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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spirit The Engine, Soul The Emotion, Body The Expression.

   Time & The Inner Chronology by Michael Tsarion

     "As we stated earlier, the zodiac is not out there in space. It exists within. Each person is a living breathing zodiac. Exoteric astrologers imagine that the movement of the planets and luminaries make prediction possible. This idea has no factual basis. Moreover, conventional astrological systems are very paraphernalia oriented. The Tarotscopic system is esoteric in nature and does not rely on compasses, protractors, computer programs and complex astronomical charts. Astrology must be based on psychology, not astronomy and trigonometry. If we foolishly believe in an outer zodiac or in rocks in space affecting consciousness and destiny palava, then by definition we also endorse the preposterous concept of predetermination, which posits that we have no free choice. The ancient adepts never taught such nonsense despite what so-called experts say. The high arts of divination were not originally based on fallacies of this kind. The Magi knew that man is not a passive actor in the theatre of the universe operating in accordance to a pre-written, unchanging script....after all, what does consciousness have to do with physical time? What does it have to do with distance, space, or speed? Each of these phenomena are projections of ego consciousness. They are applicable to physical objects and our perception of the material world. They have nothing to do with the mental and spiritual dimensions of being.

     Do our dreams occupy a space? Do they take time to cover a distance? Do they come and go at different speeds? Does thought operate according to these four principles? Can thoughts be timed in any practical or useful way? For example, if we suddenly take it into our minds to think of a running horse, we can see that the image and idea of the animal enters our minds instantly. We did not have to wait for the thought to arise, as we would have to wait for a physical horse to appear before us. Moreover, a physical horse would have to be transported over a specific quantifiable distance. It would inhabit a space, and be brought to us at a certain speed. Nothing of this kind occurs in the realm of thought. It certainly does not occur with the unconscious processes.

     Once we think of someone or something, the image is there instantly. It appears magically, as it were. In this context, knowing is instantaneous, it is beyond the realm of time, no muscle or machine is required for the mind of man to think or recall a horse, a tree, or a past memory. The mind is not a filing cabinet data bank or computer in the accepted sense. The human mind's concepts of its own workings is largely delusional due to centuries of miseducation and conditioning. Our ideas about our own minds, bodies, and souls, are artificial and irrational because of perpetual indoctrination. Our ideas of astrology are equally delusional. Astrology has been erroneously based on abstract constructs that have no psychological relevance whatsoever. Although many astrologers use the words archetypal, spiritual, or psychological, their writings often show they have little idea of what these words really mean. The charts they create by means of a phemorie, astronomical computer programs and so on, show that they're not working with true astrology at all. It shows that their notion of the zodiac and divination are delusional. As the philosopher Nietzsche wrote, "as long as you still experience the stars as something above your head, you lack the eye of knowledge." Once we understand the wisdom of this statement, we can create, or re-create a truly archetypal astrological divination system.

     First we must take a closer look at "time," and realize that there are in fact three kinds of time. There is clock time measured by a clock or watch, there is seasonal time measured by a calendar, and there is psychological time; this kind of time is different than the physical kinds of time, and it's measured by the zodiac. However, we do not mean the zodiac out there in space. The zodiac we refer to is also psychological, or psychic in nature. It is the inner zodiac, it is the living oracle within every man and woman. Of course, the first two types of time are well known, in fact we're all veritable slaves to them, they're certainly not doubted. But the lost truth is that, these first two forms of time originate from the third. This is why they all feature twelve divisions --twelve hours, twelve seasons, and twelve signs. To adhere to the first two forms of time and ignore the third, is sheer insanity. It is responsible for the disorder and disempowerment so prevalent in the world. Imagine living for a week or a month without your watch or calendar. Give it a try and see what happens. Your life will be in disarray. Now magnify this to the soul level, and see the predicament of the psyche. There, it is afloat on the ocean of existence, lost in the labyrinths of matter without a thread. The Universal Intelligence did not intend our lives to be this way. It gave us the means to navigate safely through each and every sea and storm of life. Therefore, we will do well to bring the high arts of divination into our lives, because they are the compasses and charts we have been missing."

      Changing The Timeline of Our Destiny by Ramtha

     "Do you know that the Great Work --and that what you are learning is the Great Work-- that the line between the limited human and the fully realized master is so thin. What makes it thick is the human's concept of its own tortured reality and the boundaries it has set upon itself and the destiny that is created because of those boundaries. The Great Work is about freeing the Spirit from the personality prison. But unto God it is a quickening that happens straightaway. When you laid down this monkey-mind (the swinging fickle mind of the personality), and put God first --instead of body, instead of habits, instead of fears, insecurities and worries-- when you put God first, then the Spirit is able to resonate very far from the body and be caught up, caught up. Now the spiritual resurrection is likened unto being caught up. Unless you have this quickening and this release, you are not going to get out of your body when we come to that work about rolling out and coming with me -- you are not going to be able to do it because the spiritual power, which is the eternalness of you, has to be loosened.

     Now who loosens that? It is you. You, when you say simply "God first, the glory of my Spirit comes first, and that is the most important thing. It is more important than my body's discomfort, my body's senses. It is more important than my memories. It is more important than my pain. It is more important than my mental suffering." If God comes first, then we have a rapture of the Spirit that takes place. And the quickening is the loosening of the spiritual mind.

     Remember I taught you at your first event about who you were in the contemplation of the Void and that great Fall, the creation into the plane of matter down here, and that no matter what happens to the body as a garment that you wear, that this entity, the spiritual self which you are, which is listening to me this very moment, will always live. It always has; always will. When we learn in a lifetime to loosen it from the body, then we are able to do the miraculous. We are able to exist on multiple planes and integrate multiple planes to the here and now.

     When our Spirit can languor on the fourth plane, when we free it to go there, then it brings with its vibration, like a tuning fork, all the way down to the base of its handle, the body, all the fruits of its exploration: healing, miraculous recovery, the manifestation of whatsoever the body needs, your desires, a quickening of reality, because you are at the top of the tuning fork. You are the one that is resonating the thought on the lofty plane and it is coming all the way back down here to the body.

     Now that is a quickening. That is so simple to have occurred anywhere you are. What is difficult and arduous about you is your insistence on declaring your self-status. Whether it is in pain, suffering, hunger, uncomfortableness, needing to get up and take a walk, when you break and come back to the body, then you suck back down into it your spiritual power.

     Now today so many of you who are so sincere about this -- and you are not fanatics; you are just what I like -- there is a realism and yet a tenacity about you that this is what you want more than anything else. And you do not flip out into a silly demonstration of what you think ecstasy is because you think by doing that, that it will promote the Spirit. No, that doesn't. The ones I am talking to are those focused entities in here who love God, love it more than anything else, and apply it to the height of their being without pretending, without fantasizing, just doing the work. You my beloved people, are the masters that are awakening. And so thin is this veil between the human and the God, that when you release your spiritual self, that veil will disappear and you will roll out of that body and you will be in those dynamic planes. You will know what it is to have a common thought about a manifestation. You will understand the common power of it, that the Spirit is not emotional; it is the engine of creation, that creation comes from its thought, and from its body forms destiny.

     So Spirit is not only that which is termed the thought, the exquisite mind. Its body lays down to promote the reality to which the human will walk upon in fulfilling its destiny. That spiritual creature is the ultimate desire in waking up to in a physical body. That is the makings of a Christ. That is what we want to learn here. And it is so simple and it is so close. The work I am having you do, for those of you who do the work, that work is designed in code to bring about spiritual power in common thought. Think about this. It is only the soul that is ever bruised. When the soul is bruised, the bruising is the pain that the body resonates. The soul sends out the frequency of the bruise, and the body becomes damaged. Well, that bruising is endeavoring to be fulfilled from the Plane of Bliss in this incarnation. But the Spirit, the Spirit is not emotional. That is why common thought coming out of your mouth, those things that you think and that you say that just usher forth from you, are so powerful, that that is how the Spirit talks. And when you understand to speak as a Spirit is to speak, in common thought, that it already is, then you will understand the power of what I am endeavoring to induce to you.

     And today on the field, many of you got it, you understood it, and how quick did that card come into your hand. If you did that on the field, what is it to prevent you from doing it at work when you go back home? What prevents you from making your day a field? It is your work. You get up in the morning, you create the manifestation you want to happen that day at your workplace. There is no difference. And the same spiritual power will do its work no matter where you are, because obviously there is no discipline designed here that you are not supposed to not incorporate anywhere else. The field is life; it is your life. The labyrinth is the myriad of circles that you run around in, never finding the Void when you are that far from it. You are to take this home with you and to live it.

     Now if you left here tomorrow morning and embarked on your life, and if you had created your life in the morning, tomorrow morning, and said, "This day is Fieldwork," and that whatever you wanted to have happen that day, don't you know that you would be winding through the path to make that card manifest, that desire to manifest, and that can happen every day of your life. And that when you say, "Remember common thought, remember common thought" --and no matter how confusing, how stressful the environment that you are in, no matter how cluttered the stressful thoughts are around you -- if you can stand up and in one moment say, "We will have peace," not loud and not angry, no emotion, just law, it will happen.

     You have been taught to be caught up in the whirlwind of confusion, that the moment it is in your vicinity you become confused; when someone is stressed out, you become stressed out. And it is almost as if being confused is a popular ethic. There is nothing you have to be confused about people, there never was, because you have the power to still the confusion for the options of truth to come up for you. All you have to do is exercise them and stop following the herd every day."



"You will understand the common power of it, that the Spirit is not emotional; it is the engine of creation, that creation comes from its thought, and from its body forms destinySo Spirit is not only that which is termed the thought, the exquisite mind. Its body lays down to promote the reality to which the human will walk upon in fulfilling its destiny."

#6. How Does It Work, by Michael Tsarion

"Basically the Tarot works in the same manner as a common thermometer. When you go to the doctor, he pulls your records and pops a thermometer in your mouth. You give him an opinion about your malady and hopefully the correct diagnosis will be made. It's somewhat the same situation when you have a reading. Your record is your horoscope or spread. The chart or cards take the temperature of your psyche, so to speak, that is, of the emotions and the unconscious mind. The ancient adepts were in effect, the first behaviorists or depth psychologists; had they been given a free voice, our world and our societies would be free of many repellant elements. The adepts and diviners knew that the stars have no power over our consciousness and destiny. They knew that we contain within us, an inner zodiac. Or, what might be called, a living Oracle. They knew that this oracle could be accessed by way of symbols, and that in turn communicates back to us, back with the conscious mind by way of symbols. This is why the ancient adepts of Ireland, Scandinavia, and Egypt made extensive use of mandalas, hierograms, talismans and sigils. It is also the reason why the Jewish commandments forbade the making of graven images.... Yes, the man in touch with his inner guides cannot easily be dominated and indoctrinated. This is why the establishment has forcibly made "words" more important than symbols."



 "Think about this. It is only the soul that is ever bruised. When the soul is bruised, the bruising is the pain that the body resonates. The soul sends out the frequency of the bruise, and the body becomes damaged. Well, that bruising is endeavoring to be fulfilled from the Plane of Bliss in this incarnation. But the Spirit, the Spirit is not emotional."

#1 Introduction by Michael Tsarion

"They introduce us to our authentic life path, our Dharma, and help us to see through the illusions that plague inauthentic, or karmic modes of existence."

   (sort of like when Sophia fell into this place and started going 'oh no, what did I do? I made a mistake, boohoo,' and that's where karma started..... when in fact it could have been dealt with a lot easier. Love is forgiveness when a being realizes something they've done and already have repented within themselves by feeling bad, and desiring to rectify already! YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO ON FOREVER WITH FEELING GUILTY ETC. That's what karma is. An illusion draaaagged along.)

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