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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benjamin Fulford & The White Dragon

The White Dragon is a very large group of beings/people who are helping to take back the Earth from the criminals who've infiltrated into the power positions. And Benjamin Fulford is the spokesperson for them, letting us know what the truth is. Stay tuned for more and more truth on the way.

This is a playlist I made of the different YouTube videos which feature Benjamin Fulford telling us just what is happening behind the scenes. Very informative.

Here's a PDF book to read:

Synagogue of Psychopaths
Synagogue of Psychologically Biologically Deformed Inbreds.
Synagogue of Sick Scumbags
Synagogue of Stupidity
Sin-agog of Simpletons

by A.C. Hitchcock


I've been thinking. From all I've researched, and from that which I have experienced, I think the Lizard Alien have infiltrated into the Khazarian/Sabbateans, because the Cassiopaeans said the Lizard portal is in that land where they started out. They said they came out of the Caucasus mountains. And from there, they would have to find a psychopathic type of human in order to live through them, and then spread like a plague to the weaker of mankind; even those they said who are the Saints may become deceived. Meaning, don't watch over your emotions, and out pops a Lizard out of your eyeballs or begins to dwell inside you would you to not notice the eyeball morph and deliberately train yourself to not have strong negative emotions. No wonder the meek shall inherit the Earth. They have lovely emotions.

You can see how they have utterly no morals about anything, and that's what the Lizard's are like is what the Universe Aliens tell us. For example, the Pleiadians said the Lizard's have no respect for life. Hence, they took over the Khazarians, who now call themselves 'Jews' who speak in the 'yiddish'? language. Haaha. That's not even a Jewish language. They use criminal cunning just to get what they are after and they have no respect for life. I think what I've come up with makes a lot of sense. One has to listen to their heart to find the truth. And when it's superimposed on everything, that the lizard race has taken over, but not completely succeeded, then you can see, hear, and feel it, in the very present moment. Take them out.

They're all going to be running back to Lizardland, Israel, to fight from where their portal is at. They're wondering what is going on, there's the presence of Christ on the planet, and they're surprised and scared.

"Then the wrath of the archons burned. They were ashamed of their dissolution. And they fumed and were angry at the life. The cities were <overturned>; the mountains dissolve. The archon came, with the archons of the western regions, to the East, i.e., that place where the Logos appeared at first. Then the earth trembled, and the cities were troubled. Moreover, the birds ate and were filled with their dead. The earth mourned together with the inhabited world; they became desolate.

Then when the times were completed, then wickedness arose mightily even until the final end of the Logos. Then the archon of the western regions arose, and from the East he will perform a work, and he will instruct men in his wickedness. And he wants to nullify all teaching, the words of true wisdom, while loving the lying wisdom. For he attacked the old, wishing to introduce wickedness and to put on dignity. He was incapable, because the defilement of his garments is great. Then he became angry. He appeared and desired to go up and to pass up to that place."

From:  The Concept of Our Great Power

In one of the videos in "Taking Back Power Over Earth," in this video to be exact..."911 Why it was done Benjamin Fulford 11-28-2011.mov"... the guy David Wilcock talks about having found that there was a gold hoarding being done, and that it was being done in secret.

Now, besides all the surface bullshit like money...what else is gold good for?
Ha! Duh. Remember those stories we heard about something called 'manna'? Well that god of the 'Jews' ie, the Lizards, were said to be mining for gold way back when. And they said, didn't they, that they would be back? What, after humankind has mined enough gold for them? Then hid it somewhere in storage? What is gold used for besides material wealth? Well think, copper is used for conducting electricity, isn't it? Then there's the uhm, molecularize the gold turning it into white powder, eating it, and becoming extraordinarily intelligent.

The Pleiadians and the Cassiopeans both talked about this. They said the Lizards were involved in a war and they lost knowledge, and now they are desperately trying to hold on to what they have. Would white gold dust be a help to bring them into the higher knowledge, then it is no wonder they would be desperate for it. But look how they go about doing it. They slave mankind and lie to them so they could have only what they want...disregarding anyone else. You can see well yourself what level of knowledge this type is. Disregarding that, they could not hope to gain any excellent high knowledge through any snorting or eating of gold dust.
Notes from Laura out of the Cassiopaean Transcripts second session on July 22, 1994:
  "I had recently read Zecharia Sitchin's The 12th Planet, which posits that a superior race of alien beings once inhabited our world. Sitchin claims that they were travelers from the stars, that they arrived eons ago, and genetically engineered mankind to be slaves for them. He claims that the "Sons of Anak" mentioned in the Bible are the Annunaki, and also that they are the same as the Nefilim mentioned in the Bible. His claim is that they are a race of gold-seeking giants from a renegade planet in our own solar system that was known to the Sumerians as the "Planet of the Crossing." This planet "crosses" the plane of the ecliptic every 3,600 years, and when it gets close enough, these beings make a "hop" to Earth to check up on their creation. Supposedly, this will happen again soon. The title comes from the fact that Sitchin proposes that there are 12 houses of the zodiac because there were 12 "planets." He includes the Sun and moon in his count because they are zodiacally significant. But, in actuality, it is really a 10th planet, excluding the Sun and Moon. He also fails to note that the Earth is excluded from zodiacal considerations due to the fact that astrology is geocentric. But that is a minor point. More significantly, there does seem to be something to the idea of a 3,600 year "event" of comet swarms due to the break-up of a giant comet as described by astronomers Victor Clube and Bill Napier in their books The Cosmic Serpent and The Cosmic Winter. This idea was given additional support by Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith in The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes. I am not aware of any other channeled source that has brought up and discussed these ideas and added information to the pool that later turned out to be correct based on scientific assessment."
Good bye.
What do you think the gold conspiracy is all about. These are my thoughts. What are yours?

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