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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Even it out. 22. By Number.

1:45am June 12, 2015

     I was thinking....maybe he was being attacked? Maybe they were using his body to attack me, so first he would be attacked and then through him, me. Right. So how to rid ourselves of that psychopathic control system who are no doubt using high technology in fear. You certainly can't call it love.

It is just like Cosmic Awareness said in one of his publications...that when Pearl Harbor happened, all kinds of screwy unnecessary things had occurred which, right there he said, hinted at some outside manipulation. Like instead of calling on the phone to say there was a foreign submarine in their territory, they stupidly used the telegraph dot slash whatever it is, system, which took two hours to get there, and then to send another message back to them took another two hours, meanwhile all the generals were given a day off and everyone's weapons were put away, so they got attacked very badly.

Anyway, that's the likes of what happened last night. The guy was suppose to be serving me, not telling me who to buy a drink for, or watching me like a hawk without seeing or hearing me. It was like there was some kind of other presence in him or around him. So in that case, he's easily forgiven. Now it's to the center of the situation. What coward is out there or in hyper-space playing those games? U know?

1:55 PM Thursday June 11, 2015

What a joke some people are. Yesterday I went out for a drink at the bar called Bourbon's bar and grill. Sat down at the bar and ordered a blue. Mike saw me and came over. We sat and talked. I looked up on the wall where they had a list of drinks. I saw on the top of the list the word "Mark." I asked what it was and was told by the bartender Jessy with holes in his head, that it was a bourbon, Makers Mark. I asked Mike if he wanted a shot with me. He said yea. I ordered two. We drank them, and then I went out for a cigarette. I saw Sam on the patio, and so we were exchanging conversation across the way, as the ignorant government made new rules where we aren't even allowed to have a cigarette on the patio, whether there is a covering or not....so many stupid laws, useless laws, garbage ignorance bullshit, you know?

So I went back inside, finished my first beer and ordered another one. I went outside on the patio to talk to Sam. It was a nice night out. He asked me where Mike was. I told him, I don't know, I think he stepped out to the washroom. Then as we were saying that he appeared. I noticed he had finished his beer, and I really like these two people and want to show my appreciation for them, so I ask Mike if I could buy him another beer. He said sure thank you, and I asked him what he drinks. He said Coors Light. So I went inside, and I asked the bartender with the hole in his head for a Coors Light. In the meantime, I started talking to the Indian guy, whose name I think was Jim, next to me at the bar, while I waited for hole in the head to get me what I ordered. Finally he put it down, but he put it down right in front of this guy I was talking to, but I didn't buy it for him. So I took this beer and brought it outside to where we were all sitting and gave it to Mike, whom I had bought it for.

The bartender with the hole in his head, leaking all his brains, came out and said something really stupid, that I couldn't even understand...like, what the fuck? He said, you bought that beer for that guy in the bar. And I said, no, I did not. I bought it for Mike. I said I would buy him a beer and I did. But he starts arguing with me, saying, no, you bought that beer for the guy in the bar. And then he said, give me the beer. And I'm like what the fuck is this nutcase going on about??? So he dove for Mike's beer, taking it, and then he jumped at me to take my beer as well, the one that had been sitting there until I could get back to it, but I tried to prevent him from taking it, and yet he lunged at me gripping it away from me. I thought, what the fuck is going on here? As did my friends. And then he walked back into the bar and I walked in right after him saying he is stealing my money and I want my money back! So the owner George gets involved and obviously he immediately presumes that the hole in the head bartender is correct for some strange reason, and he starts on me saying he'll bar me. And I'm thinking, you don't have to, I'm not ever coming back here again for your garbage bullshit. I told him I bought a drink for Mike, and the bartender came and took it and my drink too, for nothing!

And this George, seeing there are two sides to the story, but he wouldn't listen to mine, so he went out to the patio and asked Sam what had happened. And Sam told him. She bought Mike a drink, and the bartender came out and took it saying something stupid about her buying a drink for someone else. I had not bought a drink for that Indian. I bought it for Mike, a friend. Even though the Indian was a nice person, I didn't buy him anything. I only stopped to chat while I waited to be served by hole in the head. So George gives me back 5 dollars? What the fuck, it cost ten dollars for my drink and Mike's and nutcase took both drinks away. So after Sam explained to him what had occurred, I said bye to them two and I left.

It was such a senseless act on the part of that bartender, I knew he was being puppeted by some alien force, because he certainly wasn't using his own mind. For all I know, he was probably drunk or on drugs, fucking idiot, and he thinks he can tell me who I'm buying a beer for? Whose money is it anyway? Huh? Fucking idiot. What kind of insane nut jobs are there on this planet hahaha. Fucking stupid.

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  1. U r so hot when u r in such delicious pain.