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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Message From Pitch Black Belialith

There's some really big bullshit going on in this universe. A lot of it. A lot of shit going around. For example, you got that nut-case Jehovah flyin around like a lunatic mad hatter spewing lazer beams at not only physical planet earth and its people but at light beings in different dimensions. He gets to do anything he pleases and has all these manipulating tools and things forcing others into subjection and other rude games.

Now you've got this Ramtha dude saying he was born 35,000 years ago on earth and ascended, and he's here to teach you how to do it. The things he's teaching you to do is how not to be emotional and arrogant, selfish and cruel, because only then will you get to your god-power so that you could ascend too. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you got this nut-case Jehovah flyin around being emotional, arrogant, rude, crude, selfish and cruel...but he's a god. He has power. He's already flying around in a space where we are suppose to be ascending to?

Ha! Hahaha. What a bunch of fucking schlock. To tell us what we have to do to get power, meanwhile back at the ranch, that numbskull Jehovah is doing everything they tell us not to do, but he is a god with all the power that we are suppose to bring out of ourselves?

Talk about manipulation. Do you know that I read the Pleiadians book called "Bringers of the Dawn" and they specifically said that we are being manipulated, not only by some rude, crude, dude called Jehovah, but also by them, the Pleiadians, and others, which would mean Ramtha, and who the fuck ever wants to prune this garden and plant what the fuck ever THEY think it should be or look like. Do you know that they are trying to manipulate us to think what they want us to think? That's right. So whatever you have in you, they are trying to manipulate it for their own purposes.

If you're stupid enough, like with the last idiot that was here, Jehovah, then you'll listen to them sweet syrupy lovey duvey types who will tell you to prune an arm off because they think that if that part of you grows then they'll have trouble with you down the line. No, they don't want to see the truth in you, what the Father has placed in you to live, to grow, to thrive, so that you learn from your own self. They just want what they think will be beneficial....and therefore, they are ruled by fear as well.

For if they were truly honest with themselves then they wouldn't tinker around here treating us as experiments that they could manipulate to their benefit, not thinking of our own interior personal progress of the way Father made us to experience so we could have the knowledge HE intended us to have. No, they want what they want, and they're going to manipulate the fuck out of you so you will bend to their will. Do you see how it works. It's no wonder we all feel like fucking puppets around here....like LABORATORY experiments.

That nut-case Jehovah, why don't they go and teach him? Hm? Why don't they go and prune some of his powers off him, pluck some of his arrogant feathers, pull some of his wicked words out of his mouth to remove the impurity there? Why not? Because they fear him. They don't have enough knowledge to go about doing that kind of stuff. For if they did, they wouldn't be wasting their time on trying to primp and prep us for the NEXT visit of Ahriman the Jehovah, god of death destruction and hatred. They want to fill us with love because they don't have enough love within themselves and they think that if enough beings have love then that would be powerful enough against such a foe as Jehovah.


Do you see how much thinking must go on in order for one to have their OWN freedom? Instead of being tied to a bunch of inconsistent nincumpoops, whether Jehovah or the White Brotherhood. Do you know what that fucking means? Well for me, it means I AM ALONE. And utterly so, and thank you very much, I would have it no other way.

My heart tells me there is too much manipulation going on here and I refuse to take part in it. I build a new reality. Period.

What the fuck good is a universe if they're all so scared of it being destroyed, put to death? What the fuck? If it's so weak and crumbly then let it pass away. If manipulation is the name of the game, I can see why the fear of having the universe pass away, is rampant amongst those who live in it. Fear breeds what ever it has brought into thought. So death be it.

If everyone is so fucking attached to such crumbly weak things, then let them have it. I'm OUT of here. BYE.

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