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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Channeled Ramtha & Seth Entities.

Because I didn't like everything that I was reading in the Ramtha books, and yes, I thought he was arrogant...I did some research outside and around on him. This is what I found.

From: Zeta Talk: Ramtha

"Note: written on Mar 15, 2002

The entity claiming to be Ramtha, speaking through a channel, is widely viewed as a male entity, and for good reason. This is not via a channel, but from a male associate of the channel, a woman. Why the deception? In the world of man, it is males who have influence, but females who are allowed broad scope in what they report, in that they are assumed to be illogical and emotional. This in conjunction with the stage presence and appearance and confidence of the individual who would be the public front, determined which of the pair would go on stage. The male contactee determines the content of the Ramtha messages, but the newscaster is a woman claiming to be a channel. This contactee is arrogant and in contact with Service-to-Self entities as was Tesla. He received information and projections allowing him to have a substantial track record on predictions, in order for the Ramtha message to gather a large following, which it did. As with the Service-to-Self aliens giving the original MJ12 group ships, supposedly to allow them to secure the technology, this was a false promise. MJ12 never secured any technology, as dissecting the ships energy source or navigation devices caused explosions. But the myths of a technology exchange for access to American citizens exists today. Thus, Ramtha, after establishing his initial repute, was no longer given information, as he was considered cutting lose from his bonds by his controllers. Frustrated in increasing his scope, he turned to petty control games, revealing his true orientation in these later days."


From: The Occult: On Channeling

"The hidden purpose of the spirits is to gain the confidence of men so they can influence and control them to bring their eventual spiritual ruin." (2 Cor. 4:4)

I was thinking how Yaldaboath must have given the demons, aliens, lower entities around Earth, the order to try to mess up man because he wants to get the power back that he stole from Sophia and blew with his breath into man, or he wants to decimate man to keep him out of the way so he doesn't have to compete with their brilliance. That's why all the channeled messages are the same, because they work off-planet with each other in a plan, and sometimes they compete with each other, fighting for "position," so their messages may be garbled and conflicting.

In the same site it says: "Channeled spirits who claim to be wise and loving entities or angels sent from God, are lying spirits which the Bible identifies as demons. Despite their seeming charm and benevolence, this is only a ruse to establish trust. As one channeler points out, "Guides have a vested interest in being friendly" (from "Companions in Spirit: A Guide to Working with Your Spirit Helpers" by Laeh M. Garfield and Jack Grant; 1984, page 42).

Potential dangers: Spiritual deception, occult bondage, demon possession, mental breakdown, physical harm, shortened life, financial and other risks perpetuated by fraudulent channelers, and other consequences."

"Shortened life," which reminds me of Jane Roberts, the one who channeled Seth. She was always becoming more ill, even though the entity Seth kept on teaching about 'Point of Power,' and how one is to focus on health, then every day to do one thing in which to demonstrate and express your intent and decision of health. Despite all his teachings, she died much too young of health complications. Illness, most likely brought on by the channeling of this entity.

And when I did an intense study of Seth, I found he too, like Ramtha, had controllers. They were unemotional robotic computer-like beings, who the people disliked very much when Seth stepped aside and introduced them allowing them to take over Jane's body to communicate their messages through her. So Seth was like the mask, the benevolent entertaining personality who was there as a ruse, controlled by his 'masters.' They didn't stick around long, seeing they would lose their entire audience; wherefore Seth was replaced to now do the salesmanship, the selling of their message to the public, because he had more charm, was easily lovable.

For some reason, this comes to mind:  "The Concept of Our Great Power" from the Nag Hammadi Library. Something to do with the "psychic aeon."

But let's check out the first bit:

"Know how what has departed came to be, in order that you may know how to discern what lives to become: of what appearance that aeon is, or what kind it is, or how it will come to be. Why do you not ask what kind you will become, (or) rather how you came to be?

Discern what size the water is, that it is immeasurable (and) incomprehensible, both its beginning and its end. It supports the earth; it blows in the air where the gods and the angels are. But in him who is exalted above all these there is the fear and the light, and in him are my writings revealed. I have given them as a service to the creation of the physical things, for it is not possible for anyone to stand without that One, nor is it possible for the aeon to live without him. It is he who possesses what is in him by discerning (it) in purity."


Ramtha, Seth, and all other entities, and all channelers aren't the bad guy.

Judgement of them and of ourselves is. Because we only limit ourselves, and in limitations, we cannot expand. So give it up

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