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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Father came up to me a few years ago and said the word  PROGRESS.

Well, I'm takin it to the max now.  Here's my song to go with my dance. And I dedicate it to all hard workers like me, John Lamb Lash, Radio Hosts, Truth Seekers, Truth Tellers, Rob Zombie, All the Hidden Ones...like me..., Cobra, and to anyone else who is involved in cleaning up this world of all its idiocys and ignorance. Not knowing is one thing, ignorance is another. Thank you very much.

Like the lady in the black leather sleigh with the leather reigns attached to some invisible creatures pulling it. I sat next to her (small as a child compared to her) giggling as she stood up whipping at them invisible creatures as we flew up into the blue sky. Great dream. She was 'Huge.' Wore all black garments, a dress that covered everything except her head. Mighty being. I saw her in many of my dreams and visions.

Crack that whip, Give the past the slip, Step on a crack, Break your Momma's back, When a problem comes along, You must whip it, Before the cream sits out too long, You must whip it, When, something's goin' wrong, You must whip it, Now whip it, Into shape, Shape it up, Get straight, Go forward, Move ahead, Do detect it, It's not too late, To whip it, Whip it good, When a good time turns around, You must whip it, You will never live it down, Unless you whip it, No one gets their way, Until they whip it, I say, whip it, Whip it good, I say whip it, Whip it good, Crack that whip.........


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