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Sunday, February 5, 2012

War of the Soul Versus Body/Animal

From the Cassiopaean Transcripts by Laura Knight

Session 30 July 1994 

July 30, 1994

"Frank", "Candy", Laura

Q: Hello.
A: Hello.
Q: And who do we have with us?
A: Name Panua Name Oz Name Pamala
Q: (L) Where are you from?
A: Corsoca.
Q: (L) Do you have messages for us?
A: Be careful.
Q: (L) Of what?
A: Aliens.
Q: (L) Which Ones?
A: Orions.
Q: (L) What do they do?
A: Follow you.
Q: (L) Did Ann, Candy and Laura see an alien craft last night?[1]
A: You better believe it.
Q: (L) Whose craft was it?
A: Orion.
Q: (L) Did it appear for us specifically.
A: No.
Q: (L) Do they know we saw them?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Did they leave because we saw them?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Were they planning to abduct somebody?
A: Maybe. You are next.
Q: (L) What?
A: To be abducted.
Q: (L) Who?
Q: (L) By whom?
A: Orion.
Q: (L) When?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Why?
A: For Knowledge monitoring. Craft above now.
Q: (L) Above the house?
A: Absolutely.
Q: (L) Is it good for me to be abducted.[2]
A: Neutral.
Q: (L) Will I be abducted because I saw them last night?
A: Partly. Mike and JW have reported you.[3]
Q: (L) Are they in cahoots with the aliens?
A: Not knowingly.
Q: (L) How, then?
A: Subconscious. Implants.
Q: (L) Do we have implants?
A: Two implants; one monitor.
Q: (L) What is the difference between a monitor and an implant?
A: All are monitors. Implant is permanent. Frank and Laura have permanent implants. Candy got monitor three months ago. Next is implant.
Q: (L) Why?
A: To watch and observe you.
Q: (L) Why?
A: You are all higher level beings. Frank implant: 4 years old. Laura implant: 5 years old.
Q: (L) Have Laura's children been abducted?
A: Not yet.
Q: (L) Have Candy's children been abducted?
A: One.
Q: (L) Which one?
A: Last.
Q: (L) Who is putting implants in us?
A: Orions.
Q: (L) And there is nothing we can do about it? That's sick!
A: A matter of perspective.
Q: (L) What do the Orions look like?
A: Grays.
Q: (L) Are they big nosed grays like I have read about in some sources?[4]
A: Both kinds of grays.
Q: (L) Are they insectoid?
A: No.
Q: (L) Do they have hive souls?
A: No.
Q: (L) Do they have emotions?
A: No.
Q: (L) Do they want human bodies as hosts?
A: Some.
Q: (L) What is their planet like?
A: Similar to earth.
Q: (L) What planet is it described in several books as a desert with huge spiders with legs like tree trunks?[5]
A: Uzuli.
Q: (L) Has any of us ever been abducted by the giant spiders?
A: No one has.
Q: (L) Well why have people seen this planet?
A: It is one of the planets of ZR 4.
Q: (L) What is ZR 4?
A: Zeta Reticuli 4. There are seven planets. The 4th one.
Q: (L) What other information can you give us?
A: Base of Aliens near here small.
Q: (L) Are you the ones we refer to as the 'Boys in Brazil'?[6]
A: Yes. Anclote Gulf Park[7] used to be a military base. Underground.
Q: (L) Why underground?
A: To hide.
Q: (L) What group are you with?
A: Federation. Among many.
Q: (L) Is there any way we can prevent Orion abductions?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why?
A: It would interfere with universal law of free will and service to self.
Q: (L) But we don't want to be abducted. Can't we stop it?
A: Not likely. They have more power than you.
Q: (L) Well then, why can't you help us?
A: Would interfere in natural progression of your race and theirs. Jews called upon us to save them - could not. And natives of your land from your race - could not stop that either. Natural progression, see?
Q: (L) Are we going to be wiped out by aliens as part of this natural progression?
A: Maybe. What makes you feel you are special?
Q: (L) Jesus told us God loves us. Is this true?
A: But it is the soul that matters, not the body. The body dies not the soul.
Q: (L) Well, this whole thing just gives us the creeps.
A: No. You are energy. There is an energy that comes from soul and body connection; later the body is used for parts.
Q: (L) What are they using our energy and bodies for?
A: Create a new race. Theirs fading out.
Q: (L) Well, do they just take people and kill them and do what with them?
A: Slice them up.
Q: (L) Do they die?
A: Maximum matter and energy transfer during transition.
Q: (L) In other words, you are saying that a slow painful death gives them the most of what they want? This is totally sick.
A: You asked for truth. You say it is sick but it is merely the ultimate form of service to self.

At this point my daughter, who was standing by and watching, described reading a passage in a book which stated that Native Americans believed a slow torturous death of an enemy gave them more power. As she finished speaking, the Cassiopaeans added:

A: What about your lab animals? Is that not service to self as well? What about unwanted insects et cetera?
Q: (L) We were here first!
A: So were insects. Grays now want your planet.
Q: (L) That is sick.
A: Is natural progression sick?
Q: (L) Is what is happening something like what Jesus described in the parable of the wheat where the workers come in to take out the weeds first?
A: Close.
Q: (L) What kind of people is this being done to?
A: Low level humans.[8]
Q: (L) What happens to the high level humans?
A: Some will survive.
Q: (L) Will Jesus be reincarnated into a body?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is Jesus an alien?
A: One of us.[9]
Q: (L) Will there be atomic war?
A: No.
Q: (L) Will there be a war in the sky with the aliens?[10]
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will it be between Orions and the Federation?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will it be visible on earth?
A: Oh, yes.
Q: (L) When will this be?
A: It has already started. Will intensify steadily.
Q: (L) Why are we not aware that it has already started?
A: Disguised at this point as weather. Fighting part still in other dimension. Will go to this one within 18 years. Anytime within this period. Not determinable exactly when. Could be tomorrow or 18 years.
Q: (L) 18 years from now is 2012. Is there some special significance to that time?
A: By then.
Q: (L) Will the earth be affected by a comet or planet?
A: Maybe. One at a time please. Stop thinking physical thoughts - they are low frequency.
Q: (L) What do you mean by physical thoughts? Who is thinking physical thoughts?
A: Anything to do with body or animal like - minimize as much as possible - that raises vibration level.[11]
Q: (L) Is vegetarianism then the way we should eat?
A: That is concentrating on the physical. The body is not important.
Q: (L) Does this mean that to worry about the body in any way is wrong?
A: Close. Don't concentrate on life in the body. Concentrate on the spirit.
Q: (C) Does this mean Laura should ignore her heart condition?
A: Don't worry about it. Treat the spirit.
Q: (L) Well, heart troubles mean that the heart is broken. Why is my heart broken?
A: Confused energy.
Q: (L) How can we improve the energy for reception?
A: Meditate in general.
Q: (L) But we like being in bodies and having opportunities to love and appreciate the natural world and all the beautiful things of creation. It is only natural to not want to terminate access to something that can be so pleasant.
A: Concentrating on trying to prolong life in the body. You will always have access.
Q: (L) Would we be happy moving to British Guyana?[12]
A: Not likely.
Q: (L) Will we be happy staying here and fixing this house?
A: More likely. No dish or clothes washers in Guyana. No electricity. No air conditioning. Are you ready for that?
Q: (L) But we don't want to stay here and be eaten by aliens!
A: Aliens eat Guyanans too.
Q: (L) But where should we go when Florida sinks?[13]
A: Who said Florida was going to sink?
Q: (L) Are we chosen?
A: What is chosen? Only you can choose. The choice comes by nature and free will and looking and listening. Where you are is not important. Who you are is and also what you see.
Q: [Unknown question.]
A: Haven't you figured out by now?
Q: [Unknown question.]
A: Up to you to discover. Use other medium for that.[14] Have given enough. Must go.
End of Session

As the reader can see, we were asking a whole lot of random questions about aliens and abductions that were based on the many things we had read or heard about the topic.


[1] The three of us had gone to visit a friend and had a very unusual sighting of a stationary, triangular craft with a bright light on each corner. When we pulled off the road under it and stopped, as soon as I got out of the car, it just zoomed away.

[2] I still had a lot of mixed feelings about the phenomenon of abduction. There were so many groups and sources propagating the idea that it was "for the good of mankind," even if such activity was based on violation of free will, pain, terror and suffering.

[3] The first individual mentioned here, claimed to be a UFO investigator with a lot of supposed "credentials" that later turned out to be fake. He was quite a character, going around in his white convertible, wearing a straw hat and safari type clothing, with a "UFO detector" in his pocket disguised as a cigarette pack that occasionally began to beep wildly, at which point he would dash off to a telephone to report the presence of a UFO to some secret organization to which he claimed to belong. He was obsessed with "Bigfoot". It was all pretty comical, and typical of the kinds of nuts that you find in the UFO milieu. The second individual was someone I would never have dreamed of being "in cahoots" with aliens. He was most emphatically sure of one thing: if he ever met an alien, he would shoot first and ask questions later! Of course, he also believed firmly that the Annunaki were our gods and would return one day and he would be there to welcome them! He even thought that humanity should build giant houses for them in advance.

[4] See Ray Fowler's The Andreasson Affair.

[5] See Whitley Strieber's Majestic.

[6] This is our joking reference to "whoever is in charge of the universe".

[7] This is a County Park next door to a power plant. The warm water outflow of the cooling towers makes a haven for manatees and many other fish. It is a little bit south of some ancient Indian mounds, also.

[8] The question naturally arises as to what is meant by "high level humans" as opposed to "low level humans." The reader should not get caught up in thinking that this is an "elitist" or exclusionary definition in terms of the value of all human beings in their own context and reality. It has to do with, simply, the difference between those who are ready to graduate to a new level of being, and those who wish to continue in physical existence. In all cases, it is a choice that is demonstrated by one's frequency, rather than by whether or not one says that they are one or the other.

[9] "Us" meaning 6th density, not necessarily "Cassiopaeans." This will become clear as we go along.

[10] This was a recurring dream of mine, that there would be a "space war."

[11] This was a curious remark. I knew I wasn't thinking "low level" thoughts, I was pretty focused on my questions. I also knew Frank well enough to know that it wasn't him. So, the only logical candidate for a person thinking "low level" thoughts having to do with "animal-like" behavior was Candy.

[12] My ex-husband, to whom I was still married at the time, had been trying to convince me for a long time that we ought to sell everything we owned, pack up the children, and move to the rain forest in British Guyana. He was convinced that when the New World Order took over the country, this would be a safe place to be. I had my doubts, but with all the new information about aliens coming out, I was beginning to think that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea even if we had two children with medical problems who needed to be close to proper facilities in case of the need for treatment.

[13] This was another of the endless rumors of prophecies being passed along via various channeled sources in books.

[14] Again, we are being urged to use another channeling medium. But, I still was not satisfied that this was proper advice based on all the analysis we had done.


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