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Friday, June 5, 2015

Cleft Chin

So what is it with the Cleft Chins? I heard that the cleft chin means they have a psychic nature naturally, to them, like for example, they say the Collins' are psychic naturally and a whole lot of them have cleft chins. But I'll tell ya, they are very intriguing on a man. Who cares about women, I'm not interested in those. Let's look at some of these male chins.

I got these pictures from this lady's site. Whose Mug is that Anyway?


She's right. It does make one hot.

WOW. Look at this guy. wow...

Wow. His name is Jason Lewis. Wow. That's immaculate. I'm wondering if he's extraterrestrial. You don't see that kind around often.

He's a Cancer Scorpio. Jason Lewis (born June 25, 1971). I went out with a guy born in the year 1971, for about a year. They're good in bed. But I had to drop him. He wasn't too bright, let alone, not developed psychically. If he was, I'd a stayed. But he's still so cute anyway. But just really dum, lol.

Ghod! That's gorgeous!

Wholly. That's fantastic. What an exquisite looking being!

Hahaha. Holy. It says, Jason Lewis Has Charisma In Bed

 It looks like, yeah....
He goes well in white, beige and silky silver.

Here's one.
Misha Collins
Supernatural blue eyes.

Remember "Mama" ?
Here's another one. Phil Collins.

So the Calling of the Priests and Priestesses is called the Collins.

Well let's end this post on a nice note. How about Billy Jewel? Let's.

It's like Andrew Bartzis said. Is it sacred? Or is it recreational?

I've got needs to be fulfilled too, you know? Did you think you were the only one?

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