In a similar vein to the Enuma
 Elish, one of the main ideas...it was to show why man was created by the gods - it was
 that they themselves need not work on the earth to produce their own food. "

 Genesis 3: 17-19 - " By the sweat of thy face will be thy bread, until you return to the
 ground; for out of it you were taken; for dust thou are and to dust thou will return. "
 (This is THEIR programming. They are trying to deceive mankind into those
 thoughts..forcefully no doubt, sent as commands to them with hidden threats behind

 Leonard Shlain (recounting Plato's Symposium account) - " Zeus gathered the gods
 in council to express his concern that these unusual creatures would one day
 challenge their hegemony. (Hahahaha!) He was loathe to exterminate them with his
 thunderbolts, though, because there would be no one to bring the gods offerings,
 (Hahahaha!) he solved the problem by putting each creature into a trance and then
 splitting it down the middle... (A trance. Hypnotising. And then sticking in a 
 program, down through the middle.) ....Upon awakening, each half only dimly
 remembered what it had been prior to being cleft in two. Zeus explained to the
 assembled gods and goddesses the (hahahah!) cleverness of his scheme. These
 creatures would no longer pose (hahahaha!) a threat (Hhahaha...) to the gods, because
 they would dissipate their considerable energy by spending the rest of their days
 searching for their missing halves. " (?)

From this page:  The Mysterium
       The Mysterium works precisely like a mask which you don’t know is a mask. But, a mask has two eyes. Imagine that one eye has a red filter on it, and the other eye has a white or a blue lense, whatever, crystal filter. When you have the mask on and you close one eye and look through the mask, you see reality through one coloured lense. When you close the other eye and look through the other eye, and the mask, which has a lense, you see it with blue. This is why you have a dualism where man cannot resolve whether matter is matter, or whether matter is mind. And this is in fact a Descartes, and of course, we’re leaving people behind here if they’re not familiar with philosophy, that’s just too bad because there’s no way of explaining it more clearly, the philosophers had this problem about whether matter exists, or whether mind exists. This is why they cannot resolve it, it’s the same thing you find, not only in the teachings of Descartes, where he couldn’t decide whether the world existed or he existed, it’s the same thing you’ll find in what’s called the ‘uncertainty principle of quantum science’ in which observation changes what you look at. Ok. So think of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle with what I’m going to say next.

     Man himself is schizoid. Man himself is Mysterium possessed. Man himself wears the mask of the Mysterium and he’s constantly flitting between looking at creation and the meaning of life and reality, and with one eye open and one eye closed. Every time he looks through one eye, he sees the wave, and every time he looks through the other eye, he sees the pulse. When he looks through one eye, he sees the explicate order, and when he looks through the other eye, he sees the implicate order. When he looks through one eye, he sees black, and through the other one, he sees white. With this one he sees matter, with this one he sees mind. Until he REMOVES the mask and sees creation, sees reality, sees nature, as he actually is meant to see with his OWN senses, not one that has been superimposed upon his mind, he can never resolve these matters at all. He’ll just come up with different versions of the same thing. It’s just what the quantum scientists did. They thought they were probing into the depth of nature, only to come up with the same dichotomy again. Dualism is still standing him in the face, because they’re taking themselves WITH them where they go. As Nietzsche said, the only way for man to see reality as it really is, is to get man out of the way, get yourself out of the way and then you’ll see what it is.

Creation Myths Of The World, An Encyclopedia 2nd Edition - David Adams Leeming

Flying Serpents & Dragons - R. A. Boulay

The Lilith Myth - Gnostic Studies on the Web

The Sacred Books & Early Literature Of The East, 1917

Epics of Sumerian Kings - Herman Vanstiphout

Sumerian Mythology By Samuel Noah Kramer 1944, 1961

Cultic Clues In Canticles? by Edwin Yamauchi


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