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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ramtha Is ALSO Helpful.

Alright, besides being contradictory so that I had to critically attack his crutch and make him fall down, Ramtha is ALSO a helpful being. I mean, cum on, you got this and that, and he too has some of all of it just like you and I do too. Just that he seems to control it better when he pours all that love over on you but then crushes you with words like, you're the scum of the earth. Haven't you been like that too before? I know I have. Anyway... There are many positive things about his teachings. If you're like me, interested in understanding and utilizing the rest of the 97% of your brain, then everyone's story who has experienced the not usual, is valuable. There is a bunch of affirmations at the end of one of the books called, "Changing The Timeline Of Our Destiny."

He says it takes approximately 28 days to rewire your brain. So these affirmations are to be meditated upon daily for 28 days. I'm doing the experiment now. I started May 21, so I'm on 18 days, and I'll tell you, something really fascinating has started happening. I mean really interesting.

Last night when I woke up at 4 to go to the washroom, I saw myself in the very soft light, I don't like bright lights at night, so it's a nice dim light. I noticed my reality is breaking down. I could see into the physical like it was vaporous, ethereal. The picture of me was changing, swirling from one form of me to another. You know, when I was in my teens, I had a really strange experience where when I lay my head on the pillow before bed, immediately I saw pure blackness, great vast blackness, and then out of that nothingness I saw something moving in there. As it moved out of the depth of the abyss toward me, I kept watching it. When it was close enough, I saw that it was, haha, me! Or what looked like me anyway. A twin me. And she was staring strongly at me. She had this whitish blue face with these thin veins all over it, like electricity. She looked really scary but very beautiful at the same time. I always wondered what that vision meant. Well, last night I saw that in my face, too. And then I knew what it meant. That was when I understood who that was. It was me all the time. The terrible, powerful me.

So what I'm saying is, by daily reading the entire "List," you will begin to get to the true you, the who you are, and all of you. There are many aspects of you, as I've learned about me. So I'm going to leave this list here with you, and you experiment for yourself and find out what you can find out. Great stuff. Thanks Ramtha.

(P.S. I included in the list the first one. The zero. I added the first one to the list. The rest are his)

The List

0. I am the Observer.
1. I am Christ consciousness realized.
2. I am filled with vital energy.
3. I am my deeper mind.
4. I am the mind of God.
5. The Father and I are one.
6. I am the power of God; I am God.
7. I am the all-wise knowing intelligence.
8. I am awakened.
9. I am enlightened.
10. My consciousness is expanded.
11. I am unlimited mind.
12. My brain is open.
13. I am one with all life.
14. I am joy.
15. I am love.
16. I see the God in all people and things.
17. I love unconditionally myself and others.
18. I am worthy.
19. I am understanding.
20. I am righteous.
21. My greater mind appeared.
22. I am immortal.
23. I do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
24. I am everything a master is.
25. I am complete freedom.
26. I am my own power.
27. I take responsibility for my life.
28. I am impeccable.
29. I am moral.
30. I am fearless.
31. I am humble.
32. My psychic abilities are fully developed.
33. I know the thoughts of others.
34. I can see things others do not.
35. I know the future and make my choices accordingly.
36. I am precognitive.
37. I have teleportation ability.
38. I leave my body regularly and remember my journey.
39. I slumber in Twilight.
40. I am a lucid dreamer.
41. My dreams are vivid and lucid.
42. I remember my dreams.
43. I control my actions in my dreams.
44. I dream other dimensions.
45. I dream past life experiences.
46. I dream future experiences.
47. My God talks to me in the dreamstate.
48. I travel dimensionally.
49. I can fly.
50. I respect myself.
51. I respect others.
52. I experience my conscious self.
53. I see in full view my radiant body.
54. I see the Ram's radiant body.
55. I see clearly the energy fields of every individual.
56. Every day my joy grows.
57. I live in the Now.
58. I am Point Zero.
59. I have visions of the golden plane of paradise.
60. I go to the Ram's house.
61. I remember my life with Ramtha.
62. I remember all that Ramtha taught me in his lifetime.
63. I remember, I remember, I remember.
64. I am a time traveler.
65. I commune with great beings.
66. I have made contact with the entity behind the door.
67. My Book of Life is open and I remember.
68. I remember my past lives.
69. I remember my future.
70. I am fabulous imagination.
71. I visualize easily and dimensionally.
72. What I imagine is real.
73. What I imagine is my primary reality.
74. I am an alchemist.
75. I have the power to create my life the way I want it to be.
76. I can create anything I want.
77. My manifestations come quickly.
78. I effect change; I am prepared for change.
79. I accept change in my life.
80. I release and let go of the past.
81. I live in the present.
82. I am evolved in my attitude.
83. I master my habits.
84. Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
85. My passion is awe-inspiring.
86. I am self-inspiration.
87. My talents surface and flow freely.
88. My creativity flows freely.
89. I am genius mind.
90. I am Blue Body.
91. I can access my Blue Body at will.
92. I am Shiva the destroyer.
93. I am master of Twilight.
94. My unconscious impressions are realized.
95. My reticular activating system is clear.
96. I have the ability to raise my frequency at will.
97. I am the master of energy movement.
98. I am master of focus.
99. My power of concentration has increased.
100. I can move objects with my mind.
101. I walk through walls.
102. I accomplish the labyrinth.
103. I move beyond the room of my personal doubt and disbelief.
104. I am a healer.
105. God flows through me in oneness.
106. Those I touch are healed.
107. I am master of remote view.
108. I trust my impressions.
109. My knowingness is.
110. I am master of manifesting objects in my hand.
111. I am master of the dance.
112. I am master of the field.
113. I find my cards on the fence.
114. I can feel color.
115. I can see frequency.
116. I am greater than my body.
117. I am greater than my genetic programming.
118. I am transmuted; I cease to age.
119. I am vibrant in my being.
120. I possess tenacity.
121. I encompass great stamina.
122. My body is strong and powerful.
123. My body reflects perfection.
124. My body functions at its optimum.
125. I am radiant health and vitality.
126. My immune system is functioning at its optimum level.
127. My body is healed and restored.
128. My body is ten years younger.
129. My body is twenty years younger.
130. I am lifted.
131. I labor in great joy.
132. I am utter abundance.
133. My fabulous wealth came.
134. I am sovereign; all my debts are paid.
135. My pantry is full; I am abundant.
136. Everything I want I get.
137. All that I hoped to have I got.
138. I am unlimited wealth and abundance.
139. My cup runneth over.
140. I am fulfilled.
141. I am sovereign on all levels.
142. I transcend the limitation of my personal doubt and disbelief.
143. I am forgiven and born anew.
144. I know what I want.
145. I am decisive.
146. I am protected.
147. I survived the world's changes.
148. I live in superconsciousness.
149. I am one of the radical few.
150. I am everything Ramtha is.
151. I enfold into the netherworld.
152. I am peace.
153. I surrender unto my soul's journey and destiny.

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