Daily Moon Phases

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Quatre. Or Kat for short......

Big black 4-square Kat.
     We could use some music, huh? Do you like music? Or are you just a fan because everyone else around you seems like they're a fan too? No sweetie. You got ta learn to choose what YOU like to hear. And If you life it enough, you can make it a part of your day. Otherwise, who the fuck cares? You don't, they don't, I don't, no one does....that's all.

So. What do you care for?
Let's check something out.
Muesic Mystro:

Please take me along to the other side.

That's right. This kind of music does that to you.

Let's slip on out to the Uther side now, yea.......

(You see? This is time, this day and night thing. He's saying to break on through into timelessness)

Bam Damn. Thank you ma'm

Let's allow ourselves to go a bit, looney? Mooney? I don't know. Just reflect.

Whell, where's Kat?

Do you really see? Do you really hear? Are you with us? Or far away? I'm not. I'm right here. Whethah you wantme to be or not. I am, hahahahaha. Here.

                                                                                                                                 No Quarter.

Death by (diamonds) sparkling stars. I can imagine that.

"One truth I have noted throughout this incarnation is that nothing worthwhile is easy. Deciphering the Ultimate Truth is a most worthwhile endeavor." --Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Exploring the 5th Dimension, Chapter 11 The Ultimate Truth.

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