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Friday, February 24, 2012

Billion-year-old Psychological Implants ?

From the book "Matrix 1" by Valdamar Valerian:

Grey Species '2' :  "In electonic space societies of positive orientation, such as the Zeta Reticulans, knowledge and data are most often disseminated under duress. Training or education is accomplished by forceful means such as the electronic implant. There are several means of rapid inculcation, depending on whether the recipient makes use of a "meat body" (physical/organic), or an android body.

In one method, the individual is made to don a helmet covered with wires, a crystalline cubic affair is put into a niche in the top of the helmet and a strobe light is made to play on the individual's optic nerve in order to entrain patterns onto their brain waves. The recipient's initial reaction is his consciousness is aware of scrambled images which after the initial shock wears off, are aligned sequentially and impressed into his consciousness. In short, the person is given a programmed response system. In this way, individuals are trained in a brief time to do complex tasks without having to undergo lengthy training.

Sometimes the subject is hypnotized or made to sleep and a high frequency microwave emission is used as a carrier wave on which to transmit encoded data into the nerve complex. This information may be triggered into conscious awareness at a later time by a preset stimulus-response signal in the environment, such as a sub-audio or visual signal. It might be noted here, not only do different alien groups use this technique, but modifications of this technique are used by the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Many of the famous political assassinations in the United States were carried out in this manner. There are innumerable references to support that statement.

The carrier waves are usually emanations that will parallel the biological field frequency of the entity itself, or resonate upon it. They are often sound-code symbols or visuals in facsimile form.

The Grey Species '2' (Reticulans) have an interesting variation in technique whereby the recipient sits fully aware facing a screen and computer console and interacts with images on a holographic display. It is thought the events during the Bentwaters incident in 1980 which took place underground to one of the military members, was one of these processes. The subject was put before a similar screen, and even though there were others in chairs in the room, the screen was addressing him as an individual.

There is another process which occurs that involves the recipient lying on a table (or being suspended in the air) facing upwards where they can view a light bar of multi-coloured flashing lights. It is here where billion-year-old psychological implants may be restimulated. Some of these implants are responsible for humans not realizing their true nature, and also, for the system of self-imposed limitation that is rampant on earth. During this process, the recipient is reprogrammed to perform other activities which can be triggered at a later moment. There is some evidence that many abductees over the past several years have been programmed with instructions, but we cannot determine the exact nature of the instructions -- only that they are to be carried out in the next two to five years.

While these instructions serve to slow the evolution of humans, they do not bring anything to a halt. The Grey species in general will only gain a temporary interactive benefit from these actions, and eventually all Grey species will cease this type of interaction and will progress to other activities.

It is not at present in the interest of some of the EBEs to have terrestrial humans move into 4th density (specifically, development of telepathic abilities), and the Greys in particular do not want the old energy grids on earth reactivated again. Well, they are gradually being reactivated anyway, whether they like it or not. Reactivation of the energy grid, from what we can determine, will serve to open some or all of the dimensional doorways which interlink earth with other locations. This, the EBEs perceive, will interfere with their activities."

Page 61: "Crystalline technology plays an important part in the modification and manipulation of the human. Those of you who are familiar with the term "chakra" will know that these energy networks sustain the physical form and to some degree contribute to various psychological predispositions that affect the terrestrial human. Electronic and crystalline manipulation of human bioenergetic fields is the prime method used by EBEs to interact with humans, especially when they are after genetic materials or using humans for food. Food? Yes, they have been observed doing that too. Although rather rare, (is that a pun intended? er...) we have uncovered cases where humans have been placed in the category of "foodstuff" by the EBEs. (Make sure you smoke your cigarrettes every day and have an alcoholic drink every once in a while. They hate that. And so you won't be in the 'foodstuffs' category.) There is evidence that this was occuring at Dulce labs. (Yea they were probably having a drink and a smoke every chance they got!)

These EBEs perform some of the following actions:
- Cloning themselves in bladder-like wombs.
- Impregnation of human females for later extraction of fetuses.
- Creation of android humanoids with limited life spans.
- Acquisition of biological materials, such as DNA and tissue from cattle and human beings for genetic based research effort.

     The efforts of these EBEs to save their species is most determined. Efforts at cross-breeding are more difficult, if not impossible, because the genetic difference between the species are so vast. Yet they still persist at the attempts. They have achieved some limited success.

The degree to which the EBEs have interpenetrated our civilization is massive. They maintain bases all over the world, especially in the United States, and control virtually every aspect of our society at the root level. At the superficial power domination level, the Illuminati-related groups control areas that interface directly with terrestrial humans. What humans view as "conspiracy" is only a superficial perception of a deeper, multi-level problem.

Inside the Federal Government in the United States there is an inner government, including MJ-12, which makes use of the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, the military and the Federal Reserve banking system. Mind control of the populace to further preserve the status-quo is one of the reasons why thought-beam and implant technology became one of the driving forces to make an agreement with the EBEs.

Release of various substances, such as viruses and bacteria, to further reduce undesirable elements of the human population, and withdrawal of social programs to further factionalize the population, have been and are being performed under the guidance of the EBEs to enable further control of the population of the earth. These procedures are designed to benefit both the EBEs and the factions that maintain the ego-domination power structure that exists.

At this point, I feel it is necessary to say that what the people view as "the government" (or what Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had in mind) has long since been overthrown by these other forces, and the freedoms that Americans "enjoy" are contrived and well controlled "liberties." The human race as a whole has been betrayed and subverted.

The idea of what was "for the common good" has been transformed from a peaceful progressive process of evolution, into a devoluting process of dehumanization.

Now, the idea of "One World, One Government" that has been proposed is only an extension of current processes to envelop the entire planet. When the situation were quite different, and the human race were not being assaulted from so many directions, it might develop that way on its own, as more humans develop further into 4th density and become more telepathic. Being a telepathic society does not destroy individualism, but it does set the stage for a society which, in its interaction, is honest, loving and non-judgemental in its relationships with each other and other species. However, it will only develop this way when not diverted by other influences.

When the planet has been influenced this way, then it must be changed were we to advance and evolve into a peaceful progressive civilization."

Actually...let me say a few words here too. The hmhm, when the what? " the human race were not being assaulted from so many directions?" Ha! The not facing who you are, is like being assaulted by you when a being is facing who they are. Think about that. Someone who is truly their own self comes along and stands in the midst of this place with all you group of beings around with your so-called 'ideas' about life, and you sneer at that person, cut them down, feel envious, jealous, resentful of them, when in fact they didn't do anything to stimulate those reactions from you. It is YOUR responsibility to take control of YOUR Own self. Not for someone else to stop surrounding you, oh poor little you, and 'taking?' away your ability? to control yourself? Ha! Hahaha. It's up to you to take responsibility over your own self. Then you may find you will learn in every situation what to think, how to behave, thence not attracting so many fiends around you, by spreading more love, those fiends will become friends. Thank you very much. It's your individual problem. And it's all about getting an OBJECTIVE view of existence. That is how you may be free of the eebs.

Did you ever think of taking responsibility? What'd ya think, yer parents were gonna do it forever?


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