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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Hell Of It All

Yea, the Illuminati must go on... The show must go on.

No matter mad hatter what you so-called common folk may think, you are not half as ready for the Light as you think.

I was rushing along, desperate to get it all done and finished, I wanted peace love and beauty to resume once more. But Jesus came along angrily at me because I was not fathoming the complexity of the situation, that is, what's with the rest of the world. So He stopped me in my tracks and made me to look at the picture for what it was, instead of what I wanted to have done. Euw, terrible stuff, I was going to stop the Earth changes from happening by intercepting Nibiru on its path around the sun and hence practically right next to Earth, was going to put an invisible magnetic-like shield around the planet, but oh boy, I was in the wrong when Christ came storming at me to show how this would not be a beneficial outcome to the mostly sleeping occupants of Earth. So I stopped. Instead of full force on, I only did it half-way because why oh why in this day and Age of Enlightenment must we live like animals (worse than animals) and be tossed and turned by the elements whom God Our Father told us Himself that we are to be in charge over these forces? So to not utterly embarrass this whole Earth, I went half-way to calming those torrrrrrrrential energies from destroying the very fucking ground I walk on. O.K? Thank you, but no thanks is necessary. You've got a hell of a lot of work to do, people, on your spiritual selves.

Hence, the Illuminati as well has slightly changed. They aren't going to take the place of the vehement elements and destroy the planet instead, where they (the elements) would have without intervention. No. But they are going to test you to the max to get up off your law-rels and get into personal action in your lives, to create a better reality than the pathetic one you've been doing for so long, umpteen times. You can't blame the Illuminati for the things you've done on your own, in the meantime, the illuminati can't take the blame for your stubborn refusal to wake up and learn about this Holy life we've been given by Our Father, to explore. All they can do is irk you on to getting to it, and as the saying goes... Just Do It. Wake Up.

So, the show must go on, and the leader you had before, is still your leader today, as The Who song sings....


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