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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our New Life; 2012 And Into Infinity

"When the inertia of the internal dialogue is broken, the world is made over and becomes new."

Carlos Castaneda in "Encounters with the Nagual" by Armando Torres.

Now with all my searching and reading of many various different kinds of books, I have found there are teachings similar and the same, in certain places. Just like there are religions and all of them are similar and the same, but not one of them tells much anything in the details on what is truly good for you...well the same it is for these other books which I have read and these DO tell you details that will help you find the way out of this, what is termed prison planet, by all of these certain books I have been reading.

So. I have been searching for more, and I have found it. Where I started looking for it in the religions and could not find it, I became wide spread in my searches and jumped on anything that showed up, and eventually I have found these more secret teachings, which have basically been hid from us. For example, they said Carlos Castaneda's writings were fiction so that people would not take them seriously. That is then a hidden teaching. Because they are NOT fiction. I have delved into Gurdjieff's teachings. They too are secret because they are not held up in the public to be anything important. But you have that theosophy junk of the others sticking out, whereas, the truth  is not there. Oh sure, some of the truth may be found in there. But there is too much junk that one has to endure and therefore to me, it is not worth it. I would rather read clean works. The cleaner the better. The Tibet teachings are similar as well to Don Juan's teachings and to Gurdjieff's teachings. Even Seth from the Seth Books of Jane Roberts has similar teachings to the one's just mentioned. So yea. It is definitely a matter of searching when the knowledge is scattered, as the human is scattered all over the place. There are other teachings such as Gnosis, but one must be very careful I found, since, some of them are ridiculous and other gnostic teachings are truth. When you have found what the truth is then it is easier to search and discern in other texts what the truth is and what it is not. So the more you take the time to delve and to intensely will to find the truth, the sooner you find it in its pure form.

As in all things, search and you will find. Stop searching and you will stop finding. And there's a lot of finding yet, so no sense to stop searching. Keep going.

Now, about this 2012 what we are at now. There have been many teachings, such as the Cassiopaeans, the Pleiadians, the RA beings, Seth, etc...all who have said there is no such thing as "time." Time is an illusion. It is a delusion. People are going to be finding this out now. And those who cannot go through with it because they've been too comfortably ensconced in the slavery of the so called "time," well, the Cassiopaeans said, as well as others, that they are not going to stick around. So for those leaving the planet because they can't handle the truth, the change that has finally come, that's ok. Just go on. And for those experiencing the 'loss' of them, be happy for them, and for yourself that you are able to withstand and overcome the illusion which we have been enduring for so long. Things are changing at a quickened pace now. The place is moving into a higher realm where the physics are nothing like the physics we've been taught are suppose to be haha physics. It's so wonderful to be freed from illusion.

Let's look at the sentence with which we started in this blog.

"When the inertia of the internal dialogue is broken, the world is made over and becomes new."

The key to starting to see what is truth is to stop the inner dialogue. The inner dialogue is what creates the ego structure we've been falsely led to think is the reality. The inner you is the silent part, not the part that yaps all day long in your mind, a nonstop dialogue of what this is or what that is, what you see, what you aren't going to allow yourself to see. The inner dialogue is the false. And as Carlos Castaneda said, your thoughts are very powerful. Would you to allow yourself to be deceived by the inner dialogue which the foreign installation that the predators have fused into our lives, says, then you are giving the power away to illusion, and you are only supporting falseness. The truth is found when you stop that inner dialogue and live in a delightful peace within, like a child when it begins, it doesn't use language like we've been taught, it communicates from the higher self.

This is the true you, the one you were meant to be. Then, when you have lived in that silenced way for a short while, you find new powers are yours, instantly. These are what you have left behind in your belief of the false mind. Once you struggle your way out of the false mind's babblings, then you have your true self back, and those powers that are with you and part of you.

So as Gurdjieff taught, one must struggle against negative emotions. Because once you have your true powers, then things instantly start to occur. When you are disciplined and you have stopped allowing negative emotions to be part of your experience, then all this very fast, instant way of existing, will be very pleasant. But would you to have yet to be rid of negative emotions, then you may find things not turning out the way you would like them to...because the negative emotions will be part of what your reality is, except revealed a lot faster instead of how it use to be shown, very slowly.

Take your time, hurry up. Let's take a break to look at Nirvana: Come As You Are.

My Maria is how I see this song. Because my name is that in the Croatian language, which translates to Mary. So when I hear this song, I have personal communication with the being who sang it. Now, I use to write to musicians and help them along. I had fallen in love with one of them and it was not a pleasant experience. So I stopped writing to all, adamant about not writing anymore. Then the spirits started visiting me and telling me to write to Kurt Cobain. I said why? I don't know him. But of course would I have written once, because of the way I write, it would have helped him out of the suicide situation he was involved in. So I waited and waited, and I was too late. I heard one day that he was gone. I felt so bad, I had a guilt feeling. Now that's a negative emotion. So now, because I was asked to do something and I didn't do it, I became in fact responsible. So now I had other work I needed to do, which was to reach him in the other state, and communicate with him, to ask him for forgiveness and to forgive myself. So you know, negative emotions must be dealt with. They don't just go away because a situation passes on to another situation. One must be aware of what goes on within them. For, thoughts are powerful. Emotions go with thoughts and make them an engine of power.

That's why you need to be free of negative emotions. It was because of the negative emotions I felt for a musician I had fallen in love with, that I stopped helping others who were needing help. Would I have dealt with those negative emotions I had felt for the musician I had fallen in love with, then I would have written to Kurt Cobain, and he would have been safe from destruction. So I was responsible whichever way one can look at it.

You see, we are spirits in a material world, we are not material in a spirit world. Opening our eyes to this is like shutting out the internal dialogue and living from the great inner self who we are meant to be, always. We can communicate to one another from a thought alone, without a telephone. Only a thought. In the higher spirit we are living. When one is aware of this what I've just said, then one begins to see how we are already all connected. We can as the saying is, telepathically communicate, but telepathy is not as high as the spirit connection I am talking about. Because telepathy only involves the voice of the ego thrown through the invisible. The spirit is higher than telepathy, and instant communication occurs through it, not words, but MEANINGS, FEELINGS, THOUGHTS without the words attached.

In other words, INTENT, like all the great masters have taught, is what the Spirit works from.

And therefore, as all the true teachers taught us, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The illusion of the internal dialogue which tells you that you are a physical form and you are separate from others, is a lie. It is meant to deceive you so you will be a slave to those predators who are using Mankind for their selfish interests. And "Time" is an illusion, and even "Space."

You are always connected. It may seem to be invisible right now, this connection, but that is because of the illusion the internal dialogue has brought forth to have you believe in. So when you get past that internal dialogue which directs you into a cage of, or a cave of illusions, then you will see how truly connected we all are, to one another. And how love is so large, it is astonishing.

"Sorcerers have found it is possible to understand things without reasoning
them out, and that has led them to practice. An hour of practice can sweep years of
explanations off the table, and real results appear, results that stay with you forever. As
you turn yourself into a witness of power, the obsessive pressure of your mind to be in
charge will be cancelled out, and in its place the childlike spirit of adventure and
discovery will be reborn in you. In that state you don't think anymore, you act."


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