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Friday, May 13, 2016

Andrew Bartzis on "Awakening"


It was a time where the universal clock had been ticking and ticking and ticking away and telling our DNA lineage souls “It’s a time for awakening. Unify your souls. Go through those soul chards. Find what is to be here and in the now, the now of the end, the end of causality and effect.” So the end of causality and effect is when all DNA lineages resolve in karma, came to this world, in a massive remedy and resolve process that separated us in a non-separation way.
And during that time here in this dream world while we were also in the real world separated through all the different dimensions, time streams, galaxies and universes, we began to mass invest here a beachhead of souls, began to get deeper and deeper, as a system of domination and control began to consume and consume, and now we’ve come to this term sovereignty, where we learned that free will at all levels must be expressed, and yet here we sit listening to free will but not practicing free will. So, key: we must practice free will at all times. The unification of causality and effect is the key to understanding the dreamtime global awakening.
Long before we began experiencing timeline genocide, time was originally studied as the nature of space and reality, but we are going to have a whole new different experience of time. We will be able to be in multiple time, planets, galaxies and universes simultaneously while we’re here, because the technology that is here upon earth is spiritual technology. It allows us to project to other places, times and events and actually work with their causality and effect so that remedy and resolve ultimately becomes a universal expression. So justice and judgment are no longer going to be used in the framework of our shared reality.

That was Andrew Bartzis' insight, which I get in my email. So, just as the unification of cause and effect is the key to understanding dreamtime global awakening, the unification of polar opposites is the key to waking up to the higher realms. 

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