Daily Moon Phases

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue Bozzah


    Yes, you see? I glow, I glow with Hello. So, anyof you Up for some Blue Bossa Classical Jazz music? The Gene Harris Quartet.

Smooth Criminal

    Are you O.K. any?

Beautiful beautiful beautiful, buetifal girl.

Shape shifter eyeballs Across The Universe, did you see that?

'Dig' if you will, my picture.

Where are all the 'normal'? people/ ... ?


                                                                     6  &  7

Know what that means?
Well...by English standards, that is, Britain...  it means:  A state of confusion and disorder.

What else? Well...it's up to you to be creative. Either Use your mind, or allow someone haha else to use if for you....or perhaps not exactly For you.

Basic Instinkt

Ventura Highway

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