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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pictures Speak Too.

Just like words, only needed thing is, more discretion. How come, why? You ask. I respond, oh....because....it's just the way it is. "   Meaning, one must find their own answers instead of asking others, questions.

So. To go back to pictures. Here's one I just layed my eyes on, haha, and liked it.

What do you suggest?
It's a different species all together. Look, it has it's bear claws, all 5 of them, whereas a cat's paw, don't look quite like that. Hey. Let's listen to some music!
 ah. that was so pretty.
O.K. Now for some David Bowie.
 awww, this is the sweetest thing I ever saw!
 That was so sweet.
NOW!  Let's watch a movie!
It's Alfred Hitchcock... my favorite genius. Bluddy beautiful.
           In Baby Blue

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