Daily Moon Phases

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's Alright. Tom Petty. It's aaaaaaalll right.......

Always the mothers that take care of the fathers the brothers, the sisters help. Just walk up to them when you can't take any more, and they'll unburden you. Here, sign here and you are free to go.

Oh Look. The moon is cut straight down the center. (50% fool. The other half is the Truth.) Just I've been receiving messages all night, the absolute angle, the four corners. I have mine, you have yours, they have theirs, and they...have theirs. So ya. Walk into your corner and hold it. Let us find out, what the next step shall be. Live it first.

90 degree angles? Ninety degree, angles.... Angels...Michael is an angel. Do you think he'll not bother me? Or do I have to struggle a little bit? After all, I hear Lucifer really paid for it by fighting against him. He was pinned under his foot, for god sakes. How could he? That would be a really tough rustling match. Who cares about the may bee, let's see what Rrrreally is.....hahaha.. Geez, if this wasn't such an ESssoteric BLaug. Fuckin blood. Anything, anything that reminds me of it, is strange. Who are they? Why are they trying me? Testing me? Fucking around with me? Better not be.
But don't worry. I like it. I shall set you frree anyway, in the end. When my duties are over.

Bye! Have a good night. Mwah my sweet little child

Didn't we say the Devil always looks young? Yes we did. But we are not going to explain ourself, after all, who needs to? Who wants to? Who even desires to ex-plane themselves? Hahahahaa...nthx

12:44:44. I watched it pass. wow. that's fucked. if I get that "off" time, how the hell am I gonna deal with time less ness    monster?    yea.

The Fuckin Lockness Monster. Got a key? Yeah me, I got a key. It opens anything, even your own mind. Hahahahaa. What a terrible key, huh?  But it is. Most beings think they are free from inspection, and therefore they don't look within to see whether or not they are clean as can be.....so those beings who really can see and hear, INside, are those who suffer the most, and yet, they are the best? oh yes they are.... and they suffer the most. Qhat a fugged up whilr this Is uh?

Rob Zombie succumb on in......

That's right. One fuckin tight screw, witch you can't unscrew, so you're screwed. It's like, fuck you. I don't think so. I just love a challenge. Don't you? Me too. But I am crazy. I want to drown in it. Oh that challenge.
Because I'm a Gypsy just like my unowned mom said to me..."you're a Gypsy." I'm thinkin, I'm feelin, Mon, you're on the wrooong track, hahahahaaaaaa!    There is no way to describe the undescribable.

oh kay you perfect fuckers, in-duh-escribable as it is NOT, thank you, that was fffun.

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