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Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'll Tell You.

I'll tell ya. What is life without life? No such place no such number. The demons of hell are all about us, in life. Hahaha. There is no death. There is only an illusion of it. But while you're living in the illusion, there is nothing else.

CREED - "What's This Life For?"

Wherefore. Wake up thee, my friends, and come along with me. Let me tell ya.

Once upon a time.....

                    There lived a great witch. So great was this witch, that everyone came to her for remedies, to anything, everything, whatever ailed them, they came to her for help. She did not speak much, but she knew the language. All she did was to show up and BE, and that is the rest of the story. For her life was so great in love, she didn't need to speak a word. She showed up with the desire to help, concern in her heart, for those whom she now held in personal responsibility. Never did she stinj (as in stinginess) on duty. Even when she got stuck and became stagnant. It was after all, Lucifer who came to her aid, and through him, she began life again, free of stagnation. This here is me. I'm the one, the devil's son. Not. Hahaha. I'm a female. I'm not the one, I'm not the Son

CREEDence Clearwater "For-tunate Son!"

So yea babies, you've got to listen to your heart. While you're listening to someone else, you got to listen to your own self too. I had to learn that. I had to go like, duh, this person over here is telling me all their stuff of what I should do and what I shouldn't do, and uh, I guess I should do what they tell me to because it would be rude not to. But then I find that while doing what they said, I was really fucked up since I was fucking up my entire life by not listening to what I had wanted to do originally, which was something WAY better than the ramble out of someone's mouth about what I or anyone else should do. So I had to stop, look, and listen. And when I finally could do that...hahaha...it took a while, then I realized that some people just ramble because that's what they're feeling at the time; doesn't mean you need to listen to them to follow everything they say...just listen, that's all. Then do what ever comes naturally to you. That way, you don't need to fight anyone about what's right and what's not right. You just do it. That's all. Sincerely, quietly, simply. Just be yourself.

That's what I'll tell ya.

I like rambling too, I'll tell ya. EspEchially when I'm drinking my wine and smoking my hmhm, cigarettes. Fer sure. There's nothing better than to do what fits best for you. How can you be anything other? Where else DO your lessons come from? Somewhere OUTside of yourself? No. Not at all. Everything you personally experience is ALWAYS from within YOU, the INDIVIDUAL who YOU are. There is no other but you. There is no face mask you could possibly be, even though you can pretend to be someone else, but that still is you being the pretender, you see?

So do that. Be. Enjoy. Do what pleases you, and fear less about what people think than what is going on inside of you...because you are a powerful person...and I would be afraid to miss any of that nourishment coming from myself if I were you.

I don't miss nourishment from myself. I pay attention. I'm like a calf at the cows breast. I suck the milk's nourishment into my soul and it expands my consciousness. One must listen to themselves, one must observe themselves performing, because the Spirit lives within you, whether you deny it doesn't matter, because it IS inside of you, and everytime you look, it helps you to re-align yourself with your true self even better. That's where I get all MY wisdom from. By listening to my mouth speak, by watching myself behave, by hearing what's going on inside my emotional system, by feeling the instincts electrically spacing through the entire bodily structure to alert me to anything I may not be aware of. The intuition is a very high language. It doesn't just speak one language, which is to warn you of danger. It also speaks to you for growth, like poetry that is softly spoken and beautifully conveyed, your instinctual center also does that for you... you just need to be aware. Pay attention to it...to yourself.
You have to. You have nothing else.

Alright. Alright, one more song. Remember Robert Plant? Hmhmhm. Well, I wrote him some letters and he used my words as inspiration. Here's a song from that union.


(I LOVE the part where Robert Plant goes on the harmonica..ah, it's sooo bEAUtiful!(

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