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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sovereign Being

Just BE it.

From the Pleiadians:

                                   " Learn how to alter your reality so you can dance between the vibrations of frequency, or flip into the station of the world you want to experience. Therefore, beyond anything else, listen to yourselves. Listen to the internal message that comes through to you and begin to dance with it and make friends with it. You, yourselves, are meant to discover reality from inside and to direct your life in this way. This is really the gift that is given in the free-will zone."

                        " Attain lofty spiritual purity."

"Demons are afraid of Christ...because of his knowledge. The mass of his knowledge raised his vibrations. Knowledge is truly power."

" You do not need anything else than knowledge."

From, "Encounters with the Nagual" by Armando Torres:
                                                                                             Like Gurdjieff taught, don Juan teaches the same...."This next practice will liberate you of second-hand convictions. In the world of sorcerers, only direct experimentation is valid."

Stalking the Believer

"In each case, look for the source of your beliefs and make a profound analysis of each one. Determine when and why it arose, what was there before that, how you felt, and how much your faith has changed over the years."

(Destroy mind control, manipulation, brainwashing, conditioning, hypnosis, and bondage of every kind.)

"Either you choose your belief, or it chooses you. When you choose your belief, it is authentic, it is your ally, it sustains you, and it allows you to manipulate it at will. But when the belief chooses you, then it is an imposition on you and not worthwhile."

In Session 6: Oct. 5 1994 Laura asked the Cassiopaeans:
                                                                                           "Do pentagrams have any effect in slowing down or halting negative entities?" And the Cassiopaeans replied: "Only when you think they do."

What this means is, when you choose your belief, then it works well for you.

"Sorcerers are practical. From their point of view, what we believe or stop believing is absolutely irrelevant. The stories we tell ourselves don't matter in the least. What matters is the spirit. When there is power, then the content of the mind is something secondary. A sorcerer can be atheist or believer, Buddhist, Muslim, or Christian, and yet cultivate impeccability -- which automatically brings him to power."

And from the Pleiadians "Bringers of the Dawn":
                                                                               "The purpose is for each individual to become sovereign and for the planet to unite."    "It is time for people to become sovereign."

"What do you do when you live in a society that rewards you for degrees? You begin by saying, "I believe I formulate my world. I believe I do not need those credentials to define my existence. I can be unique unto myself, sovereign unto myself."

"As more of you become sovereign and in charge of your own frequency, those who do not want the new frequency here will bring an opposite frequency to create chaos, confusion, and polarity. Always, whenever a society is on the verge of a huge leap or change, there are diametrically opposed activities. Always look at an issue from the perspective of the bigger picture so you have neutrality with it, for the picture gets bigger and bigger all the time."

Like Gurdjieff says, "be objective. Do not identify." Identifying is like slipping yourself into a tiny tight-fitting outfit so that you are uncomfortable and agitated all the time. To be objective is like putting on a wonderfully well-fitted comfortable outfit and forgetting what you're wearing so that you may put your mind on the bigger picture.

"When you operate with a certain frequency and sovereignty, those who wish to control you are not interested in you. They want a fearful chaotic frequency, which is what nourishes them."

"Eliminate the words "should" and "trying" from your vocabulary. Were you to pay money every time you spoke these words, you would be in great debt. You are in a great debt of disempowerment or impotence.

"Should" implies you are operating under someone else's sovereignty. We would like to remind you that you are sovereign unto yourself.

When someone is "trying" to put out a newsletter or "trying" to change their patterns, they can "try" for the rest of their life. "Trying" is not doing. Whenever you use the word "trying," you will not accomplish anything because "trying" is an excuse: "I tried to do it. I tried I tried."

In your own sovereign life, use the words "I am creating," "I am doing," "I am manifesting," "I am bringing about." Forget "I am trying."

You all need to become sovereign. As you change, you need to have a space around you, within which you can operate without feeling obligated to someone else. At the same time, you cannot make demands on someone else without allowing them the same right.

Learn to still your mind. Learn to become completely in charge of your energy."

Back to "Encounters with Nagual":
                                                         "Don't confuse things. Religions are not remedies, but consequences of the pitiful state of awareness man is in. Religions are replete with good intentions, but very few people are prepared to fulfill them. Would their commitment mean anything of real value, the world would be full of saints, not sinners.

The moment ideologies, including nagualism, become widespread, they become cultural mafias, schools to make people sleepy. No matter how subtle their postulates are, and no matter how much they try to validate them with personal corroboration, they end up conditioning our actions according to some form of reward or punishment, and by doing that, they pervert the very essence of the search. When the pillar of my faith is a salary, what merit does it have? (Like sounding brass or a tinkling symbol. Hahaha.)

Sorcerers call the ability to manipulate their mental attachments 'believing without
believing'. They have perfected that art to the point where they can identify sincerely with
any idea, live it, love it, and discard it when it comes to that, without remorse. And inside that
freedom of choice, they ask sorcerers' questions. For example, why accept myself as a
sinner, when I can be impeccable?"

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