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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mankind's Mission

I'm reading some interviews with Carlos Castaneda, and then an insight came to me. It was that the age of man wasn't changed for beneficial reasons, it was changed to further make it difficult for mankind to learn anything of real value. It was said mankind lived approx 1000 years. Then after some flood it was said their age was cut to 120 years.

Well, in the interviews I read there is something the Toltec called the master of man, the mold of man and the Eagle which eats the man at death. It got me to see how the mold is that one outfit. And it said in the Cassiopaean transcripts that the Lizards performed an operation on mankind which affected all of them all together. Laura couldn't understand how that was possible, how an operation could affect all mankind at once.

I have now seen that the mold of man is probably what was operated on. Since we are not the body but we are the egg-shaped sphere of light and the human body is superimposed on us...or something like that...then that mold of man is what affected all of us by being operated on.

The way this impression came to me was that I had been thinking how it took me all my life long to overcome the more unmanageable animal side, such as reaction to everything, anger, lust, etc, and now I have finally simmered down, of course it took working on the whole time, it didn't just happen. I'm in my mid forties now, and how many years of the life are left to do more work? Well would I have, let's say 200 years of this, I would figure out how to escape this bodily prison just like don Juan and Genaro did. Or, would I not be so inclined, I would waste those 200 years on foolish things like most people do already. Nevertheless, the amount of time left makes me to have to sharpen up even more, therefore I could meet the (haha) dead-line.

What I'm saying here is the same thing don Juan and Carlos Castaneda said. The one who is master over us is the same paradox as everything else is. He is either evil or good, depending on which way you look at it. And as the Pleiadians say, it is what it is.

Anyway. Good luck to all the warriors...may you tiptoe past the Eagle.


"Presiding over the universe is the Eagle, an immense blackness representative of all the beauty and all the bestiality in everything that's alive. According to Castaneda, that which can be called human is very small in comparison to the rest. As excessive mass, bulk, and blackness, the Eagle attracts and feeds on all life force that is ready to disappear. It is, he says, like an immense magnet that picks up all those beams of light that are the vital energy of that which is dying.

The key to escaping the Eagle is recapitulation which involves going backward from adult to infancy, clearing out the images of a lifetime, divesting oneself of everything until only the task remains and one arrives at the crack between the worlds. To arrive there, says Castaneda requires an indomitable desire, a total dedication. But one must do it without the help of any power and of any man.

According to Toltec tradition, all living things have a mold. The mold of man is the same for all human beings. In each individual it is developed and manifested according to the development of the person. The human form, on the other hand, impedes us from seeing the mold. In The Second Ring of Power, the form is described as a luminous entity. According to Don Juan, it is the fount and origin of man. The reason that Toltecs do not die is because, having lost the human form, they have nothing that the Eagle can devour."


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