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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Square Of Creation, Triangularity of Energy.

Hm. Something unusual. I just saw a picture in one of the Rosicrucians' writings. It reminded me of something I already saw, personally, in a trip I took from my physical form into a different place.

Then I remembered another situation I had....where Christ showed me something, differently. So I'm going to write about this.

First there was the picture that Christ showed me. And it was this: He was standing in the space in front of me, a short distance away. Then in front of Him, He moved his arms open, outward, and there appeared a square. It was as though He were showing me about Creation. And then, this square, from His chest to His lower body, in front of Him, split in a cross section, so now it showed four squares in that main square. And then inside those four squares appeared Universes. I looked at the Universes. One of them seemed to be ours. It had the more round balls, planets, with somewhat rounded rings around some of the planets. The other Universe was super fast. It had extreme elliptical shapes and the planets seemed to be moving super fast. The other Universe seemed to be empty...like nothing was happening in there, like it was invisible, I didn't see any shapes, but it was a Universe. The other Universe, I don't remember. Oh well. I need to practice hypnosis to remember it. So that was it. Then He was communicating other things to me, of a more personal nature that I won't talk here about.

A few short years later, I had a different experience. I was to meet Lucifer out where He's at. I sort of have a difficult time writing about Him. But I'll do it anyway. So I lay my body on the bed and I left it and went to where He was. I saw Him standing there outside in the sunlight amongst many young adult male beings, teaching. For some reason, I saw a surface of the Reptilian sort, but I didn't see it for long, because my sight cuts through the surface and I was seeing them in their true forms. Like Men form. You know? I stood further away from the group so as not to disturb them and the teachings they were getting. But they noticed me and then Lucifer looked up and I motioned through my mind I wanted to talk to Him. So He communicated to me telepathically without words, to go inside that place and wait for Him there. So I went inside, and it was a huge place, quite pretty. It had a large rounded roof or ceiling in part of it, and the inside was like a huge cathedral but without all the detailed decorations. It was nice and quiet, somewhat dark but with a lovely light shining through the window of the top dome, cutting through into the dark. It was very pretty. Then He came into the place and only us two were in there. I had problems stabilizing my form when He showed up. My body kept tumbling in the space and I had to still myself so I would stop moving. He, on the other hand, had no problem. Oh my gosh, He's so well contained and composed. Not one ounce of disturbance in Him. I certainly need to learn hypnosis to be like that! You know? So I finally got control over myself, and He had patience with me, I could tell in His eyes, there was perhaps a storm as well, but it was hard to tell. Anyway, He was patient.
   Then when I was back to stable, He walked across the room and I followed. We stopped at a really large square that looked like a mirror, and it was a bit taller than He. I stood there and watched as He opened it out. It slid out of the place it was in, and now was next to Him standing upright. It had a cross through the corners so that it looked like four triangles that met at the middle, and the colour of the entire glass work was a kind of neon green that glowed a bit. When I saw that, then another mirror came out of that one, being exactly the same kind and stood in front of it. Like twins. That was all, and then I left the place and returned to my body on the bed, and I opened my eyes into my bedroom.

So this picture that I saw in the Rosicrucians work, was similar.

You see how it crosses through the middle to make four triangles? Same thing. But the picture Christ showed me was cut through to make four equal squares. Sort of like that was representative of foundation, and Lucifer's was representative of energy in motion because of the triangles. Anyway, I thought I'd share that.

It's on page 8 of the PDF, Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, Altona 1785

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