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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mary Mary Why Ya Buggin?

Sounds like something the beasty boyz would say.

So don't be all wound up, be undone. Haha. Like when you 'just can't get enough'. Like that. Be all unfulfilled, all unwound up.

So. Now. Nothing is buggin you. See how fast that works? It's great. The faster the better, as, then, we can get back to pleasure.

Music. Remember? That's the most spiritual thing we got on this planet. Someone boxed it up and sent it down to planet Earth for those gifted, skillfull being who come out of their shell to listen to what those 'someone's' boxed up and sent to us. And so, we're living in glory. Having music to show for it.

They (Ramtha says) say there is music all over this Universe, except for in third density. They say that we have to have gifted people to listen up on to the higher levels to hear that music so they could bring it down to us, in super slow motion waveworks here, called vibration, so that us people here can enjoy some of that universal communication. Think. How Important then IS music. I hate when those stupid machine's think they're correcting what they feel are my mistakes. I am writing ARTISTICALLY, not fucking stupidly as the machine jumps out to switch the words I just placed. Underlining and then allowing me to change the so called spelling or not, is a better idea. A choice is what all life is about anyway. Who is going to try to take my life away, the way I express things? Nobody. When I want to prune, I will prune. When I want my self to grow flourishing, all over the place, however it wants to grow... then I will allow it.

And now...Time For ME....to PRUNE YOU.

Is that my lizard brain speaking again?


What do you think it's all about? Where DID the term Devil first come from? David? Sounds similar.
Geez Louis, we could have here a reeeeaaaaal contradiction. Anyone in for destroying the polarization within? Well I'm here on the fucking straight road with a straight blade. Eating these computers and their correcting of my so called MISS takes. Alchemizing the whole thing into something way better!

Is this a prison? And who are the guards? And who are their owners? After all, dogs of dogs, can be found where the

Why don't the computer fix my mistake of not placing the right words in, and fill in what I should have said.



To all those elite computer programners: If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck.

It's trying not to be obvious, you know what I mean?

Choose to use your choices correctly.

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