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Friday, July 17, 2015

PSYCHOSIS: Do You Really Know What That Word Means?

       Psychosis --noun: psychosis; plural noun: psychoses -
a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

First of all, one must be able to see external reality. Imagine that, not only does one have to be able to see external reality, one also has to be able to see internal reality.

And reality is: What IS.

Not what you fantasize, but what IS. And what IS, takes some amount of observing.

Think of the complexity in that one word. Go around down town, up town, in the country, meet all those folks, and begin to find out what psychosis is. How many are impaired in clearly seeing what reality is?

I was thinking this morning when I woke up about how those Jewish people were controlled, (taught? I don't think so, mind manipulated) to think the Torah is their religion and that it is perfectly fine to go and maim and kill others who are not in the same teachings as you are being taught in. So instead of using their own mind, recognizing that this is entirely wrong, they just jump gung-ho into these mind controlled teachings and perform them every chance they get, without thinking of the consequences on their own personal existence. They figure they're a group, and just because it seems like they have a bunch of others doing it, they think that in fact makes it ok, or even right. And once they don't  have that group around them in which to cushion or buffer them with, they find themselves alone.

Ask yourselves. What is reality? Are you living under a psychosis?

Here's what Li Hongzhi teacher of the Zhuan Falun has to say about "psychosis."

"Then there’s another scenario, which is that some people develop psychosis, and
other people say they’ve got qigong-induced psychosis. And would you believe, some
people are even waiting for me to treat their psychosis! I say that psychosis isn’t a health
problem, and I don’t have time to go and take care of those things. Why is that? It’s
because a psychotic person doesn’t have any virus, and he doesn’t have any pathological
changes or ulcers in his body. In my view, it’s not a health problem. Psychosis is when a
person’s master consciousness is too weak. And just how weak? It’s as if the guy can’t
ever take charge of himself—that’s what a psychotic person’s master soul is like. He
doesn’t want to be in command of this body anymore, and he’s always foggy-headed and
can’t stay alert. When this happens his subordinate consciousness and external messages
come and interfere with him. Every dimension has so many levels, and all kinds of
messages interfere with him. And a person’s master soul might have done some bad
things before this lifetime, and he might have creditors who want to harm him. All kinds
of things can happen. We say that this is what psychosis is about. How could I treat it for
you then? I’d say that this is really how people develop psychosis. So what do you do
about it? Educate him, and get him to snap out of it. But that’s very hard to do. If you
watch, when the doctor in a mental hospital is about to administer an electric shock, the
psychotic person immediately gets so scared that he stops mumbling nonsense. And why
is that? At that moment his master soul perks up, and he’s afraid of getting shocked."

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