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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Television: Dangerous Mind Control Tool

 I've been doing a lot of research on today's conspiracies, and there are a lot of people being murdered for coming out and telling the truth.

Now just think. Would they have no scruples about killing a man, woman, or child for their selfish reasons, then what makes you think television is safe when they own all the media corporations? Hm?
Ever think about that?

Yes. Television is a dangerous mind control tool. When you sit down to watch t.v. at the end of the day, you relax, lounge back and go into a hypnotic state, which allows all the subliminal messages they covertly throw into the programs and commercials to easily find their way into your subconscious mind without you realizing anything happening. Those are dangerous people. They don't think about you when they're thinking about how to murder 6 billion people a.k.a. genocide.

I gave up t.v. a few years ago and I don't miss it. When you throw the t.v. connection away you have much more time to do the things you want to do. Reading is a recommended thing to do, as well as listening to documentaries which teach you about what is going on in the world around you, instead of immersing you into a fantasy world that doesn't exist, such as what t.v. does. You need to become informed, and it will not happen by watching t.v.

Here are a couple excerpts on this subject:

Are You Aware of Subliminal Messages Controlling You?

"The word subliminal means below the perception of the conscious mind. Subliminal messages can be presented as visual, audio, or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The ultimate goal of any subliminal message is to manipulate a person by altering their perceptions to produce a change in thinking patterns resulting in modified behavior.

Some people may choose to modify their own behavior with self-help tapes which use subliminal messages to change negative behaviors or thinking patterns. On the other hand, subliminal messages can be used by others to alter a person’s behavior through a type of mind control. This may seem harmless enough, however, in the wrong hands these techniques can be used to control more than just purchasing choices.

Types of Subliminal Messages

One type of visual subliminal message consists of images with a logo, word, symbol or action depicted within it that eludes conscious perception. Another type of visual subliminal message contains stimuli repeatedly flashed across a screen at fractions of a second which is too fast for the brain to consciously perceive.

Audio subliminal messages present repeated phrases that elicit a particular response played in the background usually with nature sounds, nonsensical speech, or music in the foreground. Some of these recordings contain audio stimuli played at below or above the normal hearing ranges while others are barely audible.

Sometimes two messages are delivered simultaneously into both ears which are directed to affect a particular part of the brain. Another type of audio subliminal message is known as backmasking which occurs when phrases are recorded backwards and embedded within a song or other sound recording.

The last type of subliminal message is much more subtle than either the visual or audio. Electromagnetic waves whether they are extremely low frequency (ELF) or just low frequency (LF) affect the human body in various ways. By blasting the human body with electromagnetic waves the brain wave patterns are disrupted which can have profound effects on the nervous system. Technology is currently available to stimulate areas of the brain to produce psychological and physiological effects.

The Beginning

Subliminal messages were first developed in the United States during World War II with the invention of the tachistoscope. Air Force psychologists flashed images of friendly and enemy aircraft while gradually increasing the exposure speed and decreasing the size of the aircraft images. Pilots were quickly trained to recognize the smallest representations of different planes at 1/100th of a second with great accuracy.

In 1957 James Vicary used the tachistoscopic technique at a New Jersey drive-in theater to flash suggestions to eat popcorn and drink Coke across the screen at 1/3000 of a second at five second intervals. Although Vicary first reported a significant increase in refreshment sales, it was later determined that he did not even conduct the study. In 2007 the actual experiment described by James Vicary was conducted at the same drive-in theater using the same movie to present the subliminal messages to the audience. Interestingly enough, refreshment sales did increase after all.

In the 1950s, consumers, scientific researchers and government officials found the use of subliminal messages in advertising unethical. The controversy died down until the 1970s when the first commercials aired on television used subliminal messages. The FCC then issued a statement prohibiting the use of subliminal messages in electronic communication although there is no legal penalty associated with a violation.

Subliminal Message Usage Today

Many people use self-help products that incorporate subliminal messages to bring about an improvement such as weight loss. The key to this is people purchase programs to use on computers or to display on websites with full knowledge of the intended outcome.

Television is the perfect medium to use subliminal messages to control a population. Americans are a captive audience because we cannot afford to go out anymore. With the financial hardships of most Americans today, we are forced to rely on the television news channels for information that we used to get from newspapers.

Before the 2008 presidential election, Fox News flashed images of John and Cindy McCain onto the screen at the beginning of the program. It is one thing to have subconscious messages persuading you to buy a product, but to have a news channel use hidden images to influence an election is quite another issue.

Today subliminal messages can be found in television shows, movies, commercials, and video games flashing propaganda to persuade the public of many disturbing facts. Even the ticker text that scrolls along the bottom of the screen on many news channels now contains some type of subliminal message.

Invisible Subliminals

Because the brain only perceives these messages subconsciously, they can be used to influence behavior without the knowledge of the person subjected to them. Melvin D. Saunders states in “Are We Already Learning in a Subliminal Way” that humans “sense, perceive and react to a lot of consciously undetected stimuli.

Ultrasonics, infrasonics, radar, microwaves and various forms of radiation can produce bodily reactions without conscious awareness….Even while asleep or with certain brain areas anesthetized, other brain areas can perceive certain things and cause the body to respond to stimuli.” Any message not apparent to the reader or listener can be used to control them.

The United States government is currently using HAARP to interfere with the earth’s magnetic fields and your brain waves. The wave patterns in the ionosphere are identical to human brain waves. Therefore, interference in the earth’s magnetic fields can affect the human body’s magnetic field as well. Many patents that specifically state the intention of mind control, use these invisible waves to influence subjects.

HAARP is short for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program consists of antennae that emit electromagnetic waves into the ionosphere. High concentrations of these waves have shown to cause mood disorders. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves can cause people to hallucinate, hear voices in their heads, develop psychic abilities or even to physically rock back and forth.

Dangers of Subliminal Messages

Since the beginning of civilization, those in power have tried to control people. When someone hears the same mantra over and over for an extended period of time, they will begin to believe it or react in the prescribed way. Cults frequently use this type of manipulation in brainwashing their members. Jim Jones’ Guyana tragedy is a perfect example of how repetition and constant auditory stimuli can make people believe anything.

Jim Jones constantly bombarded the members of his church with recordings persuading them of their paradise-like environment and righteous lives. Even though several members who escaped the mass suicide disagreed, only a handful actually tried to escape. Most of them did so only after observing fellow church members drop dead from the poisoned Koolaid.

Technology exists today that can track us, bombard us with invisible waves to control anything from sexual behavior to induce hallucinations. The implications are scary but real."

Hidden subliminal messages in cartoons and movies

"IT is the 21st century. Everything has a subliminal message to it. From advertisements to music, and now it has invaded movies and even cartoons! Hidden subliminal messages in cartoons and movies can be pretty dangerous for the younger viewers. This is especially the case when movies also now cater to the younger generation. As parents, how do we stop our kids from getting their brains influenced subconsciously when we ourselves cannot detect it with our naked eye?

The lessons the media convey to those parts of the mind without conscious perception through the cartoons people watch are referred to as subliminal messages. You will most probably freak out when you get to hear about the list of cartoons and movies that contain subliminal messages to them! And not to mention, these subliminal messages can be pretty explicit in their contents."

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