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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are You Still Stupid About Religion?

I got something real hilarious for you. It's this Ramtha, hahaha. He's hilarious. Check out this paragraph. Actually the second paragraph. The first one is for you to understand what's being said:

First: " Now so you have always been God, and the survival of the fittest in that kingdom was to be able to convince a lot of other Gods, who didn't know any better, that they were the only God and that they then, the followers, would worship and do their bidding. If a God is really God -- and here is the problem with the bible -- if God is really God, God doesn't need to be worshipped. Do you understand? So that is a real telling point, and a really brilliant person would think of it from that perspective."

Ok. Now that you know what we are talking about, here's the paragraph that I thought was so funny:

"So what made Jehovah great? Because he led an army of reincarnated Gods and set himself up to be the one God, the only God, thereby getting their power. And he marched on other nations and he slaughtered them. That is the way it is. The Law of Moses was Jehovah. The God of the Jewish nation is a warlike, unmerciful, bigoted, prejudiced, insecure God. And if you can't see that, you are still stupid."

Hahahahaha.a...AAAh hahahaha!!!

ANYWAY -- Before we get judgmental on some being called Jehovah, let's check out Ramtha's knowledge on it, a few pages up:

"How do we make the fight, how do we do the good fight? By being impeccable, honest, and blaming no one, because oftentimes when we do that, we are wild in the country, we do the most awful things because it's like we have given ourselves permission to be decadent, because we can do that as long as we have a scapegoat for our decadence, whether it is our parents, our sexuality, our friends, brothers, sisters, religion or government. Many people do very stupid things when they don't think they have to answer to them.

That is why it is so important to have necromancers. That is why it is so important to have tyrants. (In Carlos Castaneda's books, don Juan Matis said that the sorcerers searched for petty tyrants because they are valuable to them to help the sorcerer get clean and pure, and the sorcerer who found a petty tyrant was a very lucky sorcerer. But you had to stay alive to get the benefits. With Ramtha, you never had a chance.) That is why it is so important to have bad parents, unfaithful husbands and wives. And it is important to have them. You don't know how important it is until you have to let go of them. And you realize it is not them that you miss; it is that if they go, then you no longer have anyone to blame for the actions you choose but don't want to take responsibility for, because you are choosing them for emotional pleasure. ( I.E. selfish reasons.)

* Ramtha should well know about decadense. After all, he lived it. He gave himself permission to be decadent, to go wild in the country, blaming the governments of Atlantis saying they were all tyrants who let his mom die and his sister and brother....and so he went out and decadently slaughtered the entire land of whomever he could find, to get his hands on, or, sword through. And even some of his soldiers because they were stupid lustful decadents themselves. But the ones who stuck around were to his suiting so he loved his 2 million strong army and settled down in his old age to think about what he had done, and it didn't bother him none that he slaughtered the land, that he was the first to rip open bodies by his own willfullness. He was now bored because there were no more to kill. Therefore he set about to discover what nature was all about. He learned how to love other things other than war, ascended and now is back to teach us how not to be decadent.

But that's not the extent of it. Let's go back a few pages...page 197 of Ramtha; A Master's Reflection Of The History Of Humanity...and see what else he has to say:

"I would rather have you fall at a wicked sword and be cleaved than to have you rise up against them, because your Spirit will pass into pure virtue. And you will have a cleanliness about your auric being that will allow you into the planes of utopia to where such things have not even heard of, where the greatest prize of all is the Spirit that lies within the self called God"

Well, that would mean...   What he's saying is... all those people he slaughtered who never rose up against Ramtha when he was slaughtering them, all they have passed into pure virtue and have a cleanliness about their auric being. They are now in a place where Ramtha can't touch them anymore.
And also.... what then DOES this say, about Ramtha? When he was watching his family crumble before him, he didn't stand back clean and virtuous, praying for the tyrants to stop. NO! He jumped in with a sword and started slaughtering them all. How virtuous is that? And now he wants you to do something he himself could not do. What do you call that? Hypocrite.

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