Daily Moon Phases

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dark Brother... Ramtha.

This brother of mine, is most perplexing.

In the last post of mine, "Bark brothers, Dark Robes," I take a quote: That is what I can do. To take to give, is to receive, for-give ness.

For example there is a law that any individual on the earth plane must show on his physical form some sign or characteristics which identifies his true essence.

So. What about Ramtha shows a sign? O.K, what characteristics does one "see" about or in Ramtha?
And, for the more discerning; what in his "words" shows? What?

Complex identification. How could I be hoodwinked? I have been hood....winking all my life.

ThatS right. Life is not so easy to hide in, nor hide from. So get with it. What is Ramtha let alone, WHO!?



It's a game o Russian  Roullette, but nobody is rushing.

Love yous

Oh my gosh! It's taking some time to learn my new iPad2, but it's worth it... It helps me to take risks where I otherwise would not. For example, this post...a perfect place to experiment. Because the last time I put up a post on blogger with my iPad, it wouldn't go past a assert aim point in the page I was writing on, before de-livery. But this time, I got courageous and I just shoved in a word . . .  and BOOM, it went to where I left off from the first posting. As you know by now. This is an addition to
the first posting, up above. This is a second addition. Hahahaha. I like this iPad 2. And I like U.

The Devil in Disguise. I see your eyes. I like Rob Zombie music too. "The Devil in All of You"

One must root out the evil within one's own self, before they can go delving into someone else. Perhaps Ramtha was a God-Send, Uh? Oh t's true. Huh? Yes?



(Oh my God I had to come upstairs to my main computer to see what 'did on here. Well, the videos don't show up on iPad2, but they are here. Even so, there are bugs in it. Maybe it's because I didn't update my Google to crome or for that matter, anything else. I guess you gotta have the wisdom of the old with the enthusiasm of the new...otherwise, universeal topple. Hahaha.)


  1. Some YouTube videos show up on an iPad, some don't. The iPad doesn't do Flash, and there's no way to install it. Lucky most of the web is converting from Flash to stuff the iPad can use. iPads rule!

  2. Thanks for letting me know. So right on, they're tending to the iPads. Yea, I love this little tool...it's the best. I can do research anywhere. Even if there is no internet connection when I go out, I still have a bunch of books in my ibooks - library that I can read anywhere. I'm so glad they invented it. And I like that there are so many different apps to choose from. You can create your own computer for whatever you need. The best!