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Friday, July 5, 2013

Enemy Of Humanity, Ray Kurzweil

I bought the book, "The Singularity Is Near." It is written by a psychopath, no if ands or buts about it. I see a donkey for what it is.

In this book Kurzweil takes on the role of salesman to try to sell to the world "the chip." But his salesmanship disguises that ugly fact by calling it "nonbiological intelligence."

The fucking nutcase is trying to sell you into submitting to the chip and those who are ignorant enough to be suckered into his dimwitted scheme, thinking they are going to become more intelligent, will only find themselves a slave to the aliens who brought that thing here to do just that, to enslave humanity the best that they can.... Hence their use of lies to persuade you.

He does everything he can to denigrate the natural human, and plays up the robotic-machine-computer-zombie mind. By cutting down the natural and playing up the synthetic he hopes to seduce humanity into a prison.

No. It's time to shake those fucking intruding aliens off of our planet, and get back to the business of developing our natural inherent god-human capabilities. Christ said, what I'm doing now, you can too, and will do even greater. It's time we put that into experience. Our nonbiological mind is our spirit mind, who we are, where we came from, the Spirit, not some false synthetic construction of the lower alien intelligence, who some don't know where they came from, and in their arrogance are trying to destroy the true fabric of existence, the Spirit.

In "Allies Of Humanity, Book 1, by Marshall Vian Summers," page 47-48 it says:

"This is a time to contribute to the world, to strengthen the human family." Not break it down to part robot part human.

On page 46 it says:

"It is so necessary for people now to learn a greater Knowledge, a greater Wisdom and a greater Spirituality, so that they may find their TRUE abilities and be able to use them EFFECTIVELY."

And on page 45, "...a natural spirituality - the ability to know, to see, and to act."

On the very first page of Ray Kurzwiel's book, he mentions some guy "Tom Swift Jr." who he read about as a little boy. (He sez all 33 of the Victor Appleton II - the second series of the Tom Swift books out of three series, placed there by them things we call secret societies, or 'elite'? - were not out at the time of his reading, I think he said he only read 6.) He says everything Tom does always leads himself and his friends into peril and he would to even bring humanity to peril. So what kind of icon does he want to emulate? Lucifer, i.e. Tom Swift.

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine, Frode (who is from Norway, a Viking). He told me a little story of when he was a boy. He said a girl moved into the neighborhood, a negro. He said he never noticed her skin color, that the thing which stuck out in his mind was she had a broken arm and a cast on it, but her name was Armstrong. He thought it was strange.

Well here we are at Wikipedia.org Tome Swift:

"In his various incarnations, Tom Swift, usually in his teens, is inventive and science-minded, "Swift by name and swift by nature." Tom is portrayed as a natural genius."

Strange huh? That I would have heard that story of the Armstrong yesterday, only to read this...hahah...today.

And then we go to Project Muse - The Three Generations of Tom Swift.

First of all, let me mention something. Ramtha said that in the Altantean times, those hard-headed Atlanteans who worshipped technology also had a religion of worshipping three gods...which represented technology. That's how they ended up destroying themselves, through technology. Anyway... it starts with Tom Swifts father, goes to his son Tom Swift Jr, and I haven't read the books, but I can imagine, somewhere down the road Tom Jr. got married and had another, U Know? Tom Jr. jr.  Not very creative with names, huh?......

"His father and founder of the Swift Construction Company, Barton Swift, is also a talented inventor, but gradually gives way (like the original Lucifer who gave way to the exterior personality instead of staying with the divine that he found in himself), as the series continues, to his more brilliant and gifted son. Mrs. Baggart, the housekeeper, functions as a kind of substitute for the mother Tom has lost."

Mrs Braggart would represent the 'mother' when Tom got rid of his right brain thinking, his spiritual side, so he had to fill that hole up with braggadicio to keep his inventions, his left brain, surface, physical male side, on the up and up...through bragging about what he could do.... yup.

 "His best friend and companion, Ned Newton, (Ned Newt...you mean Lizard) becomes financial manager of the Swifts' company (The build-a-burg Bankers). Mary Nestor, (nesting with Mary huh?) Tom's childhood sweetheart, eventually marries him; unfortunately, the marriage seems to have been detested by young readers, and it led to the series demise." (Yea, everyone who wanted Lucifer or wanted to be like him, all hated when someone took his attention away from themselves. Their utter selfishness was their ungodliness and undoing. Fight Fight Fight...as Marilyn Manson said, uh? It's like what Frode and I were talking about yesterday. When John Lennon found Yoko, the crowds were green with envy and fear. They weren't producing their own love or their own joy. So when Lennon came along he was feeding them love and joy, and when someone came into his life, they all feared that they were going to get less joy and less love, hence they hated her. Then along comes the 'elite' with a brainwashed kid who they had blow John away with so there wouldn't be anymore love or joy, since they were fearing they were losing their power stance. They needed him out of the way.)

"There is also a Swift entourage: Wakefield Damon, (Yea, the awake Demon, haha, in the netherworlds) a neighbor of the Swift family, (who assists them, hahaha) whose favorite expletives involve blessing a variety of objects;

Eradicate Sampson or Rad, (speaks for itself) Mr. Swift's black valet and the butt of jokes which are blatantly racist; and Koku, (Kookoo, Lunatic, the side of Lucifer which is always a problem for his friends' Radical attention, vying for his awareness, instead Lou's mind is turned to his lunacy), a gigantic South American prince rescued by Tom, his bodyguard and Rad's rival for Tom's attention and approbation. All the characters are two-dimensional, and undergo no significant change except for a gradual aging which apparently also contributed to the decline of the series and its eventual death."

Alright, and now to conclude:

This last excerpt is taken from "Awakening To The Extraordinary" by Ramtha. Page 36:

"In your modernized world, there is a threat to do away with the mind of man and woman, in the context of the dreaming mind, the dreaming consciousness, because it is not seen as being technically wise. I say to you that without the dreaming consciousness of man and woman, technology as it is so celebrated would not have been invented. It is like the child trying to destroy the mother."

Do you understand?

      ( and I will rip them out by the roots, those festering weeds... )

                                                 (  FIRE, I bring you fire... )

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