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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The METAL Man.

Do you see that picture up above, in the BELIALITH'S TALES front page? See that knight who lay sleeping? The Tin Man. Hahhaa

If I Only Had A Heart



The next day: I miss my sisters. It's so difficult some times. I see the plastic box on my table with Molly' shoes in them, and I wonder what to do with them. They don't fit me, but I don't want to get rid of them because they remind me of her and it feels like she's still here, but I know she's not, and I am so cramped in this apartment with all these boxes of Rosy's and Molly's stuff... I so want to have my freedom again, to move around, to use the dining table, to clean without all this stuff everywhere, but it all happened so fast and I just can't push myself to rush through it, so I stay crowded around with all their stuff. I know what it's like losing people who are dear to your heart, who've been close to you, and know that however many messages you get that they won't be around for long, are not able to be registered by you. It's tough. It's very tough to move along as though nothing happened when their memory is so fresh in my mind. I'll send comfort out to those who also experienced this tearing away of a loved one through death. Death is an evil terrible thing...it has no mercy.

What do you do? What CAN you do?


  1. Life is a fatal disease: it leaves no survivors.
    Have you considered a storage place, for a couple of months, or a year? At the end of that time, look through what's stored there and see if any of it still truly reminds you of your sisters, or if you can then sell it, donate it, or give it to friends.
    (You can even catalogue what you store using your iPad's camera and review it from time to time at home.)

  2. That is a great idea. I never thought to use my iPad to take pictures of what's in where so I can catalogue all this stuff. As for the rest of it, yea, I was going to have my brother and his wife and then my sister's best friend and her husband to come over and take what they want, and after them I'll have my best friend and then my landlord who is also a close friend to take what they want. Then I'll put away those things to sell for when I can get to it, and the rest of the things I'll bring to a resale shop. The problem was I had to go through all these boxes first, myself, to know what's in them, to take out what's personal, put it aside, to burn what is not needed in the fireplace because I don't want to put that in the recycling bin since it has their names on it, and then I have to organize it all so I have room here to show them others what's here for them to be able to go through it easily. It's such a long process. And they both had a LOT of paperworks, which is the hardest to go through, it could take all day and all night for one box, and you have to think, all those memories that come back to you when you go through that, so you have to pace yourself, you can't do that every day...it's too overwhelming. But I've done some good progress so far. One step at a time and my place will be my own once again. Thanks for that great idea about using mt iPad, that will help me to organize better.