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Monday, April 1, 2013

Mankind's Dreamworld.

Mankind is caught in a dreamworld. The black space outside is the darkness of their dream reality. The idea that some god is out there who they need to worship, is the very illusory dream they're creating in their sleep. Walking in your sleep? Wake up wake up. When you finally wake up, you'll be able to see the truth...that you have been dreaming for billions of years.

Ok, so this next excerpt, I got from UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES.

It's found at the very end of the PDF document. This man has it correct. Right from the beginning, when Mankind was created, he got off on a 'wrong' start. He began listening to some preacher at a pulpit who was only interested in his own designs, and so, teaching his own imaginings, which of course were all false. You might call him, whatever you like. But you know who I'm talking about. Because he seemed beautiful on the surface, and was attractive, you all kind of uh, were deceived by surface appearances. And he taught that, well since you can't see God, then where IS HE? So he kind of made himself out to be god, and you were all fooled, and followed someone of  your own make and kind as though in a dream world a fantasy, an illusion. He contorted those teachings and you all listened until you were all living in some fantasy world, where illusions became real to you. But all you need to do is wake up to the truth. Look inside. It's there.

Here's the excerpt:

"The insane Catholic Pope decided that he was the most important thing in the Universe, and
that the Universe revolved around him. The basic idea that the world was flat was imposed upon
the world by an insane Pope, which in effect made the earth the Center of the universe. That
Pope also expanded on the powers of the Pope, in effect saying that he was not only at the
center of the Universe, he was all that was good, smart, and holy at the center of the Universe.

That pope also pitched the idea that man was alone in the Universe. That of course left the Pope
the smartest man in the Universe. When the Science-Religion fight of the early science days
started, science in general won out. The one idea that the Scientist took from an insane Pope,
which they loved as an idea, and used as their very own idea, was the idea that man is alone in
the Universe. The idea that man is alone in the Universe, if valid, would then make the Scientist the
smartest, and best educated beings in the Universe. The Science community's response to the
coming of UFOs, and the possible drop in status from the smartest thing in the Universe, was
somewhat worse than the religious communities response to UFOs. UFOs rather obviously, put
the modern scientist in the position of being a backward person in knowledge, on a backward
world. And farther insulted the scientist, by not bothering to make any contact with him. Few, if
any of the scientist involved gave up their status, as the smartest and best educated beings in the
universe willing. Most of the older ones died with that idea in their head. The idea man was the
only intelligent life in the Universe.

The existence of UFOs - truly lowers the status of the religious and scientific leaders of the
world. They resisted such a lowering in their status, particularly the scientist. And here I should
clear something up. Mention the word intelligence gathering community, and most people go
into some kind of potty training shock, and think they have gone back to messing their pants,
and are about to be caught at it. Doing what is called spying on people is an expensive and time
consuming operation, generally involving a lot of people. It is surprising how many people think
that they have some kind of secret, that makes them worth spying on. Casual surveillance, or
simple information gathering, can be done much cheaper. The total amount of information
needed, to make a high degree of accuracy decision, about some one like Billy, is in fact not as
much as a person would imagine.

In effect, in the early days, if you showed up at Billy's place, knowing enough about good
manners, to bring as much food as you eat, wash as many dishes as you get dirty, and just help
around the house, or yard a bit. It was possible to get all the UFO information desired from
Billy, and be treated as a respected guest.

Looking into Billy with a professional eye will quickly show that there are a couple of things,
which are not "totally normal" for this type of contact. The screw ball hours, and the many
changes in location, make it some what different from most contacts, which generally proceed
on a casual, but regular basis, with some consideration for the contactee. Billy probably holds
the record for more bad weather contacts than anyone else. His case has some screw ball
features, but it had some very good pictures.

In a shared UFO information pool with other Countries, including India, it was noticed that
Billy got his contacts when ever a woman, the Indians were watching, was missing. It was
speculated that Bills female contact could have been one of two women that the India authorities
were watching. One was a tall dark haired woman with a very fair completion who, according
to what the Indians could find out had been working an area for about 200 years. The other
woman was a short, some what dumpy blond, with kind of a flat face. Every time the dumpy
blond left India, Billy had a contact. Because the Indian surveillance was of the soft touch type,
and far from complete, nothing was ever established. But, for a period of about 2 to 3 years
there was a one to one relationship between the blond leaving India and Billy having a contact.

And there is something else you might figure out, or work on. It is Billy stumbling on to Military
men looking at his contact sites. For all their science, the clowns in the UFO do not always
work out every thing to perfection.

As a military officer you were exposed to a few classes in physics. As the book says about the
rocks and the gold, the physics are the same, this world, or some other. That means that what is
known, about physics here, will also apply up there."

 "Ora et Labora (“meditate while working”) shows the importance
the alchemists felt their own consciousness had in their work. “Haste makes waste” was originally an alchemists motto – slow down to allow feelings and intuition to catch up – and it goes back to the ancient Egyptian idea of “intelligence of heart.” Going slow increased one’s integrity, just as the slow firing of crucibles and glassware increased their integrity and strength."

--Focus consciousness in work, or else haste makes waste-- And that's what happened in the beginning. They didn't focus their consciousness and so there was made a lot of waste. But through focused consciousness one may alchemize themself back to the right place.

For those who want to learn more about what happened to them and how to repair their imperfections, then read this book here. It will help you tremendously.

The Spiritual Teacher, Written by Spirits of the Sixth Circle.

Page 38:          LECTURE IV.


     The world of mankind has no proper conception of the exaltation of the soul which
dwells within the human frame. It has no realizing sense of the brightness and purity of that
interior spirit which is the image of the Presiding Mind. It has no just thought of the beauty
of that inward mirror which reflects the countenance of Deity, and it has no philosophy by
which the true nature of the human spirit is determined.

Therefore will the present writers unfold the subject which is indicated by the above title,
in such a manner that the intrinsic purity and sacredness of the inward being will be fully
and clearly perceived. The blessing of divine truth is the joy of angels, and the light of
angelic wisdom is the joy of earth, so that with the influx which descends from the higher
Spheres, and with the pure and holy joy which mortals receive through this influx, the
spirits may make their appeal to the internal consciousness of individuals whom they
address, as the only safe, reliable guide of human thought and action.

     It is a subject of peculiar difficulty with mortals to ascertain the nature and qualities of
that which is beyond the sphere of sensuous observation. It is a matter of the deepest
perplexity to conceive a proper and definite idea of that which cannot be seen, touched,
and handled. It is a source of the most distressing embarassment to endeavor to search
after that which is not to be found in the ordinary way, which dwells far away in the
recesses of the Universe and which has its being in the undiscovered realms of spiritual

When the mind searches for that which is thus beyond its reach, it becomes faint and
weary because it can find no resting place on the plane of sensuous being; it soars away
into the heavens by the aid and strength of excited fancy but returns with tired drooping
win, and mourns that it is dark, blind, and weak.

But the freed and immortalized spirit which is disenthralled from the clogs of earthly nature
has not the faintness or weariness of the earthly mind. In the power of its own
concentrated, united powers, it soars up far beyond the reach of the external sense, far up
beyond the clouds of the lower world, gazing upon the bright realities which cluster
around its rapid flight and fill the immensity into which it roams.

Thus, the spirit feels its freedom when released from the body. It feels the power and
energy which exist inherently in its nature which are the streams of the eternal well-spring
that dwells within its depths; it realizes the divinity enstamped upon its being, it feels the
sweetness of its inward life; and when called to search for the profound truths of Nature
and of God, it goes forth in the strength of its own perfected essence with a
consciousness of power sweet and thrilling beyond all expression.

The freed spirit can analyze the essences and elements of which its own being is
composed. It can perceive and comprehend the substances of which its organization is
formed, with the same ease and certainty a learned and practiced physiologist can
determine the nature of substances that compose the external body.

Hence will the spirits, which are engaged in writing the present Lecture, reveal the
prominent qualities and essences which make up the spiritual organization, and which
render the soul indestructible and immortal.

     The first essence which should be noticed as forming the most external of the spiritual
body, is Electricity.

This constitutes the most material outward clothing which it has, to cover the more interior
essences, and this is the element by which it becomes related and continues to sustain a
relation to the outward world of matter.

Electricity may be defined as that substance which dwells beneath the visible substances
of the earth and exist within the most sublte refined fluids which animate the great world of
matter. By electricity, as used with reference to the spiritual organization, the spirits do not
signify that gross, unrefined fluid which pervades the mineral creation; neither do they refer
to the more refined fluid which is the primary agent of motion in the vegetable and animal
productions; but they signify by this term that fluid which represents the refinement and
perfection of all these, which is the sublimated, etherialized element which has been
withdrawn from the grosser elements of matter and forms the agent of that godlike
intelligence that resides in the human system.

This is the fluid which, in the connection of soul and body, unites the spirit with the
physical frame. It is this that produces all motion in the body and comes in such intimate
contact with the directing mind as to guide, control, and regulate the movements of all its
limbs. Therefore, this fluid is the medium through which spirit operates on the gross
substances of its earthly organism and produces all those physical manifestations of its
presence that are given in every action, gesture and expression of the form.

It is in this fluid the spirit finds its power to operate in an outward manner, by this, it is
enabled to assume supremacy over the material compounds with which it is surrounded,
and by this also, that it gives a sensuous expression to all those beautiful thoughts and
divine emotions which rise within its conscious heart. The fluid here denoted is
exceedingly powerful in its nature, powerful not as a material force, but as the agent of
spiritual power, not as a mere operation of gross materials, but as the glorious working of
a divine essence.

Electricity, considered in this light, is the sublimated agent and medium of mind. It is the
external of the indwelling spirit which has no other power than its own inherent divinity. It
is the sweet, purified substance which sustains the relations that this forms with the
outward universe, and renders the unseen resident of the human frame the powerful soul
of a weak, fading temple.

Let it be impressed therefore, what has been termed and defined as electricity, is the
outward body, the clothing of the spirit, by which it becomes connected and sustains its
connection with the material organism, and by which it also lives within its unilluminated
abode as the supreme soul of a miniature creation.

     The next essence or element, which may be mentioned as entering into the composition
of the human spirit is a fluid termed, Magnetism.

This essence is more refined than Electricity and forms a more interior portion of the
spirit. In nature it is the same as that which forms the external clothing of the internal
organism; but as to degree of refinement, it is the same difference existing between the
higher and lower gradations of matter in the visible creation.

Magnetism is the refinement of electricity--and refinement is produced by the same eternal
principle--motion, the inherent all-pervading law of existing substance. This essence then
approaches nearer to the internal consciousness of spirit, sustaining a more close and
intimate relation to the germ of inward life.

Hence it will be seen magnetism forms the next higher more interior grade of spiritual being
while in this connection with the body. It is forming this agent by which sensation is
produced in the human frame--the medium through which intelligence is received, is
conveyed, to the inner chambers of the soul, by which spirit is stimulated to thought and
action through the impressions transmitted from the material world.

This sublimated etherial essence pervades every portion of the human body as the soul of
the electrical element that constitutes the outward clothing of the spirit, and as the elecrical
element is the agent of motion, so magnetism is the medium of sensation. As electricity is
the connecting link between spirit and body, so magnetism is the communicating essence
by which the internal germ/center of Divinity may be united with the external garment.

Therefore, through the medium of this essence magnetism, the spirit even though it is
enclosed as a prisoner within its material frame, shut up as a captive in the prison of the
body, it may still receive intelligence from surrounding objects, scenes, events, and may
derive a sense of those beauties, glories, and harmonies which pervade the vast sanctuary
of Nature.

Hence the mind of the reader will readily be impressed with the fact that this essence called
magnetism, in the sublimated perfected state in which it exists in the spiritual organism,
constitutes the real and divine body of that immortal being, enclosed within the perishing
structure of man, as its animating, never-fading, life.

When the conceptions of the soul can extend sooo faaaar as the spirits have gone in their
elucidation of the present subject, it may now descend still deeper into the mysteries of the
immortal nature with which it is endowed. Down, faaar down in the almost inconceivable
recesses of the spiritual being lies a spark, a spark of life, a spark of light, a spark of fire,
which fell from the ever burning and shining Throne of the Omnipotent!

This spark of life, light, fire, is the most interior germ of the human soul. It is the deathless,
unfading and eternal germ of thought, intelligence and consciousness. It is this which
renders man immortal, this which places him far above the wreck and desolation of
surrounding matter, this which constitutes the inexhaustible source of all-expanding
endless life. In this consists the real spiritual being, in this is represented the likeness of
God, in this is felt and known that deep well-spring of happiness and purity which only the
immortals see.

Therefore is the soul immortal, because the heart which dwells within it, is the spark of the
divine essence, which can never die because the germ of ever-enduring life is implanted in
its inmost nature, and the consciousness of the living breathing spirit, is the indwelling
eternalized production of the Supreme Mind.

It will be seen, the chief element and most prominent characteristic in the nature of the
human spirit is its immortality. High above all the changing materials of earth, far up above
the occurrences of the earthly sphere, it dwells in the serene consciousness of its own
endless being. The true evidence of immortality is the sense which the soul feels of this
great reality.

When all things fade and die in the realms of matter, when seasons come and go in their unceasing round, when the deep voice of autumn winds moan sadly over the falling leaves, and when the beautiful form that was an external representative of the divine soul, bows beneath the change which creeps over all fair and lovely things on earth--then may the spirit, retiring within its hallowed sanctuary, feel the evidence of its eternal being, in the profound consciousness of indwelling life which gushes up from the germ of the unseen, but immortal soul.

This is an evidence which doesn't depend on the action of the external senses, doesn't rest on the presence of the testimony of ancient saints, doesn't depend on the life or death of any individual (such as Jesus), and which has no connection whatever with any established faith or dogma of the church.

In the last analysis of spirit, this is the nature of the being which is known by the term "the immortal and eternalized intelligence," which is the individual form of that divine essence that constitutes the breath of Deity.

Hence, the foundation of a belief in spiritual existence beyond the grave must be ultimately resolved into the interior consciousness which is felt by the enlightened and perfected soul, of the immortal nature which it essentially possesses. Here is the true---round of a faith in this living truth; but the world is not prepared to perceive this truth from evidence of this character, or rather, has not become sufficiently advanced to receive the most interior and satisfactory evidence of immortal being, which is found only in the depths of internal consciousness.

Dwelling upon a material plane, living in the world of sense, finding all its pleasure in the realms of matter, the soul has not been sufficiently expanded nor illuminated to admit the sublime realization that the soul is immortal and can never die.

This is an evidence which can only be received by the spirit who has outgrown the narrow garments of its earthly nature and has entered upon a higher plane of advancement.

The evidence on which the world has relied, has been of the most unsatisfactory nature. It has been an evidence that has rested upon the testimony of individuals who lived more than eighteen centuries ago, individuals whose characteristics and opportunities for observation are entirely unknown by the present generation; and it is on this evidence the human mind has rested its faith in immortality--the richest and most priceless boon of the Creator-- while it will not trust the reason and intuition which dwell within the soul today, because they do not speak with an audible voice, and write in visible characters.

The soul which has expanded itself beyond the limits of sect and creed, which has been enlightened with the wisdom of Heaven and which is enabled to appreciate there-at essence of the spiritual being, regards all wisdom of this nature as worthless and unworthy of its own aspirations. It looks with pity on the weakness and materialism of those minds which depend on the sayings of ancient apostles for the greatest truth that was ever born on earth, while at the same time, laments the superstitious folly which leads such minds to reject what already dwells in their own being, for something which is entirely foreign and material in its character."


....."The insane Catholic Pope decided that he was the most important thing in the Universe, and that the Universe revolved around him"..... "You began listening to some preacher at a pulpit who was only interested in his own design, teaching his own imaginings...deceived by surface appearances...."


  1. Your blog is very interesting, I enjoy it. I am not really religious, but I don't see how the dream of a God or that of Life on other planets is different. I think to denounce either is to close one's mind, given the tiny amount of knowledge of the Universe available to us. To denounce the dream of another human is to predispose possibilities on the basis of knowledge we do not possess. Our dreams may be different, but I would never say yours are wrong.

  2. What I meant by mankind is in a dreamworld is that they didn't recognize their inner self when they first came out. They started to imagine things, such as in superstitions, instead of truths. What I would like to do is to alert mankind that there are great powers within them, and that to search on the surface or outside of them for their powers is not the way out of the dreamworld. To look within and listen to the subtle inner world, the instincts the impressions, is to begin to find what you are truly all about. Then there will be less misunderstandings, less fighting, less hatred etc. Because through understanding who You are, you have found the most precious thing anyone could ever have...Their TRUE SELF. So I'm not condemning them, I'm helping them to look in the right place.