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Sunday, February 26, 2012

THink from the Inner Self, Not from the Outer "Self."

BEtween Lucifer and Ahriman, One must Know Who their Own Self is. Otherwise the maligned indogtrainated being will be only working from the outside area which is ruled by the two just mentioned. Whereas the inner being is the gift of Christ. Even Lucifer and Ahriman have the Christ Consciousness within their Own selves. Lucifer and Ahriman were working with Christ when the start of all this occurred. They were having to work 'undercover.' Therefore it appears there is an illusion coming from them. Not so. They were actually working to remove the illusion which was already there. The rest of the beings were under that illusion. Christ asked these two who were not so carried away by the illusion, to help combat that problem and bring the rest of the beings into comprehension of the reality of what had occurred, and what is occurring, and what will occur.

I told the Lizards a few months ago, their main problem was in not staying where they were when they were first born, in order to find out who they are. Self knowledge first, then jump off to the group. Humans were the same. They didn't stay with themselves when they first came out. They immediately jumped to the group. Which obviously is the reason (well, to me anyway) why the teaching is said, I will bring a sword and separate you all. Because the most important thing for a well formed foundation is to know your own self. Then you may go to any group or beings you would like to be with. Your inner self, the spirit within, directs you. Would you to not know that inner director, then you may be in the wrong group at the wrong time. So, Lucifer and Ahriman's career was to help guide beings by their own influence into their own selves so they could see through the illusion and into the truth. The truth Will, haha, set you free.

What the government' do? They don't fuckin help themselves! They help You! Goodness! (They don't like it when I use the word 'fucken.' That's too bad. Change it in your own mind, and it will not mess with you. I've had to....being around all you. Sheesh. You can do it too. Ignore the ugly, take care of the lovely.) At the same time, to be the government, one first gets to know who their own self is, which is giving themself the food of the spirit. It doesn't matter who the government is, as long as they are doing what they're suppose to be doing, finding out who they are, they will be put by the spirit to work as the government when they have accomplished that deed. So you don't choose to be the government, you become that when you've fulfilled that certain task. It's not what you want. It's what's necessary.

The knowledge of self then takes you out of your inner self and directs you outward to govern over others...not for personal benefits, because once you know yourself, you lack nothing. Everything is there. All you need is now to see everyone else finds that pearl of great wisdom too. That's how a true and real government works. No one can rule over or govern another when they know not their own individual self. Thank you! Oh, and of course...once everyone knows their own self, there is no need for a government anymore. Friendship, joy, knowledge/love rules the day.

Most importantly then, at this Now-moment, is to think from the Inner Self, not from the outer 'self.'
(In a nut-shelf. As to the rest of you and you know who you are, continue with what you are doing.)

From: Encounters With The Nagual, by Armando Torres....

"The death defier is an entity of supreme awareness. He was born about ten thousand
years ago. But he appeared physically in the lineage at the time of the nagual Sebastian,
in the year 1723."

"Was the death defier a person?"

"He was a man in other times, when the thirst for knowledge was alive and mankind
surrendered himself to his love for the Earth. He is the typical exponent of that mentality.
When you spoke with him, you would notice we share the same yearning for
companionship, and an urge for expansion of awareness. But you would also notice
strange things. He lives in another vision. His sense of self is very different from ours,
because it embraces a very wide range of sensations. He doesn't have gender, age,
nationality, or a defined language. He doesn't have friends or relatives; and worse, there
is nobody in the world like him. He passes through the world like a ghost and spends
most of his time ensconced in some deep niche of dreaming.

"His contribution to our lineage, as much in techniques as in theoretical knowledge, was
monumental. That warrior knew all the arts of the ancients, and much more! You can say
it was his appearance on the scene that led to the germination of the cycle of modern

"The second sign which showed the time of change was near, was the presence of a
foreigner in the lineage: The nagual Luhan. As you already know, Luhan was Chinese.
Although he had received a high education in his own country, his adventurous
personality made him become a sailor, and he lived an erratic existence all over the
planet, until one day his luck put him in the way of power.

"The young Luhan had disembarked in the port of Veracruz, and was strolling around
in search of amusement, when a dangerous incident brought him staggering out from a
bar, where he collided head first into the nagual Santiesteban, who didn't have time to
react. This event, unusual in the life of a sorcerer, was taken as a sign.

"You can imagine the bewilderment of the new seers! The spirit had spoken in an
obvious way, and ordered that secrets guarded by generations of warriors should be put in
the hands of a stranger. In that way, Luhan was accepted as the new nagual and his
knowledge of martial arts became part and parcel of the heritage of the lineage.

"But the confirmation of these signs happened two centuries later, when another nagual
whose luminous constitution was not of the conventional kind came into the hands of a
certain strange old man, Don Juan Matus. Neither he nor I knew it then, but the destiny of
the knowledge of the new seers had been sealed."

"The task which my teacher gave me, and my mission as a nagual for the era which is
commencing, is to move the assemblage point of the Earth."


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