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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Matrix I - Vladamar Valerian

The Matrix I - Vladamar Valerian

The Matrix. Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction With Alien Culture, Technology
And Planetary Power Structures.
By Vladamar Valerian. Copyright 1988

-The government maintains underground facilities, some jointly occupied by alien entities.

-Different alien species are interacting with human beings. Some alien species maintain underground facilities. Humans are being manipulated in these facilities.

-Manipulation of the human species extends to very deep levels; levels of alien manipulation affect human evolution, genetics, and planetary power structures.

"By widening and extending the knowledge we already possess, still other aspects of this subject will become clear to us." - From the post up above.

From this book here, page 52:

"One of the other more insidious processes that can occur is that the human can be dragged out of his body and another consciousness can be inserted that will carry out the physical existence of that body.

Grey Species '1', has no individuation within its ranks as terrestrial humans do. The species was created before individuation of the essence of the Universal Intelligent Matrix took place. Only through individuation can the process of differentiation be maximized, in order to create the maximum number of probable realities, to manifest the potential which lies in the Matrix. Thus, in human terms, part of the Matrix is differentiated through each person, and allows the conscious universe to experience itself, in the maximum number of ways.
There is no duality system of good and evil, except from a certain perception."

And that certain perception Gurdjieff talks about in the book by P.D. Ouspensky, "In Search of the Miraculous," page 158:

"The only possible permanent idea of good and evil for man is connected with the idea of evolution; not with mechanical evolution, of course, but with the idea of man's development through conscious efforts, the change of his being, the creation of unity in him, and the formation of a permanent "I."

A permanent idea of good and evil can be formed in man only in connection with a permanent aim and a permanent understanding. When a man understands that he is asleep and when he wishes to awake, then everything that helps him to awake will be good and everything that hinders him, everything that prolongs his sleep, will be evil. Exactly in the same way will he understand what is good and evil for other people."


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