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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Satan (Khazarians-Sabbateans) Who Hide Behind The Name Of "Jew": The Khazarian Conspiracy.



"There is apparently in the world today a central financial force which is playing a vast and closely
organized game, with the world for its table and universal control for its stakes. The people of civilized countries have lost all confidence in the explanation that "economic conditions" are responsible for all the changes that occur. Under the camouflage of "economic law" a great many phenomena have been accounted for which were not due to any law whatever except the law of the selfish human will as operated by a few men who have the purpose and the power to work on a wide scale with nations as their vassals."
"Just before the war Germany bought very heavily in American cotton and had huge quantities of it
tied up here for export. When war came, the ownership of that mountainous mass of cotton wealth
changed in one night from Jewish names in Hamburg to Jewish names in London. At this writing cotton is selling in England for less than it is selling in the United States, and the effect of that is to lower the American price. When the price lowers sufficiently, the market is cleared of cotton by buyers previously prepared, and then the price soars to high figures again. In the meantime, the same powers that have engineered the apparently causeless strengthening and weakening of the cotton market, have seized upon stricken Germany to be the sweatshop of the world. Certain groups control the cotton, lend it to Germany to be manufactured, leave a pittance of it there in payment for the labor that was used, and then profiteer the length and breadth of the world on the lie that "cotton is scarce." And when, tracing all these anti-social and colossally unfair methods to their source, it is found that the responsible parties all have a common characteristic, is it any wonder that the warning which comes across the sea -- "Wait until America becomes awake to the Jew!" -- has a new meaning?"

"Certainly, economic reasons no longer explain the condition in which the world finds itself today.
Neither does the ordinary explanation of "the heartlessness of capital." Capital has endeavored as never before to meet the demands of labor, and labor has gone to extremes in leading capital to new concessions -- but what has it advantaged either of them? Labor has heretofore thought that capital was the sky over it, and it made the sky yield, but behold, there was yet an higher sky which neither capital nor labor had seen in their struggles one with another. That sky is so far unyielding.

That which we call capital here in America is usually money used in production, and we
mistakenly refer to the manufacturer, the manager of work, the provider of tools and jobs -- we refer to him as the "capitalist." Oh, no. He is not the capitalist in the real sense. Why, he himself must go to
capitalists for the money with which to finance his plans. There is a power yet above him -- a power
which treats him far more callously and holds him in a more ruthless hand than he would ever dare
display to labor. That, indeed, is one of the tragedies of these times, that "labor" and "capital" are
fighting each other, when the conditions against which each one of them protests, and from which each one of them suffers, is not within their power to remedy at all, unless they find a way to wrest world control from that group of international financiers who create and control both these conditions.

There is a super-capitalism which is supported wholly by the fiction that gold is wealth. There is a
super-government which is allied to no government, which is free from them all, and yet which has its
hand in them all. There is a race, a part of humanity, which has never yet been received as a welcome
part, and which has succeeded in raising itself to a power that the proudest Gentile race has never claimed -- not even Rome in the days of her proudest power. It is becoming more and more the conviction of men all over the world that the labor question, the wage question, the land question cannot be settled until first of all this matter of an international super-capitalistic government is settled."

"Germany's Reaction Against the Jew
Humanity has become wise enough to discuss those forms of physical sickness over which it
formerly drew the veil of shame and secrecy, but political hygiene is not so far advanced. The main
source of the sickness of the German national body is charged to be the influence of the Jews, and
although this was apparent to acute minds years ago, it is now said to have gone so far as to be apparent to the least observing. The eruption has broken out on the surface of the body politic, and no further concealment of this fact is possible. It is the belief of all classes of the German people that the collapse which has come since the armistice, and the revolution from which they are being prevented a recovery, are the result of Jewish intrigue and purpose. They declare it with assurance; they offer a mass of facts to confirm it; they believe that history will provide the fullest proof.

The Jew in Germany is regarded as only a guest of the people; he has offended by trying to turn
himself into the host. There are no stronger contrasts in the world than the pure Germanic and pure
Semitic races; therefore, there has been no harmony between the two in Germany; the German has
regarded the Jew strictly as a guest, while the Jew, indignant at not being given the privileges of the
nation-family, has cherished animosity against his host. In other countries the Jew is permitted to mix
more readily with the people, he can amass his control unchallenged; but in Germany the case was
different. Therefore, the Jew hated the German people; therefore, the countries of the world which were most dominated by the Jews showed the greatest hatred of Germany during the recent regrettable war. Jewish hands were in almost exclusive control of the engines of publicity by which public opinion
concerning the German people was molded. The sole winners of the war were Jews."


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