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Friday, September 13, 2013

Are We Ourself

Are we are we, are we ourself tonight? Are we ourself tonight, are we our self? In through the out door, shall I make more mistakes?

Hello everyone. Well come to the thriller killer show, because tomorrow, who knows, huh? Ha? Hahahahahahaa...... Yup.

Ahlright. to get the nite stauted....

Kisssssssssssssss  myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  face.....   LOVE me. (f...) (c;;;)

that was a nice poem. Wouldn''t you love the secret of one-eyed poems? You could speak two words and everyone whou could would quote you. Yea. That's right....coat you.

Hahahahahahhahaaaa. Haahhahahhahahhaaaaaa Oh you humans and your stupid egos. How I'd love to fuck you all.

Oh, did they tell you there was sucha thing as ssslang lang? Well this is it. Thisss izz, slaaaang laaaang. Baby, bit ya. Bite back.

Aren't those roses too pretty for words?
I think
They're not on sale.

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