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Monday, June 29, 2015

AWESOME!!! The REAL History of Humanity by Michael Tsarion!

      Oh my goodness people, this is really a history of what happened to humanity. Ignore the Irish part because, like most people, you probably aren't interested in someone else's nationality? Right? Well guess what? It has nothing to do with nationality. It's all about what happened to us as Human Beings, and how they hid the truth from us. All these names attached to things, well they're all corrupted. The Island called Ireland is actually the remnants of Lemuria/Atlantis, and that's what they don't want you to know. So they stole all that knowledge and killed all those people, then changed all that history, so that only they could have that knowledge which everyone knows, "knowledge is power," and that's how they ended up deceiving everyone so they could have power over us. And for them, power is only materialistic because they are so low minded since they are the slaves of those dogs (gods) that came from space to mine gold here, then turn us into a slave race, and then before they left, they put those psychopaths in charge which I just said, are only interested in low-life pursuits, like money and status and that's it! Nothing spiritual. In fact, they're SO ignorant, they are actually waiting for their dogs (gods) to come back and rule over them, like they're their pets, or something....you know?

     So anyway, oh my gosh. Listen to this whole entire video. Just save it to the top of your favorites and then listen to it for however long you can one day. Then the next day come back to it, and you'll be in the exact same place you left off, because Youtube has that really cool effect now where you can just go right back to where you left off, the next day. Gotta hear it. It is worth everything. Knowledge is Power, and The Truth Will Set You Free.

     Check it out! It is PACKED with INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, I LOVE IT! Totally.
By the way. Thanks so much Michael Tsarion. This is some effort of work, some genius comprehension on your part to figure it all out the way you did. Thank you so much. (Fuck, 30 years of study. That's a lot of work...)

Michael Tsarion - The Irish Origins of Civilization

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