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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Predators Gave Us Their Brain.

You've got to understand that what Don Juan Matis the Sorcerer Warrior Man of Knowledge whom Carlos Castaneda was being mentored by in his books, what he says the predators did, that they gave us their brain....well Ramtha talks of it too, but he calls them 'the gods.' Listen to this passage:

"He was brought into life by the gods who gave him their great big yellow brain and their large crowining achievement, the frontal lobe, and they split his brain."

This passage is out of the book "Ramtha; A Master's Reflection On The History Of Humanity." It is on page 144, under the title of RA-TA-BIN's Daring Address To The Gods.

When you're interested in discovering the truth, this guy is reliable. Read this book. Read all his books. There's a lot of knowledge in them. But don't just stop there, read all of Carlos Castaneda's books, read Gurdjieff's material, the stuff Ouspensky wrote and read the Cassiopaeans and the Pleiadians because these books, these works are some of the best for finding out what has been going on behind the scenes. These tell it, and tell it well.

So you see, it is true what don Juan said; that man is a luminous beautiful being who was deceived into going into these bodies and through the envious mechanisms of the predators, by splicing their brain in half, which it wasn't in two pieces at the start, through their toying with these bodies, we are prisoners on this plane. And that is why we need to know the truth in order to set ourselves free from this prison. That is why reincarnation doesn't work. It is only a trap. We've been reincarnating since umpteen times long ago and nothing good has come of it...just over and over and over...never knowing what we did because it's hidden from us, and when 'evil' is hidden, it is strong, but when you find the root of it, when you go into hypnosis sessions and find what you did in some 300 years ago lifetime that has been still affecting you today and you go into that lifetime and SEE what it was that you were not doing or doing and acknowledged it, then the 'evil' disappeared and you were free from ever having to go through that again. So I tell you, this drinking of the cup of forgetfulness before you enter into this Earth plane is a load of crap. This only keeps you imprisoned all the more. You NEED to know what you did, who you are, where you have been and where you are going. That is the only way...the truth WILL set you free. Now go find it....get knowledge.

So let's take a look at this little tid-bit. If you want the whole thing, buy the book, it's worth it. But here's a little bit out of that story for you:

"Ra-Ta-Bin had the innumerable audience of the gods -- in fact, they were awed by this hominid's quintessential brain -- not only was he passionately in love with them, because he knew without their science he would not be today, so he passionately, not artifically, respected his creators. And in his absolute respect, meaning he knew what had created him was greater than the small mind that would undermine his acknowledgement of that. Did you get that? How many of you understand that? (Yea. He worshipped them because they created that small mind of his in which to worship from. Yes. I do GET it.)

And he walked over and took their wine from them, took a joint of meat, and they were stunned, because he had will. (Like don Juan and the Sorcerers taught how to use your will.) And he drank their wine, ate their meat, and stood before them and said: "I know what you don't know. I know what you don't know." And then he takes the wine and says to them, "Most excellencies, fathers of my being, I salute you with your meat joint and wine, but I salute something greater than you that created you, because in you I am an experiment, but in the Void I am God."

They ofcourse were stunned. He said, "You did something to me. You gave me your history, your excellencies, you gave me your history when you gave me your seed. I am your creation, but the I Am that created me has to be responsible."

This is your great builder of the pyramids in Egypt. And he said to them, "You are the fathers, you are the mothers of my life. But I know that you are not -- even in your most excellent and most respective embodiment -- you are not the giver utterly of my life, but simply the passer of it. You worship a God that even you have never seen. So I am going to drink your wine, I am going to eat your joint of meat, and I am here as a spectacle before you, creation of your fantasy, but ultimately I will worship that which gave YOU life, my most excellent creators."

Are you as clean as driven snow? Do you know why Ra-Ta-Bin could lecture the gods? Because he was as clean as driven snow, because he had a faculty of knowingness that was without the perjury of emotion, and yet his knowingness was built upon pure emotional experience. (What this means is he LIVED his feelings. He did not use false emotion to show what you WANT to see and not what actually IS. He felt his emotions to the core. No falseness about them.) So he never perjured himself emotionally. And the gods, his creators, were watching as a roomful of scientists would watch their experiment. Ra-Ta-Bin dazzled the gods.

Ra-Ta-Bin is the first Christ. What is Christ? Let us organize that definition properly. It isn't about Jesus the Christ, because we have to define Christ or Christos. Christos means to know, knowledge. So how many humans were given the gift of evolution by their greater brothers, the gods? Everyone who started here. Great scientists.

So Ra-Ta-Bin, imagine him, just like you, he has got the divine genes, and a brain split. He is an emotional wreck or analytical wreck, but rarely the two meet. And if they meet, it somehow has to do with how his body looks emotionally. If our body looks fine, we are trying to present it to our intellect for congregation and acceptance. So he stood up there in front of the gods who created him and has the immortal gene; all their genes, and they know it.

And he says to them, "My beloved excellencies, I can eat your meat and drink your wine. And further, I am the living wine and the living flesh of what you made me to be. You split my brain so I am a house divided against myself so I never focus on you. But I am focusing on you tonight."

"You gave me life. I am the incarnating Spirit coming from heaven, but you gave me the body, my most excellent predecessors. And I am going to eat your flesh because I am the flesh of your flesh, and I am going to drink the wine, for I am the wine of your times and your secrets and no-time. Tonight I stand before you, and in a moment you know how to cut my throat and bleed away my Spirit. But my Spirit you never created, and it will come again."

"You are the inventors of my machine, so tonight I stand in front of you and say to you, you divided me and all my children to come against themselves. You divided us from our knowingness to our emotions. You never allowed our reality to be one singular catastrophic event. You made us either think or feel. Tonight I am at once the thought, the feeling, and now the experience. And you, my most excellent people, are my experience."

"And I am telling you this night, woe unto you who have created me and left me alone, and woe unto you who thought that you have divided me against myself, for, in your divine and most excellent presence, I find what I should be. And what I should be is that which is the amalgamation of what not only I feel, but what I know. Therefore this night it is not my emotional terror that has kept me from your august body, nor is it any platitude of intellect that you have given me, for you have taught me nothing. You have just given me the brains to reason."

"So it is true I do not know what you know. But I know this: I stand up before you as my enslavers and my creators, and yet I drink your wine To that which created you, and I consume it into the body, the seed of your seed. And I say unto you this wonderful night that if I am frightened, I will show it not, for I have combined the passion of my emotions to a great confrontation to you who have kept your beautyness, your beauty, from me. You kept from me what you know. You made me serve you, and yet I am the seed of  your seed."

"And you thought all along I would never -- that my fear would be so great that part of my brain would dominate my being, without pure logic and reason. And I am here this night because I have found that emotionally a being alone is not the answer to why I feel so deeply, passionately, so wonderfully at once, about you and about my life, for that is not the answer. It is not that I should serve you. It is that I should be your legal heir, that I am a progenitor beyond your ability, for you have given me both."

"I myself cannot lie within my bed at night and look up against the misty veil and wonder about you and why you have not invited me into your lair and indeed why you have not taken me beyond the veil. I have reasoned in my discourse of emotion, that in my emotion I feel so roughly, desperately, so painfully caught up in a faculty to which you have made me, because as long as I am an emotional being, I am a servant because I could never know what is beyond the veil."

"And I long to not long any longer. I am that which reasons, in my pure reason, without longing, I am at the apex of my passion; that I say unto you my most excellent lords of my created body, that you have created me to be a lodestone into this world and to honor you and to worship you. And it is within the reason of my pure reason that I say this to you, for my emotions have brought me only to this logical point: that I can eat of your flesh and I can drink of your wine and look you in the eye and say unto you I am an evolution beyond you. And all you can do is hide from me."

"And yet you have endowed me with feelings that beguile me, hypnotize, and transform me only into the most delicate and most naked of servants. I am repugnant of my nakedness, for I should wear the crown of my inquisitiveness, and none should be beguiled by my nakedness, but should look upon the jewel that you have given to me that queries you this fine day and this fine night in this most august body."

"And how dare you think upon me, even my creators, as to something that should entertain, something that should be given to your limited quality. Whether my life and my seed here to come is preservable or not preservable, I say to you I am at the wits of your seed and your creation, but I am an evolution of your creation. And from whence you go, you leave me, and you leave me unanswered, you leave me unknown, and you leave me only to my emotions and to my survival. And you have belittled me in such a state, in such an emotional quandry, and you have taken away from the substance of your own seed my emotions that worry and contemplate and fret all the days and nights of my life, for I sleep not as a respite of man but I sleep troubled, anxious, and unsettled that you have not given me the answers to my soul."

"Therefore I will drink your wine and eat your meat, and lords, my most excellent being, does that bring me closer to you? Does me having the faculty to do that, bring me within the breadth of your most august knowledge and your most august mind, or are you beholding me as that which is termed some freak upon nature in which you are aghast and stalled with wonder, and am I to be seen to you as simply that which should inherit the Earth and not the kingdom of heaven?"

"And where, my lords, is your kingdom, that you have given me only this Earth and not given me the sky? And do you not understand that in giving me your seed, and making me of your seed, that you have now caused me in my own being to wonder from whence you have come and to whence you will go, and left me forever within this veil, unavailable to your quintessential knowledge in which you say you have created a lifeform, that you have made known the unknown to which I have yet to advance into, and you say I am simply a known of which you have desired to make known and plant me squarely, sensually upon this plane, that I cannot exist anywhere else?

(In for the kill...)

"Then I say to you, my beloved gods who have created me with the most scientific passionate regard, that I have overcome your divisions of me.

"And though I speak with certitude this night in your time, and with a gravity of motion, I have eaten your flesh and drank your wine, and I pose to you the great question: If indeed I am a God, virgin to this world, that you have entrapped in this body to make comfortable in this world, I possess within me and within my Spirit, to which you cannot mix and match with your clay, a greater question of sailing to the beyond.

"Do you not know that forever and always the seed that comes from my seed, that which is sprouted from my tree, will always, always lords, quantify themselves to lift off from this place and to join you, that which with a certitude of guilt -- because you answer me not this night -- that will rise to be in your face a power to a power, a God coming into its season; my seed will be it.

"And if you destroy me this night, I swear to you I will preserve this memory and I will come again, and I will find you and I will reconcile that which I am should not be denied this science that has allowed you to visist here, and in your opinion and in your emotional value, and squarely within your divine law, that you could give life to us and then abandon us and say thereafter that you are tormented by us. I swear to you on the soul that has given me life to that which has given you life, I will find you. I will reconcile this; I will lift off. I will know with all of my value and I will find you from whencever you have come, for you are not the creator of my intelligence, simply the scientist of it."

So be it.

"And if I long, my lord and my most excellent creaturs, to leave my body, it is only because you have left my body in shambles. And if I wish to leave it and I find you, I will find you. And if it is not in my lifetime, it will be in the generations that will follow my lifetime, for I say to you in  your ARROGANT REPOSE, you are my elder brothers; you are not the creator of the passion in the Spirit that speaks to me tonight. So languor -- languor -- if you will, or destroy me this night, I know from my reason and all of my emotion is to this reason, I will return again and I will find you and I will say unto you, you cannot pass this way again."

The end of Ra-Ta-Bin's speech.

So they tweaked the brain so they could suck up all the negative emotional energy to feed them in the matrix of illusion they created. They split the brain so you have a difficult time using your pure mind, so their negative emotional brain can bleed through all your thoughts and mess up your life, so they could feed off you. Read Carlos Castaneda's works. Find out how to clear yourself of emotional debris and get control over your emotions. Then think your way out of this pit, this prison place.

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