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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spill The Wine

To one of my 'boys' out there who knows what I'm talking about..... You see this guy? Spill the wine? Take that 'girl'? What girl, may you ask? The world, that girl. The thing is...he is offering his services. He takes that bracelet and drops it into his mouth, but never misses a word, as it disappears within him. So, it's like saying, everything he went through is true. It's just a matter of how your truth fits into the whole picture. Because mine does, and I don't have to explain it. Lil. No. Lol.

Like Michael! Hahaha! He does miracles everywhere. Just no one seems to notice it, except for me. Maybe because I love it. I love miracles. I can have a lot of fun with miracles. So yea, Michael oh my gawd, does too. He is hilarious too. Ha! Oh my gawd you should see some of the things he does. Thery are so swift, you don't notice it with your eyes....but inside your head, if you were paying attention, oh ya, you noticed. So that's how you'll know. But if you don't pay attention, you won't. Simple as that!

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