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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Merry Mary

It was hilarious. Moe Joe the D.J. in Detroit Michigan had started a call-in line to his radio station telling us listeners to call in and leave a short message telling us what you think. Hahaha, well the Devil decides to call...this was back in the mid-80s or so.

So I've got the radio playing in the background. It's a RUN DMC song. I called in and left a short message with my name at the end, but before I hung up, I put the receiver to the radio exactly when the part in the song was about the devil and cutting a head off. Terrible stuff I know, but how was I to know exactly what would be playing after I spoke my message.

Well, next thing you know, Moe Joe is very excited about the unusual calls he'd been getting, so he makes a whole show out of it, and one of my calls was played back on air. I had put a couple or three messages in. I think he was interviewing RUN DMC that night, and no doubt he had them listen to specifically that message which I had sent in when I closed with their song.

Next thing you know, a few months later, my friend the photographer Chris Catsoufis was talking to me and said he just recently met RUN DMC walking downtown Windsor (right across from Detroit). I was thinking daern, I wish I was there to talk to them because they said in their song they had something important to talk about. So, here are their lyrics, hahaha, for...

(The proof is in da puddin - http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rundmc/raisinghell.html)

"Mary, Mary"

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

Had a fly girl Flo, called her honey
Next thing she spent up all my money
?? debt, you and your girl's dizzy
Stopped movin crack but you're still gettin pissy
You could call me everyday God sent
like you was Lois Lane and I was Clark Kent
I spend and I spend and you spent and you spent
Now my house with a mouse is a roach with a tent

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

Mary Mary Mary you cold thumb suckin
Lookin for you, but you keep duckin
I wanna find you, I gotta tell you somethin
So just be quiet and don't say NUTTIN
Mary Mary Mary why you out there stuntin?
Supposed to be with me, but not you're FRONTIN
We started out new, you used to be true
Now you're buggin, what's wrong with you?

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

This girl Mary I knew so well
I met her on the road in a fly hotel
High on the heels and never failed
(Clubs and the pubs is where she dwelled)
Story about Mary was well to tell
She seemed to scheme for a dream to sell
She spent a night locked in a cell
I knew Mary well cause she +Raising Hell+

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

It's not Mary who was quite - contrary
Talkin bout Mary who was always in a - hurry
The things she needed were necessary
She did not need, a busted cherry
True and blue just like a blueberry
Ask if she's crazy and I'll say very
Livin in a house that's out on the prairie
I worry about Mary cause Mary is scary!

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?
"Mary, Mary.." I NEED YA HUGGIN

"Mary, Mary.." WHY YA BUGGIN?

Hahaha, yea it's so fucking hilarious. I lived on the Last House On The Left. It was 5190 Ray Road, RR#3 Maidstone, Ontario NOR 1K0. How could I ever forget. That's where Prince first came and visited me. I was dying my hair, eating a snack and watching "Dynasty" on T.V. He sure picked a great time to first meet. Well I never went to the door, and neither did anyone else until he was at the car in the dark. My parents were calling my little brother because they thought it was his friend at the door. Damn Seven, sure knows how to surprise me. Oh yea, Seven is the dark seven foot tall shadow that I saw standing over and through Prince while he stood there at the front window. I just stared, shocked, I couldn't do anything. First of all my hair was under a towel and second of all I saw that seven foot tall shadow with points of light all through him, standing there superimposed upon Prince. It was freeeaky. And I was fuming mad at Seven for bringing him there when I wasn't ready. I had told Seven a couple weeks earlier that I wanted to use Prince's body to fuck Seven through. I just didn't know...I thought Prince was like 5 feet 10 inches. How are we going to get Seven, a seven foot tall being into a sweet and tiny hmhm, 4 foot something figure? Hm. I didn't think that was a good idea when I saw it. So I used Bryan's body because he was an asshole and was bugging me. He wanted to have me but I didn't want him and so he was manipulating, and I had enough of him so I had Seven possess his body, and haha, I made love with Seven through him. I did it three times. Once I asked Seven to not be in his body so I could see what kind of lover he was...euw, it was horrible. I told Seven to get immediately back inside. Then I left for Toronto because I didn't want to be doing that too much, otherwise I would get the karma instead of Bryan...who shouldn't be manipulating a girl for sex.

So yea. Mary can be scary. Watch out boys, She's after you....

 (That's why Rob Zombie has a wife. Otherwise, I'd be with him. Sorcerer and Sorceress of dark and light.)


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