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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda? by John L. Lash

This is from John Lamb Lash's website.

Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda?

The Origin of the Annunaki Script

A Collector's Edition entitled "Secrets of the Da Vinci Code," published by US News and World Report, features a brief interview with James Robinson, general editor of the Nag Hammadi Library in English. Correcting Dan Brown’s reference to the Nag Hammadi texts as scrolls, Robinson points out: “They are codices – books with individual pages. They are actually the oldest example we have of leather bound books.”

Amazingly, whatever the significance of their content—and we have yet to comprehend what that might be—the Nag Hammadi Codices (NHC) are the earliest surviving examples of bound books. Close reading of these arcane materials shows that Gnostics, as teachers in the ancient Mysteries were called, were deeply concerned with alien intrusion upon humankind. Entities they called archons appear to be identical to the ETs of modern UFOlogy. The codices indicate both Gray and reptilian types: namely, a reptilian or "drakonic" type and and a neonate type, suggested by the image of a prematurely born fetus. The former are the overlords, the latter, servile, robotic drones who obey a hive-mentality. The NHC do not contain graphic physical descriptions of these alien intruders, but present ample information to profile them comparatively with the two types of ETs most widely discussed today.

Alien Profile

Perhaps one-fifth of the intelligible material in the NHC concerns the origin, methods, and motives of the archons, also called "authorities, governers." Their name derives from arche-, "first, from the beginning," because, according to Gnostic cosmology, they emerged at an early stage of the solar system previous to the formation of the earth. These bizarre entities may be regarded as a locust-like species of cyborgs with silicon-based bodies so designed to permit only brief forays into the earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere. They inhabit the solar system at large, traveling among the planets in alien-engineered spacecraft. Gnostics texts hint that they may be compared to custodial engineers of the inanimate clockwork mechanism of the system. Some, but not all, UFO sightings and abductions may be attributed to them.

Although archons do exist physically, the real danger they pose to humanity is not invasion of the planet but invasion of the mind. They are intrapsychic mind-parasites who access human consciousness through telepathy and simulation. They infect our imagination and use the power of make-believe for deception and confusion. Their pleasure is in deceit for its own sake, without a particular aim or purpose. They are robotic in nature, incapable of independent thought or choice, and have no particular agenda except to live vicariously through human beings. They are bizarrely able to pretend an effect on humans which they do not really have. For instance, they cannot access human genetics but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that humans fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real. In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion. This is the essence of archontic intrusion.

In the cosmic perspective, archons present a dynamic aspect of the evolutionary scenario of humankind, through which human potential is tested. The Gnostic view of their role closely matches the "flyers" in The Active Side of Infinity, the last book of Carlos Castaneda, who says that the flyers are "the means by which the universe tests us." There are numerous close parallels between Castaneda and Gnostic teachings.

This profile of the archons is not speculative. It follows what can be gathered from the Gnostic writings. For instance, NHC texts describe how the archons attempted to rape Eve—clearly a mythological rendition of genetic intervention. Such passages appear to support the claims of alien interbreeding so widely discussed today. But in the Gnostic account, the alien intruders did not succeed in this act of cross-species intervention: they tried but failed.

The notion that archons present a test to humanity—explicitly stated by Castaneda if one accepts the archon/flyers correlation—can also be traced in some NHC writings, especially The Apochryon of John. That text suggests that the Aeon Sophia, the cosmic intelligence of the earth, engages the archon species and uses their deviant and deceptive influence for such a purpose. The account of how the overlord of the authorities "committed adultery with Wisdom (Sophia)" and binds humanity to "a chain of blind compulsion (hiermarmene)" is baffling, to say the least (NHC II, 1:28.16). To sort out and clarify what the Sophianic narrative may have to say about the test of the archons is a great challenge to our understanding of the Gnostic message and how it can benefit humanity today.

Cosmic Error

The sacred creation story of the Mysteries (Sophia Mythos) explains that the archons arise due to an anomaly in the cosmic order. “The world system we inhabit came about by a mistake” (NHC II, 3:75.5). This startling line alludes to the Gnostic view that the planetary system we inhabit resulted from the impact of a massive power surge from the galactic center—in mythological terms, the "fall" of the goddess Sophia. Sweeping over a region of lifeless atomic matter in the galactic limbs, this tsunami of core energy produced a planetary system complete with a resident species, the locust-like archons. At first the planetary system was a merely whirlpool of agitated matter, like a beehive under construction with bees swarming around it. Then it became centered on a newborn star, the sun of our solar system.

The fallen goddess myth says that the earth was not formed in the same manner as the rest of the solar system. The other planets conglomerated from vast fields of inert atomic dust, but the earth grew organically from the original plume of core energy: that is, from Sophia’s alive, animating, self-awareness, a pure torrent of galactic luminosity (Organic Light). Weird as it might sound, this view is not incompatible with modern astronomy. Science affirms that the solar system at large is dominated by inorganic chemistry that does not support life as it occurs in the terrestrial biosphere, where organic chemistry is the norm. This being so, how did the organic, life-bearing part of the solar system, the planet earth, evolve from the non-organic part that does not support life as it appears in the terrestrial habitat? Are we to assume that the anomaly of organic life within the solar system evolved from the inorganic planetary matrix, that life evolved from the non-living? If that were so, how it could happen has not been demonstrated or proven by science. It has been assumed as a dogma (called abiogenesis), but not proven.

Were they here today, Gnostics would argue that the solar system has two distinct dynamics, organic and inorganic, because the earth is the metamorphosis of a surge of super-alive animating power from the galactic center, while the solar system, the habitat of the archons, is the product of inert atomic matter impacted by that surge. The observation of the difference between the inorganic and organic aspects of our solar system led James Lovelock to formulate the Gaia Hypothesis. In Not in His Image, I show how key points of Gaia theory correlate to the Gnostic cosmology of the gallen goddess, Sophia.

Sophia is the name Gnostics gave to the animating intelligence of the earth before it become this planet. In their view, the cosmic origin of our planet is present to us here and now as wisdom, the living, all-informing intelligence of nature. Sophia is the Anima Mundi, the soul of the world.

Cuneiform Lies

So, the earliest surviving documents in book form, the Nag Hammadi Codices found in Egypt in 1945, contain an account of alien intrusion with descriptive clues on the physical form of the intruders. But what about the earliest known writings in any form? Archeologists tell us that cuneiform writing was invented in Mesopotamia around 3200, long before bound books appeared. The cuneiform record on clay tablets presents a fascinating repertoire of stories about human prehistory. Cuneiform texts such as Atrahasis, Enuma Elish, and Enki and World Order, describe an alien race called the Annunaki, “those who from heaven to earth came,” as Zechariah Sitchin translates that term. Sitchin is well-known for densely researched books on the Annunaki, whom he identifies with the Biblical Nefhilim and “the Watchers” of the Book of Enoch. These are alien entities who “came into the daughters of men,” as Genesis says. In short, they interbred with the human race.

Assumed to be factual, the Sumerian tablets give an account of alien intervention upon humankind by a master race from another world or dimension. This is the Annunaki script, as I call it. Sitchin and many others take this script for a record of actual events in prehistory. The tablets describe two Annunaki leaders, Enki and his half-sister Ninhursag, who produce a hybrid slave race by mixing their divine genes with the inferior genes of the lu-lu, the indigenous ape-like peoples of the planet, Thus, an alien “interbreeding program” is central to the Annunaki narrative. This is also a key event in the "reptilian agenda." Indeed, it may be considered the foundation myth of that agenda. A foundation myth is a story that legitimates a social or cultural custom or order. It is worth noting that the Annunaki script is the foundation myth of theocracy, rulership by the gods or descendents of the gods. The ancient theocrats claimed descent from the reptilian alien race.

It is an indisputable fact that this story is written down in the oldest surviving records, but is the story itself a fact? And if Annunaki intervention were not a fact, but a fiction presented as fact, how would we know? How would we be able to tell the difference? What critical faculties would be required for such an exercise of discernment?

How amazing it is that the oldest known writings and the earliest surviving books both tell the same story! The cuneiform tables and the Nag Hammadi books both describe an alien intervention scenario. To my knowledge, no attention has yet been given to this remarkable coincidence.

But hold on a second. There is a huge difference in the way these two sources handle the foundation myth of the reptilian agenda. The cuneiform record presents alien intervention as if it were solid fact, an event that really happened in prehistory. By contrast, Gnostic writings in the NHC put the story of the Annunaki (there called archons) in the cosmological perspective of the fallen goddess myth, then analyze and deconstruct it in quite rigorous terms. The trained seers of the Mysteries had a definite fix on the Annunaki, including a view of their origins and motives, and within that view, they took a critical approach to intervention. In short, they deconstructed the Sumerian narrative and exposed part of it to be a fabrication, a lie.

The cuneiform record itself is just a story, without critical commentary. We are not told the source of the story, who authored it. By contrast, we know that the NHC texts come from Gnostic sects of the pre-Christian Mysteries. Although the authors remain almost all anonymous, we know them as having been participants in that ancient tradition of spiritual education, the Mystery Schools. The resident seers of those organizations took special interest in a panoramic view of human evolution, with particular attention to interference from non-human channels, but they did not report that the human species has been engineered by alien forces. Several passages in the NHC describe the "alien interbreeding program," yes, but always treating it as a failed venture:

The Archons came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him they said to each other, ‘What sort of creature is this luminous woman?’ … Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her, that she may become soiled and unable to access her inner light. Then those who she bears will be under our charge… But Eve, being a free power, laughed at their decision. She put mist in their eyes [and escaped them].” (On the Origin of the World, NHC II, 5 : 116.10ff)

This is one of several riveting passages that show Eve, the primal woman who represents the human race, outwitting the archons. Another text describes how Eve leaves her “phantom image” for the archons to defile, but they are unable to access her body, i.e., human genetic structure. If the Gnostics knew what they were talking about, and were not themselves merely fabricating a tall tale, the Archon/Annunaki race did attempt to interbreed with humanity, but failed.

If this is true, the cuneiform record is a lie, a deliberate fiction intended to deceive. It is mythological disinformation. That possibility must be allowed, but can it be investigated? Consider this: actual alien intervention in human genetics would have an effect, obviously, but equally so would a false claim of intervention were it taken for real. The physical and evolutionary effect of genetic intervention would, however, be impossible to trace without samples of pre-intervention DNA to compare to modern DNA. So, even if it is literally true, the cuneiform story cannot be confirmed, or refuted, scientifically.

Testing Credulity

Consider what effects might arise if human beings held the fictional story of intervention to be true. To get an idea of what can happen when people believe a false story, consider the panic reaction to Orson Welles's radio program, "The War of the Worlds," announcing an invasion by Martians. The invasion was a fiction but it produced a massive panic, as if it were really happening. This famous stunt (regarded by some today as a government- backed psi-ops experiment on the public) exemplifies the archontic power of HAL, simulation. The power of a HOAX happens to be extremely strong in human reality, due to the gullibility of our species combined with our high imaginative talent, i.e., the capacity to live our mental fictions and inventions.

It is a well-known truism of psychology that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish fact from fiction. Normally, we rely on the conscious rational mind to make that judgment. Most people can rationally choose fact over fiction, if the choice is clear, and, most important, if the conditions for making a choice are provided. But what if they are not provided? If you are presented, say, with a fake terrorist alert, you will be strongly inclined to react as if it were real unless you have preponderant evidence to the contrary. Psi-ops tactics use the dynamic of the subconscious mind, unable to discern fact from invention, to subvert the operations of the rational mind, thus breaking down and overpowering the capacity for discrimination and choice. Trick someone in that way and you have them in control, under your "authority". Although in fact you command no real power of them, the fabrication taken for real commands the mind and actions of those so duped. In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist events, many people around the world have had occasion to consider the archontic power of simulation.

There is no way to prove the effects of actual genetic intervention in a remote time, but the effects of a hoax purporting such intervention can be investigated. Gnostic seers appear to have understood that the interventional power of the archons is pure fakery, like the special effects of the Wizard of Oz. But for humanity, imagination is powerfully real and directs our purposeful behavior in a crucial way: we have first to imagine a goal or objective in order to pursue it. Presented with a decoy in place of a real objective, we will pursue the decoy and adapt our behavior to a false set of events. The Sophianic story about the testing of the archons may refer to the risk of pursuing fake objectives, such as a "war on terror," when we fail to apply our intelligence to the quest for a true version of events.

The archon story tests us, perhaps more than the Archons themselves do, or can do. The intervention story tests human credulity and poses a riddle: Do you accept the power of your imagination to invent something that comes true, and use it in that way, or are you in default imaginatively, overpowered by an invention that pretends to be true?

The “Reptilian Agenda” propounded by David Icke and others is an extrapolation of the Sumerian cuneiform story. If the Gnostic critique of the Annunaki script is correct, this would amount to the unwitting perpetuation of an ancient hoax. Icke and others such as Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell appear to be completely uninformed about Gnostic teachings on the archons. If so, they cannot benefit from the critical commentary of those veteran seers and clairvoyants, the initiates of the Mystery Schools. Moreover, they do not question Sitchin’s weak points: namely, his inability to confirm the return of Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunaki, by astronomical science, and his failure (or refusal) to describe their physical appearance. Most ET speculators who follow Sitchin assume the Annunaki are reptilians: for instance, R. A. Boulay in Flying Serpents and Dragons—an excellent book, by the way, and more deeply researched than Sitchin in some ways.

Serpentine Wisdom

Another account of the failed rape of Eve occurs in The Reality of the Archons, NHC II, 4. Here again the Mystery teachers offer wise counsel concerning the reptilian factor in human evolution. According to the Gnostics, the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a benefactor because it advised the first humans to eat the forbidden fruit that opened their eyes to heightened or paranormal perception. The Reality of the Archons says explicitly

The female spiritual principle came through the snake, the instructor.

This passage identifies the psychophysical energy known in Asian mystical practices as kundalini, the serpent power. This electricity-like spiralling energy belongs equally to the cosmos, the earth, and the human body, integral to our corporeal and spiritual make-up. It has been universally equated with goddess divinities or shaktis. Raising kundalini is the aim of yogic practices that have persisted for thousands of years. The serpentine power is also the form of divine energy-intelligence witnessed by countless people who have undergone ayahuasca trance. Veteran shamans assert that this serpentine power is an actual dynamism of nature, a supernatural creature to be encountered in the altered state of ayahuasca trance, over and over again. Sacha Mama, the great serpentine wisdom goddess of the Amazon, is identical with the Rainbow Serpent of the Australian Aborigines. Countless other examples and parallels of the "female spiritual principle" could be given.

But note carefully: this telluric vision serpent is not a reptilian entity. A serpent is a reptile, but not every reptile is a serpent. An iguana, a salamander, a monitor lizard from Indonesia—these are reptiles, but not serpents. No one mistakes a lizard for a garden snake. The snake exhibits a particular legless morphology of the reptilian class of creatures, distinct and separate from other reptilians. But where in all the accounts and analyses of the reptilian agenda, does anyone make this obvious distinction? Nowhere. So far.

Wisdom Endowment

Whatever the threat to humanity, real or imagined, coming from reptilians such as the scaley overload of the Gnostic archons, the gift of the serpent power is clear. In all esoteric systems, eastern and western, the serpent is the agent and symbol of wisdom—Sophia. In Asia and the Western Mysteries, masters of the coiling energy were called "serpents of wisdom." They were teachers, healers, and guides, not power-crazed theocrats or tyrants who claimed descent from alien serpent gods. Gnostic initiates and their counterparts in the ancient world never claimed to be descendents of off-planet deities, as theocratic rulers did, citing the Annunaki script.

The benevolent and healing serpent power is a spiritual birthright that bonds the human species directly to the planetary goddess. Kundalini is essential to the wisdom endowment that nature has implanted in us for sanity. Countless myths attest to the beauty and power of the serpentine connection. Eve, the instructor, did not merely eat the forbidden fruit presented by the snake in Eden. She herself is an instrument of the serpent power. The role of this power as a teacher, healer, and visionary guide to the human species is immeasurably great, and the record of its presence stands out everywhere in ancient mythology, mystical and esoteric traditions, and indigenous lore.

Yet all through David Icke's references to ancient lore in his books, he does not indicate that the serpent power has been considered the ally, healer, and teacher of humanity.

The form of the archons or Annunaki ETs is reptilian (drakonic in the NHC text), but the faculty built into our psychosomatic structure, by which we detect and repel alien intrusion, is serpentine. To confound the divinely endowed serpentine power integral to our biopsychic functions with the alien reptilian menance is grotesque, a ridiculous error. The difference between the two is as clear as day, once it is pointed out. No one doing research into ancient esoteric and mythological lore could fail to note that difference. Yet David Icke gives no indication of doing so anywhere in his writings and talks. He dwells on the reptilian menace as the problem facing humanity, but ignores the serpentive endowment provided for the solution to that very threat. He explains in detail the fight-or-flight impulses of the R complex or reptilian brain without a word on the serpent power that resides in the spinal column, informs the subtle anatomy of the chakras, and enlivens the entire network of the autonomic nervous system.

Gnostics from the Mysteries taught that we must recognize our benign serpentine endowment to face the intrusive reptilian influence. The Gospel of Philip describes the use of the serpentine power Kundalini to repel alien intrusion. Mystery teachings on sexual mysticism and anointing of the human immune system with Light can be found in my commentary on that text in the Nag Hammadi reading plan.

Today we hear the wildest claims regarding reptilians, how they manipulated us genetically in ancient times, their horrific rites and shapeshifting powers, how they are running the world, etc. Unfortunately, most of the chatter on the reptilian agenda ends up providing hype for the scaly intruders, who are enormously overrated, I would warn. Gnostics taught that the signature of the archons is HAL, the Coptic word for "simulation." They warned us in no uncertain terms to distinguish between what the archons can actually do, and what they merely simulate with the alien technology of VR, virtual reality. These cosmic cousins of ours may be lolling in perverse delight at bringing humanity down to their level, turning us into monsters of aggression and conformity, slavish control-freaks. If they prevail it will be by tricking us to annihilate ourselves. What if arch-CON power looming over us depends upon the CON we perpetrate in our own minds, giving our power away to them?

It will be impossible to see the truth of the archontic test unless we recognize and own the wisdom that comes down to us from genuine adepts of the Mysteries, men and women who mastered the serpent power, kundalini. Those initiates of the serpent wisdom must be distinguished from the alien reptilians and their human accomplices. There has always been an intrepid corps of enlightened warriors who resist the alien game on this planet, but current discourse on the reptilian agenda, led by David Icke, fails to recognize the nature of the Mystery cells as bastions of resistance. Imagination fuelled by kundalini gives total immunity to alien intrusion, Gnostics taught. There is no hint of this solution coming from David Icke in his recommendations for facing the reptilian assault.

Icke on Ayahuasca

Icke himself has long maintained that the Mysteries were training schools for the Illuminati, programming centers for the reptilian controllers. He has conflated the ancient agenda of hierarchal mind control with the teachings and practices of the Mysteries. This is dead wrong, and not supported in any way by historical evidence. There is not one single fact or reference in ancient history that shows the Mysteries in that light. By tarring adepts of serpent wisdom with the same brush as the reptilian-inspired Illuminati, Icke grossly misleads his readers. By intention? I would say not. Rather, by lack of qualification in handling the material on sacred mythology and ancient esoteric traditions. Lately, perhaps, he may be taking a different view. His recent book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees, contains one sentence that qualifies his previous wholesale condemnation of the Mystery Schools as Illuminati think tanks: "Not all the Mystery Schools were of ill-intent." (p. 58). Well, fancy that, matie.

Also, just in passing, I would note that Icke now places a paramount emphasis on predatory felines, especially the lion. Icke makes the lion the icon and inspiration of humanity's strength to resist the alien predators and their historical game plan, now culminating in the globalist mafia takeover. With some allusion to Andromedan lore, as I like to call it, he traces the preterrestrial history of the human species to the Orion Nebula. According to Zulu shamanic teachings imparted to him by Credo Mutwa, Icke now asserts that "humans are from Orion" (p. 312). The claim that the human genomic template (called Anthropos in Gnostic writings) is nested in the Orion Nebula, and the crucial role of predatory felines in humanity's effort to right our course and align with the planetary animal mother are distinctive elements of the visionary practice developed on this site. And until now these two features have been unique to this site, as far as I know. Is Icke now borrowing some insight or thematic material from metahistory.org? That is up to him to say.

It is deeply concerning that Mr. Icke, with all his research into ancient cults and esoteric practices, has not been explicit in separating the benign serpent power from the reptilian menace. This omission verges on a flat-out dismissal of the divine shakti, the goddess power endowed in the human species. In some respect, Icke appears unwilling or unable to acknowledge this power. Consider his most recent book. where he describes his experience in an ayahuasca trance. Apparently, a disembodied voice pronounced to him a flurry of New Age platitudes about cosmic unity and divine love. His account of "The Voice" he heard after taking ayahuasca runs against the testimony of South American shamans and Western initiants of the ultimate snake medicine. Testimony on the repeatable and verifiable core of this experience is clear and consistent: namely, the ayahuasca trance invariably brings the subject face to face with a telluric serpent power, the sublime teacher and vision-giver of the medicine, often described as a huge, psychedelically illuminated anaconda. Isn't it odd that when Icke has the opportunity to meet, at first hand, the benign serpentine presence that he so scrupulously ignores in his expose of the reptilians, he entirely misses the chance?

Having taken ayahuasca a few times, I have to say, you can hardly miss that immense, writhing anaconda! Those glistening forty-foot coils are a little hard to overlook. I assume that Mr. Icke is reporting honestly on his ayahuasca session. Apparently, he experienced nothing of the sort. That would make his session a glaring anomaly, an exception to the many accounts of ayahuasca trance initiation. But in all fairness, it does take some people a number of sessions to break open and fully surrender to the awesome presence of the great medicine snake.

[NOTE: For the benefit of those who do not practice shamanic rituals with sacred plants, I ought to point out some, but not all, psychoactive plants, notably iboga, peyote, and ayahuasca, produce closely similar visions in everyone. The real hallucinations induced by these plants are consistent, repeatable, and predictable. Shamanic trance is not a game of "anything goes," although unfortunately it is often undertaken in that way by unprepared and untrained people who do not follow safe, well-tested guidelines, or who ingest the plants for the thrill of it, or mere recreational diversion.]

Channeled Fiction

To return to the coincidence that the oldest bound books and the oldest written records treat the same scenario: The "reptilian agenda" stands or falls on how we view the cuneiform accounts, the oldest version of the alien intrusion plot. It would be irresponsible to ignore the deconstruction of those accounts found in the Nag Hammadi Codices.

Finally, we might ask, Who wrote the cuneiform stories? The answer is, scribes in the service of the Sumerian theocrats. This answer is incomplete, however, because scribes just write things down, they do not originate what they write. Who then originated the intervention stories taken down in cuneiform by scribes? I propose that it was soothsayers and advisors in the service of the theocrats, the patriarchal tyrants of the Fertile Crescent. No ancient court was without a "Chaldean" or psychic medium, if not a whole team. Is it surprizing that psychics advising the theocrats would produce a story to please their masters: specifically, a story making the tryants out to be descendents of “gods" and, at the same time, slaves (albeit privileged ones) to the higher race that claims to have created them? This message is schizophrenically ambivalent, and as such totally consistent with the split-mind bias of channeled material and the mentality that produces it.

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth in the NHC asserts the bold heretical view that Abraham, Moses, the Patriarchs, and even Jesus the Messiah, were duped by archons. They suffered a false sense of grandiosity based on the illusion of being chosen by the off-planet father god, Jehovah, whom Gnostics identified with the archon overlord, a nasty reptilian called Ialdabaoth. The same observation of duping can be applied to the egomaniacal patriarchs who founded the first city-states in the Near East. They bought the Annunaki script hook, line, and sinker because it fed their pretensions of descent from superhuman masters, and legitimated their enslavement of the general populace. The story telepathically received by their advising soothsayers was highly appealing because it provided a divine mandate for their schemes of world domination. La plus ├ža change...

The more it changes, the more it stays the same. The picture of global realpolitik is not much different today. In fact, it's identical, and Icke is really on target on that point, but he misses the Gnostic warning about archontic fakery. Now as way back then, reptilians may appear to be running the show, but this can be so only if human complicity, and credulity, enable them to maintain the illusion of power they do not have.

In reality, the "authorities" rule by the power of illusion, not actual and veracious power. Gnostics would insist that actual power on earth comes from the earth through humanity's bond to the planetary goddess whose name is wisdom, and whose instrument is serpentine.

It may be that the archons fed the Annunaki script to ancient mediums to plant a lie in human imagination, as a test Sophia allows them to perform. (Such would be my best shot at a brief paraphrase of the baffling passage in The Apocryphon of John.) If the cuneiform stories are the product of psychic channeling in ancient times, they are no different than tales of Ramtha coming from j z knight. How reliable is such material? The scant material surviving in the NHC reflects the record of trained seers who worked in teams over millennia to explore the supernatural and investigate the prehistory of the human species. The Gnostics who detected the archons were experts in parapsychology who had a cosmic perspective centered on the divine intelligence of the earth. They learned directly from disciplined trance instruction giving them access to the planetary mind. They incorporated their learning in thousands of books and founded spiritual universities where they served as the teachers and vocational advisors of the ancient world. The preserved in imagination and practice the connection to the divine source of our species, the Pleroma, or galactic center. How reliable is that, compared to spoonfed revelations coming from a psychic medium?

The rigorous critical skills of the Gnostics can serve us well today. The reptilian agenda in its modern elaboration needs to be entirely reexamined in the light of archon theory from the Mysteries. The first step in confronting the reptilian menace is to set the story straight and see the disinformation in the cuneiform scenario, to name the game of alien deception, as Gnostics themselves did.

Jll March 27, 2005
Revised 16 October 2010 Andalucia


John Lash talks about a snake. Well I never did ayahuasca but I had an experience with a snake nevertheless. I think it was in the mid 1990's. All I remember of the situation is that I had some acid, I think it was blotter acid. I lay on my bed and then I felt a huge snake wrapped around my whole body, it felt like it was a black snake, and it was ever so slowly sliding up my body, just really slowly slowly creeping upwards. It felt so nice and comforting, like a big hug from a warm loving being. I just relaxed and allowed it to move. That was the one and only time I ever remembered having an experience with a super huge snake. This snake was, what felt like to me as wide as a basketball, wrapped around me and ever so slowly moving up from my lower body to my upper body.

Just thought I'd share that.

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